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20 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your New Boyfriend

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and the pressure is on to wow and show your appreciation to your partner. When it comes to new relationships there’s always the uncertainty of, “is it enough?” or “is it too much?”. So we’re here to help cut the tension with some ideas for your newish relationship! If you’re not at the relationship status *yet*, we got gifts for an unofficial relationship too. 

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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your New Boyfriend

Beer Soap

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If your guy is into his brews than this gift will keep his favorite drink with him even while he showers!

Bearded Beanie

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If your guy is in need of some facial hair without the commitment, this fuzzy hat is perfect! It’s both a warm and totally silly!

Stranger Things Sweater

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If your bf loves Stranger Things this sweater is a must have in their closet, so be the one to give it first.

Echo Dot

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Guys are totally into gadgets and the new echo dot from Amazon is sure to not only make life a little bit easier but wow your guy!

Underarmor Tech Zipup

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If your boyfriend loves to workout grab him this warm zip up for his cold winter walks to the gym or for his post workout wear.

Pokeball Plugs

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Pokemon go was all the rage this summer, and if your man got caught up in the craze and happens to gauge his ears, this is such a PERFECT buy.

Bike Tire Beer Holder

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Maybe your guy likes cycling or likes beer or likes BOTH. In which case, this is such a great trinket to gift your guy for Valentine’s Day.

Canvas Backpack

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The rugged design is a surefire way to your man’s heart and it’s spacey enough to be used for a quick weekend trip over to yours.

Harry Potter Inspired Couples Mugs

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This is a great gift for any Harry Potter fans out there. Tell your man how much of a “catch” he is and remind him that you’re a “keeper”.

Outdoor Survival Skills

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Feed his ego and his thirst for adventure with this great read!

iPhone Macro Lens

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Another tech lover or photo lover find! Build up his Instagram or indulge his love of photography with this gift.

Herschel Duffle Bag

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If your guy is in need of a new gym bag or weekender pick up this sturdy bag he’s sure to love.

Sriracha Water Bottle

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This is a great buy for any guy that likes to keep things spicy!

Neff Folded Beanie

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If he bearded beanie isn’t your man’s thing maybe go for a more minimal look with this one.

T-Rex Upcycled Newspaper Art Print

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This is great for any history lover, it’s hip and a bit quirky and would look great in a dorm, bedroom or hang out area.

Periodic Beer Glass

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Any nerdy loving beer drinkers will adore this. It’s also reminiscent of Breaking Bad, so if that’s up their alley this is also a perfect buy.

Ben Sherman Slip Ons

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If your guy loves shoes this is a fashionable and affordable pick, just make sure you know his size!

Kale T-shirt

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This t-shirt is the perfect grab for any health loving guys out there.

Totoro Fingerless Gloves

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For any Studio Ghibli watchers these gloves are a sweet gift, not to mention totally adorable, maybe snag a pair for yourself too!

Star Trek Inspire Tea

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If your guy is a Trekkie and a tea drinker, then he is in luck with this gift.

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