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20 Gift Ideas So You Can Make an Epic Brunch at Home

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What’s the most important meal of the day? Brunch, obvs. These gifts combined (or separately) create the most instagram worthy brunch you’ll ever attend!

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Gift Ideas so you Can Make an Epic Brunch at Home

Heart Waffle Iron

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The fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and the fastest way to an Instagram heart is through heart shaped waffles!

Brunch at Bobby’s

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Brunch recipes by Bobby Flay are sure to wow our guests. And you guys think Bobby Flay is a cutie too, right?

Mimosa Hat

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With America’s current political climate, this is a timely gift. Mimosas for president, here here!

Mason Jar Glasses

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Mason jars are love, mason jars are life. Repeat it with me as you bathe in mimosas and take #nofilter pics with this glass set.

Fairy Lights

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No brunch is complete without at least 3 strands of fairy lights in the background. It’s a proven fact, check Insta.

Egg/Pancake Heart Rings

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I once read that the more heart shaped objects present at a brunch, the more fairy alive in the forest. So help the fairy community and make some sunny side up heart shaped eggs!

Glitter Champagne

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You will thank me for finding this for you after you get 1,000+ likes on your #glitterchampagne pic. So fill up your flute with 90% champs and 10% orange juice and get the party started!

Sip Sip Hooray Banner

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Where’s the best place to take a brunch selfie? In front of a glittery brunch banner!

Unbreakable CHampagne Glasses

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For when the girls are getting too tipsy, these champagne glasses are here to save you. Perfect mimosa holders for every classy brunch.

Gold Straws

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One can never have too many straws at a brunch, and these are the most Insta worthy straws you can find!

Gold Confetti Hearts and Dots Cocktail Napkins

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These napkins are stylish and cute, as you only want to wipe your mouth with the finest napkins at your swanky brunch.

Gold Table Runner

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As you can see, the theme here is gold, but there are other color options as well. This table runner will class up the joint and brighten your day – and pics!

Brunch Shirt

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There’s nothing better than wearing a brunch shirt while eating brunch.


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Every brunch needs avocados – avocado toast is a staple of today’s brunch world. These avocados are handpicked to order, so you can brag about that to your fellow brunchers.


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A perfect brunch always has a sign proclaiming it to be the perfect brunch – and that’s why you need to have a Pinterest-esque chalkboard at your next brunch!

Cinnabon Kit

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Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls? Kick your brunch up a notch with homemade Cinnabons!


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Nutella is to brunch as breath is to life. Nutella is a super spread and should be treated as such.

Heart Ice Cube Mold

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This is the exact mold I saw on Pinterest, so I know it’s perfect for your next brunch. Put some strawberries and champagne in these babies for some awesome crafty ice cubes!

Pitcher and Infuser

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Look fancy AF with this pitcher and diffuser combination. Yass, get those servings of fruit!

Two Bottle Bucket

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Keep that glitter champagne cold with this two bottle clear bucket!

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