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20 Cool Birthday Gifts for Teenage Guys

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Why are teenage guys so hard to shop for? Is it really that hard to find cool birthday gifts for teenage guys? Here are some gift ideas for those impossible teens who just won’t give you any hints as to what they want for their birthday. It’s a bit more thoughtful than cash but something they’re not going to hate (like those clothes you were considering).

Birthday Gifts for Teenage Guys


Cool Birthday Gifts for Teenage Guys

Cause they are too cool to tell you what to get. 

Nailed It Notes

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Your whitty teenager can channel their personality into these “nailed it” notes. Let them praise their friends for nailing feats such as a “social coup” or “actual victory”.

97 Things To Do Before You Finish High School

If they are struggling with that to do, this would be cool for birthday gifts for teenage guys.

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This book covers everything a young person could possibly want to do before they head off to college and become an adult. It also has plenty of information about things that they don’t teach you in high school, which is great.

Aluminum Scorpion

Birthday gifts for teenage guys who like creepy crawlies.

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The cool scorpion state is made of aluminum pieces. It comes as a kit that they can assemble without any special tools.


Birthday gifts for teenage guys who are secretly bookworms.

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It can be tricky to get teenage guys to read but there’s a lot of amazing fiction out there just waiting to be explored. A digital device like a kindle can help them read whatever without anyone knowing what it is!

Galaxy Hoodie

If they are into outer space, this would be cool for birthday gifts for teenage guys.

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Galaxy is in style right now and most teens are going to be ecstatic to get something with this big, bold design. Check out the other choices if it’s not your teenager’s style.


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Yes, everyone wants a hoverboard, but who’s more fearless than a teenage boy? Get him one of these self-balancing hoverboards AND a helmet.

RC Helicopter

Helicopters are always cool for birthday gifts for teenage guys.

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You never grow out of playing with RC toys and anything that flies is that much more entertaining.

Cat Bank

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This piggy bank has a cat that steals your money when you place it on the side. Adorable and fun.

Drumstick Pencils

If he's got a beat in his head, this would be great for birthday gifts for teenage guys.

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Is your teenager always drumming on things with pencils? Make it socially acceptable with these drumstick pencils.

Star Wars Origami Kit

This would be great for birthday gifts for teenage guys if he likes doing stuff with his hands.

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There aren’t a lot of teenage guys who aren’t at least small fans of the Star Wars franchise. This kit has 36 papercraft projects for them to complete.

Vans Shoes

Birthday gifts for teenage guys who are as stylish as they are fun.

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These shoes are really popular and incredibly stylish. There’s bound to be something that suits their personality out there but it’s something that most guys would never buy for themselves.

Record Player

Birthday gifts for teenage guys who are just tool cool.

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Vintage is in! Give them something to play those old vinyls from the thrift store (or new albums that have been released on record) on.

Cinema Lightbox

A fun marquee is a fun birthday gifts for teenage guys idea.

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What’s showing at the Teenage Guy cinema? Probably a pun or innuendo but whatever, it’s fun.

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Birthday gifts for teenage guys who are constantly losing their picks.

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This nifty punch turns anything into a guitar pick. Cool!

Money Maze Puzzle

Money is always fun for birthday gifts for teenage guys.

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This is a great alternative way to give money. They have to solve a puzzle to get the cash inside. Devious. And if he likes puzzles, check out our list for puzzle lovers

Paintball Gun

Birthday gifts for teenage guys who are active.

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If they’re not already fans get them started playing paintball with their own gun. It’s a great sport for even non-sporty teens. (If he’s a hunter, we have him covered here too.) 


If he's always on the go, this would be great for birthday gifts for teenage guys.

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Kind of throwback to what every teenage guy had in the 80s, a skateboard is a great gift for a teen. They can either work on learning a few cool tricks or just use it to get around.

RFID Blocking Card Case

Birthday gifts for teenage guys who are worried about "the man."

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It’s never too early to get them started with security, especially as most teens now have their own credit cards these days.

Horse Head

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These horse head masks are inexplicably popular amongst teenage guys. Don’t question it.

Amazon Gift Card

Birthday gifts for teenage guys who are just really hard to shop for.

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Let’s be honest, teenage guy birthday gifts are really challenging to nail. Let them pick their own without forcing them to actually go into a store.

More Terrific Birthday Gifts For Teenage Boys

Teenagers are finicky, right? It’s hard to please them and it’s doubly so considering how many options there are out there for these kids these days. It’s kind of frustrating trying to nail down that present for your friend or relative, even if you know what they love!

