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20 Welcome Gifts for Senior Living

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Imagine being a senior citizen and having to move to a new place where you may not know anyone. It would be so scary! These ideas for welcome gifts for senior living are terrific ways to acclimate them to their new environment. These gifts will hopefully give them some peace at their new life and get them excited about meeting new people. I always remember going to a local senior center when I was a child. I loved how they did fun things like play bingo and look at the fish tanks. I think the feeling of the community stands out tremendously. Have a look at these unique gifts.

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Creative Welcome Gifts for Senior Living

Micromink Sherpa Blanket

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A soft and gorgeous blanket that can be used as a throw or comforter for your bed. There are several colors to choose from, and it is wrinkle resistant.

All Occasion Greeting Cards

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These greeting cards make a fantastic welcome gift. The residents can send cards to all their friends and family!

Address Book

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This address book also has a birthday reminder which is excellent for keeping track of all those important dates. You will get bonus points if you help the recipient put in all the addresses and other information too.

Jigsaw Puzzle

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Puzzles are a blast to put together no matter how old you are. You cant go wrong with giving this gift.

Readers Digest Magazine

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I remember being a little girl and visiting my grandma. She always had the most recent edition of Readers Digest! I dont think you can ever outgrow this excellent magazine.

Burts Bees Lotion Set

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Body lotion, foot cream, cream cleanser, day lotion, and hand cream come in this set. Perfect for anyone who has skin!!

4-Miniature Plants

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These adorable plants are sure to brighten anyone’s day. You can purchase a set and give them all to one person or spread them out among four people.

Brain Workouts Puzzle Book

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Over 250 large print puzzles to keep their brains working and staying strong. Sudoku, word search, word fill-ins and code word are the games to choose from.

Digital Photo Frame

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A digital photo frame is a super way to display all those family portraits. I love this gift idea because it is meaningful and will surely bring a smile to their faces.

Burts Bees Shaving Kit

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This gift is geared towards men and has aftershave, shaving cream and more. This is made of natural products!


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This clock is amazing! It has large numbers, the day of the week and date on display so you can easily read. It also has battery backup and different alarm options.

Magnifying Glass

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It would be very frustrating not to be able to read the same way you used to when you were younger. This magnifying glass works well for someone who has macular degeneration.

Window Bird Feeder

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I am pretty sure everyone would like this bird feeder. You stick it to the outside of your window, and you can sit and watch the birds come and eat food.

Travel Tote

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Put all your accessories in this tote that easily fits on your walker or wheelchair. Fill the many pockets with lots of items.

Alexa Dot

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Give the gift of music with this Alexa Dot. You might have to help them set it up, but they are going to appreciate being able to listen to music.


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This nifty cup holder works with a wheelchair or walker. Now you know they can always have water with them to stay hydrated.


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A cozy bathrobe is just what everyone needs! You cant help but feel relaxed when you slip into a big plush robe.

Snack Gift Basket

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This gift basket has a variety of snacks that are healthy and gluten-free. It is wonderful for the residents to have the snacks that they can have whenever they want.


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Tons of styles and colors to choose from with these fantastic tumblers. Each one has a straw and a lid, so you dont have to worry about spilling as often.

Wireless Headphones

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Bluetooth wireless headphones are a hit because you can adjust the volume so they can hear easier when watching tv or listening to music.

Which of these gift ideas is your favorite?

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