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20 Feminist Gift Ideas to Help Topple the Patriarchy

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If you’ve got a friend who lists ‘topple the patriarchy’ amongst ‘do laundry’ and ‘cook dinner’ on their list of to-dos, these are the gifts for you. Each one will ensure that the glorious power of feminism is exuded from every aspect of your friend’s life!

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Silver Gender Equality Symbol Ring

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“Feminism is the radical notion that women are people,” wrote Marie Shear in 1986. While the penned those famous words, she may or may not have been wearing this awesome gender equality ring. And now you can too!

Rosie the Riveter Makeup Bag

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One of history’s most famous feminists, Rosie the Riveter is a symbol for lady-power worldwide. This fabulous cotton makeup bag will ensure that your friend is constantly reminded to be their usual, badass self!

Feminism: Boys Can Do It Too

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Feminism is in no way an exclusively female movement: it benefits both genders in many ways. This shirt would make an amazing gift for the male feminist in your life, proving that absolutely anybody can help topple the patriarchy!

Girl Power Phone Case

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Lightweight, chic and durable, this phone case will not only protect your phone at all costs, but it will look darn good doing it. Plus, there’s the added bonus of an awesome ‘girl power’ slogan on the back. It’s a win-win!

Feminist Underwear

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I told you I’d bring feminism to every aspect of life, didn’t I? These incredible undies pay homage to the glorious part of the female anatomy that is the uterus. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can even get a t-shirt to match!

Feminist Washi Marking Tape

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This uber-cool washi tape will let you cover your feminist gift in feminist wrapping – what could be better? Alternatively, give the tape itself as a gift so your friend can stick it to absolutely everything!

Feminism Laptop Decal

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Available in many sizes and colours (including sparkly!), this vinyl decal is the perfect addition to any feminist’s laptop. With the life of the sticker estimated at 7 years, this is one great-quality decal that will be with them for a very long time.

Frida Khalo Wall Clock

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There probably aren’t many clocks in the world cooler than this one. Made out of an old vinyl record, this hand-painted clock features an image of artist and feminist icon, Frida Khalo. It’s sure to find a perfect spot on your friend’s wall!

Set of 5 Feminist Pencils

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Once again reiterating the fact that feminism applies to everyone, these rad pencils will make the perfect addition to your friend’s pencil case. Who knows – they could be used to write the next feminist anthem.

Uterus Banner Bunting

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If your friend is planning a party, this bunting will definitely come in handy. It’s 82 inches long, so it will cover a large area, screaming ‘feminism’ from every corner of the room! Alternatively, a surprise feminist-themed birthday party might be on the horizon?

Pussyhat Decal

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The Pussyhat Project is a feminist movement that aims to spread the power of feminism far and wide. This pussyhat decal for your computer or car (or anything else you can think of!) will continue to share the message of love, acceptance and power.

Feminism “Special Edition” Zine Pack

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This feminism ‘zine talks about a huge spread of topics ranging from marriage, activism, and patriarchy to feminist history and the LGBT community. Not only is it jam-packed full of awesome information, but this pack also comes with 2 buttons to wear loudly and proudly!

Feminism Stickers

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There’s no limit to where these stickers can go! Mirrors, lunch boxes, fridges, cars, street signs can all be adorned with these awesome handmade stickers. Let the world know about feminism – it’s time!

Smasher of the Patriarchy Trophy

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I’m not going to lie – I would very much appreciate receiving this trophy myself. If you know someone who consistently aims to smash the patriarchy, this gift is for them. Trust me, they’ll love it.

Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda Mug

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If your friend likes to wake up in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee, this is an awesome way to include feminism in that simple ritual! This sassy mug is printed on both sides and can even be ordered with a matching coaster for optimum badass-ness.

Nasty Woman Necklace

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Donald Trump famously referred to Hilary Clinton as a “nasty woman” during the 2016 presidential election. Since then, women around the world have reclaimed the term, making it empowering rather than degrading. Celebrate the term with this necklace!

Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles T-Shirt

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Gender roles are sexist and outdated, and clearly not as good as pizza rolls. Let the world know with this fabulous, soft tee! This handmade shirt is unisex, making it perfect for any feminist in your life.

Not Yours Detachable Collar

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A major aspect of feminism is the fact that women do not owe themselves to men, and do not require men to live a full, meaningful life. This embroidered Peter Pan collar says just that! It’s detachable, so it can be worn under their favourite jumper or shirt.

Empowered Women Empower Women Cuff

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It’s no secret that women who become empowered through feminism can, in turn, empower others. This creates a cycle of strength and confidence that allows women to succeed. This cuff would make a great gift for the empowered woman in your life!

On Wednesdays… T-Shirt

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The patriarchy simply isn’t going to topple itself! If your friend is not only a feminist, but a huge Mean Girls fan (who isn’t?), this 100% cotton shirt is the perfect gift for them. It’s just so fetch!

Are you feeling empowered yet? These gifts are sure to please even Queen Bey herself. Let us know if you purchase anything from this list! We’re @uniquegifter on

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