Presents That Please Even The Pickiest

I’ve been wandering around Amazon checking out some of the options out there and I’ve gotta pat myself on the back for this list. Considering I’m pretty much an overgrown teenager, I’d say that I’ve done a pretty decent job finding some of the finest gifts out there that will please even the most sullen teenage souls. Lay your shopping worries to rest because I’ve got you covered with these 20 terrific birthday gifts for teenage boys!

Nintendo Switch Lite

Gaming console gift idea for teenage boys

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With its fairly recent release, this Nintendo Switch Lite has made a fairly big splash in the gaming world. Perfected for gaming on the go, this portable console is sure to put a smile on their face.

Fornite Loot Lama 

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Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game

Boss Monster dungeon building card game gift idea

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As someone who has been a nerd all of their lives, this card game would have been a blessing in my younger years. Allowing you to become the villain and craft a legendary dungeon for adventurers to explore, it’s a unique spin on card games!

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker

BJL bluetooth speaker for teenage boys music lover gift

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Music is a cornerstone of the teenage experience and this allows the teenage boy in your life to take it on the go! Waterproof, shockproof, and sporting amazing sound, this JBL is a premium gift.

Swissgear Scansmart Backpack

Swissgear backpack for school

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High school and college are treacherous places sometimes! This backpack makes theft a bit harder and traveling a bit simpler. Including tons of room and a spot for a laptop, it’s a stylish way of toting things around for sure.

Amazfit Smartwatch

Stylish smartwatch exercise tracker for teenage boys

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Just when you think wristwatches are out, they find a way to make them popular again. This smartwatch is low-key yet stylish and with how much teenagers love their phones? They’ll love this watch.


Airzooka prank gift for teen boys

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This is a gift that is just good old plain fun! Using nothing but air as a weapon, it shoots a blast of it in any direction your evil teenager decides to point it. Warn the pets!

Beard Head Beanie

Funny apparel bearded hat beanie accessory gift

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For that teenage boy that either can’t grow a beard or just wants to keep their face warm. This goofy beanie is sure to elicit a smile from any teenage gift recipient.

SoundPEATS Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless bluetooth headphones for teenage boys

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Sometimes you don’t want to listen to their music booming out of their room and sometimes teenagers just want to escape into their own world of tunes. Make all parties happy with these sweet wireless headphones!

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook reuseable notebook journal for teenage boys

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Taking notes, doodling, and even journaling become far easier and efficient with this awesome notebook! After filling it, they can back it up and erase everything in it.

Mystic Emoji Ball

funny mystic emoji ball funny teen gift

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Emojis have become a lexicon of teenage culture and this emoji ball is a cool throwback to the 8 Balls of old. They’re sure to get a kick out of asking it questions just to get the chuckle-worthy responses.

MMUSC Gaming Headset

Stylish red LED gaming headset

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For the gamer in your life, (and let’s be honest, what teenage boy isn’t a gamer?) there’s this fantastic headset. One of Amazon’s highest-rated and compatible with PC and consoles, this one is definitely a winner!

Swagtron Hoverboard

Swagtron hoverboard gift for teens

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Sure, hoverboards are kind of goofy, but aren’t teenagers also? One of the most popular quality hoverboards on the market, they’re sure to get a kick riding this thing around!

6 In 1 Multifunction Pen

multifunction pen gadget practical gift for teenagers

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This pen is essential for making sure that your teen is always prepared! The thing even includes a ruler and a level! What?!

For Boys Only: The Biggest Baddest Book Ever (Hardcover)

For boys only book for teenage boys guide

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There are certain things that a teenage boy needs to learn before becoming a man. Landing an airplane in an emergency situation. Wrestling an alligator. You know? Basic stuff!

Lightning Reaction Reloaded

Fun lightning reaction game gift idea for teenage boys

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Oh, boy. You’re going to hear the screams off of this one! Test your teen and their friends’ reflexes with this and they’re sure to have an amazing (albeit terrifying) time while they’re at it.

Phone Phever Board Game

Phone phever game gift idea for teens

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Who doesn’t love a good trivia game? The teenage years are all about learning and you’re bound to get some wholesome and fun quality game night with this awesome smartphone-involved board game!

The Man Can

the man can teenage boys skincare gift stocking stuffer idea

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Not to sound rude, but the teenage years are hell on the skin. This gift is certainly going to help with that. Packed with all-natural skin products, it will help keep your teen’s skin looking great and even includes some very cool packaging.

What a great list of gifts, huh? There’s no way that you’ve made it through this without snatching a couple of these! There’s something here for a teen from nearly every walk of life and their next birthday is sure to be a great one with your presents around. Did you find anything that they absolutely loved? Give us a shout and let us know on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and thanks for checking out 20 Terrific Birthday Gifts For Teenage Boys!

Another birthday closer to your teenage guy becoming an adult. Scary!

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