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20 Gifts For A Family With Children Of All Ages

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Christmas is getting closer and closer.  If you are like me, you’d like to have Christmas out of the way to avoid the added stress of last minute shopping.  Also, like me, you would like to save money.  One way to save money is to purchase family gifts instead of individual gifts.  If you know a family with children of all ages, there are some great gift ideas for families with children of all ages.

This is perfect for giving family gifts that work for everyone! I love these ideas for Christmas.


Family Tree Picture Frame

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A family photo tree would make a great gift for families, especially considering how easy it is to take and print pictures.  With such easy access, parents and children can update the photos annually.

Personalogy Family Fun Card Game

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Spending time together is always a good gift to give to a family with children of all ages.  Even if the children are too actually play the game they can still contribute ideas and enjoy the laughter.

Prank Pack Blankeez

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Another great family night idea is getting cozy on the couch and watching a great family movie or favorite television show.  Nothing makes it more cozy than a family blanket!

It’s Family Game Night Care Package Box Gift Set

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If one game is not enough, or has been played too much, why not give a Family Night Care package!  It includes multiple games and snacks for the family to enjoy.  Sounds like fun and a great gift idea!

Thinking of You Chocolate Gift Set

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It’s hard to find someone who does not like chocolate, so give this gift box and let each child chose their favorite delicacy.

Family Talk

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In today’s fast paced world, actual conversation is limited.  Change that and get the family talking with this family talk dinner table game.

Movie Time! Red Box Movie Rental Snack Gift Box

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Children of all ages enjoy watching movies and the convenience and efficiency of the Red Box makes this snack gift box a great movie nigh for a family with children of all ages.

Super Family Matching Clothing Set; Choose Mom, Dad, Kids or Dog Bandana

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Children may not enjoy or value a good set of pajamas as much as parents, but matching pj’s makes a great family gift and matching pj’s can make a great family picture.

Kindle Fire

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The Amazon Kindle is a family friendly gift for family with children of all ages. Amazon provides an abundance of applications for the children of your family from baby to early adult, as a result purchasing just one may not be enough!

Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

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Another great gift for a family with children of all ages is the Amazon fire stick.  The fire stick has channels for children of all ages including Disney.  In addition, the amazon fire stick is a great replacement for cable and pairs great with the Amazon Kindle.

Sled with Brakes

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A winter sled would make a great gift that will provide days worth of outside fun for children of all ages to enjoy on snowy “out of school days.”  Even adults will enjoy sledding down steep hills of snow on the sled.

Apple iPad

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Like the Amazon tablet, the Ipad has an abundance of applications for children of all ages (an parents).  The Ipad is a great gift for a family with children of all ages since it can keep children occupied allowing parents, quiet time or time to complete task.

Itunes Gift Card

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An Itunes gift card would go great with an Ipad.  If the family already has an Ipad or Macbook, gift the multi pack I tunes gift card allowing each child to purchase their favorite applications.

PlayStation 4 500GB with Star Wars Battlefront

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The Playstation is another great gift idea for a family with children of all ages.  The play station also offers the option to watch television.

Just Dance 2015 – Wii

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Just Dance 2015 is lots of fun for families.  It puts a different twist on family game night and allows a great work out as well!

Lego 200 Random Pieces of Good Clean Used Bricks and Parts Bulk Lot

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Get the entire family together and get creative with 200 random pieces of Legos or build something together!

Timeless Treasures Baseball Bats & Gloves Black

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For those big families with children of all ages that love sports, why not purchase them baseball bats and gloves and challenge them to an outside game!

Lifetime Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

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I’m not much of a basketball player myself, but I love sitting outside and watching the competition between my husband and the boys. For some odd reason, once I go outside the entire family follows.

Fishing Combo

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Another great gift for a family (big or small) that loves the outdoors are fishing poles!  Make it fun and see who can catch the most or the biggest!

Amazon.com Gift Cards

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Finally, if you’re still unsure of what to give to a family with children of all ages, then gift them an Amazon gift card.  Choose an amount affordable for you and allow them to pick a gift them that all the children can enjoy!  You can not go wrong.

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