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20 Gift Ideas for a Teenage Girl’s Best Friend

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Buying your best friend a gift shows so much commitment and loyalty in your friendship. Gifts are known not only to show appreciation but they have the ability to strengthen friendships for many more years to come. Here is a list of 20 gift ideas that you can get your teenage girl’s best friend.

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Awesome Gifts to Spoil a Teenage Girl’s Best Friend

Whether you’re trying to find something for your daughter’s bestie or you’re just looking for gifts for your friends, these thoughtful ideas are perfect for a teenage girl’s best friend.

Personalized Name Pillow

Throw pillows are super fun, especially for teens. Even better when they’re trendy, like these colorful tufted cushions. This one can be personalized with a teenage girl’s best friend’s name.

Cute T-shirt

Who doesn’t love an adorable, funny t-shirt. There are so many options out there but if you can’t decide why not opt for this kitty cat one?

Gummy Bear Earrings

Handmade and super cute, these earrings look almost good enough to eat. Get her fav color for a sweet gift!

cat convertable cloves

Cat Convertible Gloves

So cute for a small, inexpensive friend gift that’s great for a Christmas gift or to give just because.

Friendship Bracelets

Best friends need friendship bracelets so make sure the teenage girl and her best friends have a set. If you don’t want to make them homemade these are a great alternative.

kawaii backpack for teen girls

Kawaii Backpack

These cute backpacks are all the rage for teen girls – especially these ones. Great for school, carrying sports gear, or to use instead of a purse.

Personalized Stationary Set

Adorable! If you want something for all of a teenage girl’s best friends these are handy gifts. Plus she’ll never lose it since it has her name on it.

rainbow reusable water bottle

Rainbow Water Bottle

Teens never seem to have enough water bottles. This one is sturdy, looks great, and has a great rainbow strap to make it easy to carry.

Neon Cosmetics Bag

The neon makes these cosmetic bags so cool. Even better, they’re personalized! If she doesn’t wear makeup it’s still great for carrying all sorts of things.

bluetooth charging speaker with light

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With Light

This portable speaker has so many uses. It can act as a bedside light, fun party speaker, phone charger, and more.

Personalized Jelly Beach Bag

So cute for all kinds of things, but I think these would be especially great beach bags. Pair it with a towel or some other beach themed accessories for a gift basket idea.

instant camera

Instant Camera

These have been much coveted by teen girls since they came out and are still going strong even now. Set your daughter and her best friend up for a lifetime of memories by giving her this instant camera.

frog hoodie

Frog Hoodie

So cute and fun! And besides, you can never have too many hoodies in your life.

Neon Name Sign

Another personalized gift, this time one that will literally let you write her name in neon lights.

escape room in a box

Escape Room in a Box Game

This kit has everything you need to make your own escape room style game at home. Perfect for friends to do together!

Best Friends Rainbow Necklace

You can’t have best friend gift ideas for teen girls without some kind of friendship jewellery. This one is a cute necklace that says “best friends” – each one gets half for a gift that connects them together forever.

Smiley Face Candle

These smiley face candles melt away as you burn them so it’s a good thing they’re already a bit warped. Candles really are in for teens, so trust me when I say this gift will be appreciated.

Best-Tea Mug

Matching mugs are also great gift ideas for a teenage girl’s best friend and this one is pretty much the coolest one ever. Grab two: one for each!

mall madness board game for teens

Mall Madness Board Game

This is a retro throwback that all teen girls deserve to play at least once. Great for the pals to enjoy together or for a fun family game night.

pink air jordans

New (Cool) Shoes

No teenager can say no to new kicks. You could go even go the extra mile and get a matching set for your daughter and her bestie.

Hopefully you found the perfect gift ideas for a teenage girl’s best friend. And if you’re shopping for your daughter’s friend, it’s always fun to give them matching gifts too.

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