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20 Ridiculously Awesome Socks that Make Perfect BFF Birthday Gifts

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What’s the best way to show your love for someone? Socks, obviously! Check out this list for some cool and quirky gift ideas for the other half of your perfect pair.

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Awesome Socks that Make Perfect BFF Birthday Gifts

Wonderwoman Socks

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Tell your BFF how wonderful she is with a pair of knee high Wonderwoman socks. They even come with their own capes!

Snacks Socks

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Ice cream, fries, donuts, cheeseburgers – what else could you want printed on your socks? This 4 pack has them all, and is sure to make your friend smile – and their stomachs grumble.

Positive Vibes

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Hippies need socks too, and these socks will keep any peace lover’s feet toasty. Keep those bad vibes away and spread some love!

Pencil Socks

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Unlike pencil skirts, these socks aren’t exactly office appropriate. However, they’re sure to put a smile on anyone’s face – from teachers to writers!

Middle Finger Socks

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We all have that angry friend – if you don’t know who it is, it might be you. These socks are perfect for the sassiest people in your life who just want to send a middle finger to the general population.

Artsy Socks

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This 5 pack of socks is perfect for the art lover in your life. Starry Night, Mona Lisa, and The Birth of Venus are just some of these classic paintings that will be forever remembered – on your new socks.

Cute Dog Socks

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These socks are cute AF; who doesn’t love lil dogs peeking out from their socks? Spread some puppy love and give these to your bestie!

Teddy Bear Socks

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No show socks don’t have to be boring anymore! These socks have cute teddy bears on them and are a fun hidden secret.

Shark Socks

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These socks have a bite far worse than their bark! Your bestie will love these “3D” shark socks that are “great for shark lover,’ but I’m sure non-proclaimed shark lovers would enjoy as well.

Delicate Flower

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These socks are NSFW – unless you’re wearing long pants. Gift to the most delicate f*cking flower in your life.

Banned Books Socks

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These socks are perfect for your badass book loving friend. They can’t be tamed, and neither can their books (and socks)!

Albert Einstein Socks

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The fact that these are described as “relatively cool” makes them feel relatable, and I dig that. Get your smarts on and flaunt your nerd status with these “sock it to me” socks.

Unicorn vs. Narwal Socks

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For your whimsical best friend, these socks depict an epic battle between a unicorn and a narwal. Support your friend’s belief in the unknown with these knee high colorful socks!

Ninja Socks

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Sneak into your best friends home, leave these socks, and then vanish. That’s how a ninja would deliver ninja socks, just sayin’.

Coffee Monster Socks

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I know these are cute because I gave them to my roommate for Christmas last year, and she proudly wore them while using her Chem-x to make some fancy coffee. Help your coffee lover’s feet stay warm!

Waffles Socks

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These socks are great for people who actually like waffles, but also for the Parks and Rec fans in your life. These pink waffle socks make a great addition to brunch with the girls!

Dapper Animals

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I like to call these “the strangest socks I’ve ever seen.” These are great for animal lovers, or just your really, really weird friend Barb.

Get Stuff Done

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These socks are dedicated to all the BA women in this world. It really is true, b*tches get stuff done – so get something done and buy these for the baddest b*tch in your circle!

Bring Me Some Wine

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These socks are for the woman in control – “If you can read this, bring me some wine!” Well, if you can read this, buy these socks.

Landmark SOck

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Truly a pack of socks for the woman who has every sock. These socks have 3 major world landmarks…and Godzilla. Enjoy!

There you have it, RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME SOCKS that you definitely need right now.

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