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20 Welcome Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

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Having a loved one transition from their home to the nursing home can be a trying time in their, and your life. One way to ease a bit of the anxiety and stress? Have welcome gifts waiting for them before their arrival. Think outside and have fun when trying to pinpoint welcome gifts for nursing residents, and try to capture items that will make that person happy. There is nothing better than a warm welcome when arriving at a new place! Luckily, there are a lot of great items out there that can help make their initial welcoming a very pleasant experience!

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Touching Welcome Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

Super Soft Blanket

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Everyone loves to be warm and snuggly, and you aren’t going to find a softer blanket out there than this one!

Home is Where the Heart Is Hanging Sign

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This sign can be a welcoming reminder that home can be anyplace that includes them, and their smile. This sign would look wonderful hanging up in their new room.

Chocolate Kisses

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Who doesn’t love chocolate and candy just sitting and waiting for them? Give them real kisses, and chocolate ones as a warm welcome to their new home.

Life is an Adventure Coffee Mug

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Isn’t that the absolute truth? Everything in life is an adventure, and this coffee mug will be an amazing reminder of that each and every day.

Window Seal Bird Feeder

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Aren’t birds absolutely beautiful? With this bird feeder, the joy of seeing birds each and every day will be an amazing welcome gift!

Reading Pillow

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If your loved one truly likes to read, they are going to need a great reading pillow for all those hours. This one is not only sturdy but comfy, too!

Bedside Table

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Part of moving to the nursing home means that more than likely they are leaving behind a lot of their own furniture. Why not have this bedside table waiting in their room for them?


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What better way to say “welcome home” than with a brand new TV set up and waiting for them? They’ll be so happy that it’s one less thing that they’ll have to worry about!

Echo Dot

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If the nursing home has wi-fi, consider gifting an Echo Dot to your loved one. That way, with their voice they can ask questions, listen to music and even make calls to all those that they love!


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Putting together a bookshelf for all their reading material sounds like one of the best welcome home gifts, ever!


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Give the gift of crocheting or knitting with ease with the gift of yarn! Anyone who is creative and loves to knit would love to have this waiting in their nursing home room.

Collage Picture Frames

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Don’t just leave those frame empty! Fill them full of all their loved ones so that they have everyone waiting in their room with bright smiling faces to greet them!

Reading Light

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If they are sharing a room in the nursing home, they’ll have to be aware of the light at night…but if they like to stay up late and read, gift them with their very own reading light! That way, they can stay up as late as they want and enjoy page after page of their favorite book or magazine.

Peace Lily Plant

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Plants always make a space look homier, so have a few of these beauties set up and waiting for them in their room. They’ll love waking up and seeing them every morning as well!

Hallmark “New Home” Christmas Ornament

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Celebrate the move into the nursing home with this beautiful keepsake ornament for their tree. That way, they will always remember the year that they made the move and transition.

Amazon Gift Card

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Maybe, just maybe…you aren’t quite sure about what you want to give them. Why not give your loved one a gift card where they can go online and order anything that they want for their new home? They may find great joy in picking out items to decorate!

Weather Radio with Alarm

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Staying on top of the weather conditions is important to a lot of people, so this radio would make a wonderful welcome gift! Not only can they receive alerts, but they can use it to listen to music and also as a handy reading light as well.

Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated Pillow

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Everyone needs a good laugh sometimes and this people is certain to make it happen. Have this waiting on their chair or bed and they’ll love it instantly.

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

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Moving someone during the holiday season? Make their room festive and bright with this hilarious Christmas Story Leg Lamp!

Adorable Cat Teacups

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Tackle two birds with one stone with these adorable teacups! They’re the perfect welcome gift for almost anyone in your life!

Any of these 20 welcome gifts for nursing home residents are certain to be a hit and help make their new room and home that much more cozy and comfy!

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