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1st Anniversary Paper Gifts for Men

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As your first anniversary approaches, you may be wondering what you could possibly get for your husband that is paper, but doesn’t get lost or thrown away so fast. The truth is that there are so many fun ideas for memorable 1st anniversary paper gifts for men out there and many of them are here in this list. 

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Memorable 1st Anniversary Paper Gifts for Men

In case you weren’t aware, paper is the traditional 1st anniversary gift. Here’s to finding just that right paper anniversary gift for him! 

Custom Song Lyric Poster

Custom song poster

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The first song you ever heard as a couple, your wedding dance song, or some other song that the two of you love can be put on this custom song lyric poster. It’s thoughtful and romantic! 

Pinky Promise Card with Matching Bracelets

Pinky promise bracelets

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He made a promise to you, whether it was a pinky promise or not, and you to him. Why not wear matching pinky promise bracelets? This one is a bit of a stretch (the card) but they’re so cute. 

Sound Wave Art Print

Sound wave art print idea for a 1st paper anniversary gift for men

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Record your voice saying I love you, or anything else that you find special and have the soundwaves put on this art print for him.

Editor’s Choice Memorable 1st Anniversary Paper Gifts for Men

Couple’s Custom Paper Constellation Star Map 

Custom star map gift

The custom star map by date & location is a great personalized Paper anniversary gift for men!
This is an unique and very romantic gift that would make your loved one feel special! This awesome star map gift remind your loved one how much you love and appreciate him!

Custom Couple Sketch

Personalized sketch of the couple

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Have a custom couple sketch made of the two of you so that he has a forever reminder of how beautiful you looked together when you got married or went on your first date together.

90s Paper Cup Design Wallet

90s style paper cup wallet

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Those 90’s paper cups were something, and now he can have that design on his wallet. Get it, paper, paper cup print… Close enough. If he’s nostalgic for the 90s he’s going to love it!

3D Paper Rhino Template

3D paper rhino

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These low poly DIY animal crafts are a great 1st anniversary paper gift idea for him. Print it off on quality cardstock and he can assemble it as a fun craft idea.

Personalized Love Story Art Print Framed

Paper personalized love story art print for a 1st anniversary

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All the little things that make you two you, together, can be printed onto this personalized love story art print, to remind him of all the memories and awesome parts of your lives together so far.

Custom Family Illustration

Custom family illustration

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Have your family illustrated, whether it’s you, him, and kids or pets.

Printer Safe Seed Paper

Printer safe seed paper for a 1st anniversary gift for him

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If he loves birds, he will love feeding the birds with these printer safe seed papers or planting something once he is done using them for writing.

“Reasons why I love you” Notebook

Reasons why I love you notebook

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Write all the reasons why you love him into this notebook so that he can read them on his own time.

Custom Street Map Framed Print

Custom street map art print

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The heart in this map can be placed where you met, got married, first date, etc.

“Beard rules” Print

Beard rules art paper print for a man's 1st anniversary gift

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If your husband has a beard, he definitely needs the “beard rules” print! A perfect addition to the mancave. 

Wedding Vows on Paper Cufflinks

Custom Wedding Vows on Paper Cufflinks

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Get your vows put inside these cufflinks, then whenever he wears a suit, the vows can be with him. These would be amazing to wear to a 1st anniversary party too.

100 Music Sheet Paper Origami Hearts

Music Sheet Paper Origami Hearts

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These music sheet paper origami hearts can be with or without quotes, and you can fill a glass jar with them for him to read or as a decor piece.

Couples’ Journal

Bucket list couples journal

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This couples’ journal is a great first anniversary gift! It guides you, together, to help determine what kind of adventures you want to go on throughout your marriage and life together.

Box of Weekly Dates

Box of weekly dates made of paper

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With 52 dates inside you’ll have one for every day of the year. They’re pretty simple, so even if you’re busy you should be able to still work these into your week. Some ideas are like “tell you partner 3 nice things about them”.

5 Love Languages Book

Love languages book

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If you don’t already have this book, now’s the time to pick it up. Discovering both yours, your and your spouse’s love languages is one of the keys to a happy and successful marriage.

Wedding Anniversary Memory Book

Wedding anniversary book made of paper for men

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This might be a bit of a gift for you as well, but the first anniversary is the golden opportunity to start something memorable like this memory book. It lets you document you anniversaries throughout your marriage, hopefully all the way to the 50th. 

A 2 Player Card Game

Settlers of Catan card game made from paper

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Card games are kind of made of paper,  so give him something fun for your 1st anniversary. Just make sure that the game you choose works for 2 players so you can enjoy it together!

First Anniversary Novelty Gift

First anniversary novelty toilet paper

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If you’re strapped for ideas, or want to add an extra bit of fun, opt for a novelty gift as a 1st anniversary gift idea for men. Like this funny novelty toilet paper, of course!

Daily Perpetual Calendar

Daily perpetual calendar

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Unlike other calendars, a perpetual calendar doesn’t need to be changed out years after year. This one would be great for his desk or to take to the office, and it has a daily message from around the world.

Scratch Off Map

Scratch Off Map as a 1st anniversary gift for men

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You marriage is going to be an adventure so why not give him a gift that will help record every step? This scratch off map will look great in your home and can keep track of everywhere you visit together. 

Wedding Scrapbook

Wedding Scrapbook

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Don’t just give him this book as a gift. Print some great photos of your relationship together, or your wedding photos, and put them together in a memorable scrapbook that you both can look back on throughout your marriage. 

Papercraft Book

Papercraft Book for a men's 1st anniversary gift

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Papercraft books are made of paper themselves, but also open up a world of fun with paper. Give this gift with some of the required materials so he can get started right away.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Hadouken Shirt

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Hadouken Shirt

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This might be a bit of a stretch, but who cares! If he’s a nerdy kinda guy he’s going to love this rock, paper, scissors shirt… If you’re not sure, it’s a Street Fighter reference.

Bathroom Activities Book

Bathroom Activities Book

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Not everyone takes the phone into the bathroom. Give him something to do so he’s never bored in the bathroom again. This would pair well with the toilet paper roll gag gift.

Paper Compliment Notepad

Paper Compliment Notepad 1st anniversary gift idea for men

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What better paper 1st anniversary gift than a whole pad of paper compliments? Make sure you fill out the top page before gifting this to your husband!

Paper Beer Caddy

Paper beer caddy

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Fill this romantic beer caddy with 6 bottles of his favourite brew, or 6 different craft brews for him to try. It’s a thoughtful anniversary gift, and the packaging is made from paper so it fits in with the traditional gift!

A Book He Wants to Read

Traditional paper book idea for a man on your 1st anniversary

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Whatever it is that he’s been meaning to read, get him that book for your 1st anniversary. If you’re at a complete loss, this one is a great choice that most men will find interesting.

There are way more paper gifts, even for men, than you probably imagine! These 1st anniversary paper gifts for men are a good start to finding a memorable gift that he’s going to love almost as much as he loves you. And if you are on your second, you are gonna want to get a cotton anniversary gift for him instead. 

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