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20 Wardrobe Accessory Gifts for His Birthday – That He Doesn’t Already Have

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What do you get a guy who has everything? These accessory gifts are perfect birthday gift ideas for that kind man; chances are he doesn’t own any of them.

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Best Wardrobe Accessory Gifts for His Birthday

Leather Suspenders

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Vintage clothing trends are coming back in style. These suspenders are made of leather and are a classy alternative to a belt.

Infinity Scarf

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Infinity scarves are not just for women, they’re part of men’s fashion too. Get him something that coordinate with his jacket for a put together look.

Sexy Collar Stays

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If you’re feeling like getting him a little bit sexier of a gift these hand stamped collar stays are a great birthday gift to your SO.

Dressing the Man Book

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Even if he’s a fashion pro there’s lots of great tips in this book for men on dressing well. It’s less about trends and more focusing on permanent, high quality fashion.

Engraved Lighter

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You can custom engrave this lighter with anything for a personalized gift idea. Even if he doesn’t smoke regularly a high quality lighter is a must-have accessory for men.

Leather Shaving Kit

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If he’s the kind of man who likes to keep all his shaving products in one place, or travels a lot, these bags are a perfect gift. They can also be used to store small accessories like cufflinks together.

Fun Cufflinks

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Etsy has cufflinks for just about any theme. Get him something that fits his personality or that makes a funny reference, like these.

Business Backpack

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Even though they don’t carry purses guys still have stuff they need to carry around. Instead of having to carry a briefcase or bag all the time get him a nice backpack to store work documents or even stuff for the kids inside.

Touch Screen Gloves

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If he has a fall or winter birthday give a pair of fashionable gloves that also work on touch screens so he doesn’t have to freeze to use his phone outside.

Pocket Watch

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If you’re looking for a traditional men’s accessory a pocket watch makes an excellent birthday gift. Make sure it’s engraved for extra sentiment.

Necktie Organizer

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If he already has enough ties in his wardrobe how about helping him organize them instead?

Fun Socks

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More and more men nowadays are using socks to express themselves in otherwise dull business attire. Get him started with a set of bright colored dress socks.


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At some point the tradition of men carrying handkerchiefs started to die down. Help bring it back by giving him something sentimental that he’ll always want to carry around.

Clothing Organizers

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These ones are great for travel but get him something that suits his needs. Maybe he’d benefit from having a place to keep off season clothes, for example.

Wooden Sunglasses

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These aviators have a unique twist: they frames are made of wood!

Luxury Fountain Pen

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He’s going to look so classy next time someone asks to borrow a pen. This one comes with a gift box so it’s easy to give.

Walking Stick

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This may be filed under mostly unnecessary accessory gifts but it still would make a really cool birthday present.

Personalized Wallet

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This leather wallet can be customized with a bunch of personalization options so you can give him something special for his birthday.

Sock Suspenders

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Socks falling down while wearing a suit is an annoying problem. No one wants to see your ankle, after all. Chances are he hasn’t thought to pick up a set of sock suspenders, though, so give him some and change his life.

Top Hat

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You never know when you might need a top hat in your wardrobe. He’ll be the best dressed man at your next formal gathering sporting this, that’s for sure.

After you give him some great accessories make sure to take him out somewhere for his birthday so he can show them off!

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