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20 Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers

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Teaching kindergarteners is a fun and exhausting job. Show your little one’s teacher just how much you appreciate them this year by purchasing a gift that he or she will absolutely love. To help you get your wheels turning, here is a selection of 20 gift ideas for kindergarten teachers.



Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers

I’m a Teacher, What’s Your Super Power Mug?

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Teachers need caffeine to keep up with your little ones and this mug will bring a smile to their face with each sip they take.

You Can’t Scare Me Shirt

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Teachers think about their students even when they are not on the clock.

The Best Teacher Ever

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Their heart will melt when your child reads this book to them.

World’s Best Kindergarten Teacher Circle Charm Braided Bracelet

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Teachers love wearing jewelry too. She will light up when your child hands her this beauty.

I Teach, What’s Your Super Power Wall Décor

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The perfect item to hang up in the classroom or they can take it home to decorate their wall.

I’m a Kindergarten Teacher

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Sometimes they may need to remind themselves of why they teach.

Kindergarten Rules Plaque

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Give your child’s teacher a personalized gift to show them that you care. This plaque is perfect for springtime classroom décor and you are also letting them know that you know the rules and so does your child.

Kindergarten Teacher Tumbler

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Everyone needs a tumbler and this one is perfect for the lucky kindergarten teacher who gets to see your little one learn and grow.

World’s Best Kindergarten Teacher Circle Charm Earrings

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Wouldn’t these go perfectly with the charm bracelet you just purchased?

Best Kindergarten Teacher Planner & Notebook

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Teachers love to stay organized and one thing they can never have too many of is planners.

Keep Calm It T-Shirt

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Teachers have a sense of humor too and this t-shirt couldn’t be more true.

Superman T-Shirt

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Is your child a fan of superheros? Turn their teacher into their new favorite one with this shirt.

Classic Apple Christmas Ornament

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You don’t want them to forget about their favorite student over the Christmas break do you? In addition, it helps them remember to take time to get their Christmas tree up or possibly inspire the idea of a classroom Christmas Tree.

Teacher’s Appreciation Mug, Candy, and Balloon Set

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The perfect small gift set to show your child’s teacher that you appreciate them during Teacher’s Appreciation week.

It Takes a Big Heart to Teach Little Minds Personalized Jewelry

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Sometimes it is the little things that count. Show your child’s teacher just how appreciated she is with this personalized jewelry set that she can cherish forever.

Gift Card to the Fancy Grocery Store

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Help your kid’s kindergarten teacher splash out for some nice treats at the fancy grocery store.

Kindle Books Gift Certificate

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If you’re heading into a break, get them a gift certificate so they can relax with a nice book.

Nail Polish

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If you’ve observed that the teacher wears nail polish, pick up a new shade or two. Get a good brand so that it’s long lasting, they chase small kids all day, after all!

Kindergarten Teacher Sign

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Your child’s teacher deserves to be recognized and have their own personal parking space.

Little Box of Awesome Magnetic Poetry

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It says right on the tin “you totally rock” which clearly makes an awesome gift!

Did you find the perfect gift for your child’s kindergarten teacher?

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