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20 Perfect Easter Gifts for Baby Girls

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If you are looking for Easter gifts for a baby girl, you are in luck. I have rounded up 20 perfect Easter gifts for baby girls, that don’t include candy. So if you need a cute outfit, toy, or more to fill your sweetheart’s basket, than you might find the perfect gift options below. Easter is always fun to wake up and find a basket full of goodies for you to rummage through. We always had an arrangement of chocolates and other candies, along with a few small toys and a fun Easter outfit!

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Perfect Easter Gifts for Baby Girls

Plus Rabbit

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Give your sweet baby a nice cuddly rabbit to snuggle up to for naps, and bedtime. I love how soft and cuddly this Easter bunny is.

Night Light

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Fill up the nursery with stars and shapes on the ceiling to help soothe your baby girl to sleep at night. These are so fun and she will love it as she grows older.


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Dress up your little girl and put one of these super soft headbands on to make her look extra adorable.

Sparrow Clutching Toy

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What is so fun about this is it is adorable to look at but your baby will love clutching it, trying to chew on it, and shaking it around.

Activity Book

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Each side offers a different activity to keep your baby busy. This is a great toy because your baby will stay interested for quite some time as they grow, they will begin to do more things with it, and still have lots of fun.

Baby Teething Toys

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These are perfect for gripping really well and offering a nice area for your baby to chew away and help bring comfort to any gums or teeth giving your baby troubles.

Birdie Activity Rattle

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Nothing catches a baby’s attention than bright colorful lights and music. This is a perfect rattle and great for car rides, where you want your little one to be entertained.

Fabric CLoth Books

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Give your baby books that when they touch them they crinkle and makes lots of sounds to draw your baby into wanting to play more. Lots of adorable pictures for them to look at as well.

Animal Washcloths

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Your little one will love these animal washcloths when you give them a bath! They are fun and a little different than a basic washcloth.

Personalized Hooded  Towel

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I love personalized items, it is a way to make it extra special for your child. Get them a personalized hooded towel that they can use for a long time.

Amber Teething Necklace

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These necklaces are supposed to help teething be more manageable and not cause so much pain for your little one. Some moms swear by them, just make sure to take off when your baby isn’t supervised.

Easter Outfit

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Nothing says your extra cute and full of love like an adorable Easter inspired outfit that will have your whole family swooning.

Water Mat

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Water mats are so fun for babies as it offers a neat texture to touch and when they push the little fish and floaties inside the mat move around.

Burp Cloth Set

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This monogrammed burp cloth set will be perfect to use for Springtime, and they work great at cleaning up any mess you might run into with your little one.

Sound Machine

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This sound machine is awesome, it offers a variety of sounds and comes with a remote. If your baby struggles with staying asleep or falling asleep, a sound machine can help many babies stay asleep and sleep more soundly.

Baby Hat

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Warmer weather is around the corner to protect your little one with an adorable springtime hat.

Tag Blanket

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Tag blankets offer a place to chew on, pull or play with tags sticking out and more, little babies love them.

Knee High Socks

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When you have chilly days still put on a dress with some adorable knee-high socks. These are great fillers for baskets.

Baby Fun House

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This house grows with your baby, so they will be entertained for many months with this house. Lots of things to make noise, move around, and keep them intrigued and learning.

Stacking Cups

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These are very simple but for some reason, babies can’t get enough of them. They love to make noise, try to stack them, and I think the bright colors help.

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