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20 Welcome Gifts for Apartment Residents

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If you manage or own an apartment complex, you know how important it is to keep your tenants feeling appreciated. Give welcome gifts for apartment residents, and you will probably become their favorite landlord ever! Running a property management business that involves several apartments can be challenging to say the least. When you have tenants moving in and out all the time it can keep you extremely busy and stressed. If you set the tone as soon as they step in then hopefully, you can build a long-term relationship, and the will want to stay a lot longer. Have a peek at these ideas for your next tenants.

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Creative Welcome Gifts for Apartment Residents


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Don’t be afraid to get your apartment residents something nice because it will make them feel welcomed and special. This doormat is adorable and useful.

Infused Honey Gift Box

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This honey tastes phenomenal and gives and fantastic presentation in the beautiful gift box. Anyone would love to receive this gift idea.

Baker’s Gift Basket

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When you move, often times you have a hard time figuring out where you packed all your food and other things. This gift is great because they can whip up a sweet treat in a short time.

Herb Garden

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Give the gift of fresh herbs that they can grow right in their kitchen. This gift keeps on giving long after they receive it.

Funny Kitchen Towels

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You can choose how many of these hilarious towels you would like to purchase. These are sure to get some laughs!

Soap Gift Set

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Soap is something everyone needs, so you can’t go wrong here. These soaps are stunning and smell amazing.

Serving Tray

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This galvanized metal serving tray looks fantastic and is a functional gift they can use for a long time. Plus, it goes with any decorating style.

Fruit And Nut Basket

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Food is always a hit when someone moves. This easy to grab and eat fruit and nut gift basket will be a hit.

Mini Succulent

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You can purchase several of these mini succulents to have around to give as gifts. They are inexpensive and beyond adorable.

Burt’s Bees Travel Set

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This is a wonderful unisex gift that can be used by women, men or even children. They will have soft hands and feet after moving!

Spice Set

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This revolving countertop spice set comes with 16 spices that can be refilled for five years! What a cool gift idea for anyone that spends any time in the kitchen.

Coffee Scented Candle

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I can almost smell this candle through the computer! This handmade soy candle won’t break the bank either.

Cooking Utensil Set

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This 25 piece set has everything you need including a can opener, wine bottle opener, spatulas and measuring cups.

Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

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They have a huge variety of scents to choose from! These smell amazing and make your shower even more relaxing.

Tea Variety Gift Box

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There are a total of 48 tea bags in this gift set. Some of the flavors include organic peppermint, lemon & orange, and organic chamomile.

Key Rack

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It is always so handy to have a place to put your mail and keys so you know right where they are. Plus, the keys are easy to grab when you are in a hurry.

Goat’s Milk Liquid Handsoap

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This homemade handsoap makes a very thoughtful gift and you can choose from several different smells.

Gourmet Soup

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Just add water or milk to these easy to make soups that are a perfect way to say “welcome!” The flavors are out of this world too.

Infused Water Bottles

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Infusing water is so popular and it is a fantastic way to make sure you stay hydrated. You just add fruit, water and allow it to sit for awhile then you can enjoy a tall glass of delicious water.

Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Supplies

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If you have never smelled these cleaning supplies, you have been missing out. I use them to clean every room in my house and it leaves it smelling phenomenal.

What is the best housewarming gift you have ever received?

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