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20 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

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The big four – oh! Your mom may not mind the passing of time, or she might be dreading her fortieth birthday. Help her celebrating by getting her one of these lovely 40th birthday gift ideas for mom.

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Celebrate this milestone with mom with these amazing gift ideas that will make her feel special.

Charm Bracelet

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Each charm can be personalized for all the memories mom has made over the last 40 years that she will truly love.


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This is a fun gift for the mom will an awesome sense of humor.


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For the mom who likes to journal, this is a lovely choice

Drinking glass

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for the mom who likes stats, and drinks.

Car Decal

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Fun bumper sticker for mom’s car


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Mom will love this fun mug.


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For the mom who doesn’t want to embrace her age and is still young at heart.

Message in a Bottle

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This is a fun way to send mom a personal message in a fun gift.

Birthstone Necklace

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This is a beautiful gift for mom that she will cherish, and can include the birth stones of her kids

Year Word Art

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This is a fun piece of art that mom will love, and can show all the things that she truly loves.


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A fun pair of socks to remember that 40 is young these days for mom


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This is a lovely gift idea that has a ring for each decade for mom.

Tote Bag

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For the mom who is always carrying a lot of items for the kids


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this necklace can be made from any kids drawings which makes it a thoughtful and kind gift for mom’s 40th birthday.

Travel Mug

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Mom will love this mug as much as she loves her coffee

Water bottle

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For the healthy mom

Wine Glass

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this is a great wine glass for any mom.


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This is a hilarious read that mom will love to receive from her kids


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Mom will love playing this game, just for people turning 40


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Take mom back to the year she was born with this album of hits from that year.

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