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20 Gift Ideas for New Drivers to Congratulate Them

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Your child or another loved one has just gotten their driver’s license for the first time. This is cause for celebration and what better way to celebrate than by giving them a gift to symbolize their achievement! Any of these gift ideas for new drivers would be a useful, or cute choice for them!

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Gift Ideas for New Drivers to Congratulate Them

So they know you’re thinking of them out on the open road.

Duco Men’s Sport Polarized Driving Sunglasses

Help them keep the sun out of their eyes with this gift ideas for new drivers.

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Sunglasses are vital for driving, to keep the sun from blinding the new driver and helping them drive safer! These have an added benefit of being stylish!

“Jesus take the wheel” Personalized Keychain

Jesus take the wheel keychain

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For the Jesus follower who got their driver’s license, give them this “Jesus take the wheel” keychain with their initial to make it more special and personalized for them.

Funko Yoda Bobble Head

A fun reminder to drive safe, Yoda is watching you! Cute gift ideas for new drivers.

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Bobble heads are fun for the car dash or back window, and for the Star Wars lover who just got their driver’s license, this Yoda bobble head will make the perfect addition to their car.

Dream Catcher Car Rearview Mirror Charm

Dream catcher keychain

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A dream catcher hearing from their rearview mirror to “catch” their dreams as they drive, and also for something pretty to look at when they’re not driving.

PETFECT Dog Car Backseat Barrier

This gift ideas for new drivers will help keep their seats in good shape.

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For the new driver that has a dog, this backseat barrier will keep the dog out of their space to keep them driving safely even with their canine companion along for the ride.

Swirly Initial Monogrammed Car Floor Mats

Initial custom car mats as gifts for a new driver

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Floor mats are useful for helping keep a car cleaner, but when it has their initials on it, they can be pretty and a source of pride as well!

Kate Spade Bifold Women’s Wallet

An adult gift ideas for new drivers to help them class it up.

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A new wallet for the young lady to keep their brand new driver’s license in is a great gift for them, and something to make them smile and squeal about!

“Keep calm and drive on” Keychain

Keep calm keychain

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Keychains are important for a new driver, as they now have a new key to keep on them, one that allows them to drive and have the freedom they so crave!

Harry Potter Steering Wheel Cover with Bow

Harry Potter steering wheel cover

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For the special lady who got her driver’s license, this Harry Potter steering wheel cover with a bow on it will look nice in their car!

First Aid Kit

First aid kit for a new car owner

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First aid kits are important to keep in the car for emergencies or minor wounds that need to be taken care of while on the go.

Personalized License Plate Frame

Help them feel special with this gift ideas for new drivers.

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License plate frames are fun to place on cars, showing personality and style. You can put a short quote or some of their favorite words on this frame for them.

Collapsible Portable Trunk Organizer

This gift ideas for new drivers helps keep them organized.

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A trunk organizer can be very useful, to keep everything separated and organized in their trunk as they go about their errands, activities, and work or school.

Supernatural Inspired Necklace with Car and Cassette Charms

Car keychain

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Chances are, you have a Supernatural lover who just got their driver’s license. This necklace is cute for them to wear, with its Impala car and a cassette tape as charms.

Gas Pump Savings Bank

This gift ideas for new drivers reminds them to save their pennies.

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The new driver in your life can save their change and extra cash for gas, and what better way to do so than with a gas pump savings bank?

Fuzzy Dice for Rearview Mirror

This retro gift ideas for new drivers will add some fun to their drive.

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Fuzzy dice are a bit retro, but can certainly be a nice piece of decoration for your new driver’s car as they go about their day.

Explore World Map Coffee Mug and Travel Mug

Explore travel mug

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The new driver is finding their freedom and being able to explore more on their terms, so this world map coffee mug for at home and a travel mug for when they’re on the go, might just be the perfect gift!

“Dirt Diva” Shirt

Dirt diva shirt

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For the off road girl who just got her license, or who drives a Jeep, get her this “Dirt Diva” shirt to wear proudly!

“Not all those who wander are lost” Water Bottle

Customized drinking straw cup

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The new driver in your life needs a water bottle to keep hydrated, to carry with them as they drive around and live their life, and this one has the perfect quote on it: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Fun Bumper Sticker

This gift ideas for new drivers let's them show others they like to explore.

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Let the new driver show off their personality with a bumper sticker.

Flannel Fleece Blanket

This gift ideas for new drivers is the best for random picnics.

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Everyone needs a blanket to keep in their trunk, just in case they end up needing it for whatever reason!

The new driver in your life will appreciate one of these gifts, and they definitely deserve a memento of the start of this new stage of their life!

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