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Gift Ideas for an Anime Lover In Your Life

Otakus (anime lovers) are sometimes hard to shop for – it seems like they have just about everything! Plus there are so many different types of anime out there that it’s hard to pin down exactly what to buy. Gift ideas for an anime lover don’t have to be hard though.

Stumped about what to give an anime lover for Christmas or their birthday? Be stumped no longer! Here's 20 gift ideas for an anime lover, otakus!

 Gifts any anime lover is sure to love.


1. Certified Senpai

Senpai (or anything related) make great gift ideas for an anime lover.

This mug makes it official, your gift recipient can be certified as a senpai. Not sure what that means? Senpai is Japanese for upperclassman and is often tied to being older and more respected.

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2. Notice Me Senpai

Not everyone wants to be a senpai, though! You might want one to notice you so badly that you blush, just like this shark. Trust me, they’ll get the joke.

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3. Ghibli Socks

Featuring characters from popular Studio Ghibli films, these socks are absolutely adorable. The movies featured are classic anime films My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

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4. SUPERFIGHT: The Anime Card Deck

An anime card deck game sounds amazing for gift ideas for an anime lover.

Anime lovers don’t really need a card game that encourages them to argue over their favourite shows but they’ll love it anyway. This expansion pack can be played with or without the base game, too.

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5. Random Japanese Word Magnets

Depending on what they prefer you can order these in either pin or magnet form. Grab one randomly or all 5 to complete the set of anime-centric Japanese phrases!

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6. Hatsune Miku Funko Pop Figure

This funko figure is not only great gift ideas for an anime lover material, but just because.

Japan’s favourite vocaloid has her very own Funko figure and she’s as cute as ever.

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7. Snacks From Japan

A snack from Japan is worthy of the gift ideas for an anime lover list for sure.

There isn’t an anime fan out there who doesn’t love weird Japanese snacks. Hopefully there’s some new treats for them to try in this variety pack!

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7. I Just Want to Watch Anime Shirt

Brutally honest, this shirt announces to the world that the wearer just wants to watch anime and ignore all their adult problems. Me too.

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9. The Otaku Encyclopedia

Anime is sure to have a guide so that makes it a great fit for gift ideas for an anime lover.

Everything they’ve ever wanted to learn about otaku subculture in Japan can be found in this encyclopedia! Find out about the history, moments, and people that have shaped otaku culture from the 80s to today.

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10. All I Care About is Anime Shirt

Here’s hoping that after giving this gift you at least make it into that short list of 3 people.

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11.Final Form Baby Onesie

A dragon ball Z onesie is a great gift ideas for an anime lover.

This onesie references Freeza from Dragon Ball Z. It’s true, baby probably isn’t it’s final form. But it is cute! (If you’re shopping for a mama to be, be sure to check out our gift guide for new mamas.)

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12.Relationship Status Shirt

Gift ideas for an anime lover definitely include this shirt.

We all have that friend that’s more interested in their fandoms than real life dating. Now there’s a t-shirt to clear up any confusion their wannabe suitors might have.

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13. Pocky

Pocky is an anime staple so it's sure to be gift ideas for an anime lover worthy.

This popular Japanese snack is basically the anime staple. It’s actually pretty delicious too.

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14. Kawaii Coloring Book

Anime lovers love color, right? Great idea for the gift ideas for an anime lover guide.

Super cute “kawaii” Japanese art fills the pages of this adult colouring book. In case you were wondering, kawaii is Japanese for cute. We have more stocking stuffer ideas, especially for teenage girls here. 

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15. Anime: A History

A book about... anime of course! Gift ideas for an anime lover doesn't just have to be art!

This fascinating book is a comprehensive history of Japanese animation. It goes from the early history of animation in Japan all the way through the modern-day successes. Even a hardcore fan is bound to learn a thing or two from this book.

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16. Nani? Hat


No really, that’s what the hat says.

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17. Otaku Shirt

This one is surprisingly well designed and tasteful. Perfect for anyone’s style!

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18. Anime in the Streets Shirt

Another funny shirt definitely deserves a place on the gift ideas for an anime lover list.

This one is for your friend of slightly less moral character. Hentai happens to be the Japanese word for pervert… You get the idea.

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19. Anime Kaomoji (Face Mask)

Some anime lovers are into cosplay so this mask is sure to be on the gift ideas for an anime lover radar.

In Japan people often wear masks when they’re sick or don’t want to breathe in pollutants. According the description for these, though, they’ll make you more interesting.

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20. Totoro Hoodie

Along with shirts, think hoodies for gift ideas for an anime lover.

This might be the most adorable hoodie on the planet. Inspired by the character from My Neighbour Totoro, it even has ears and his famous cheshire grin.

And now it’s time to make whatever gift you choose even more special by sitting down and watching an episode of their favourite anime with them. Come on, it’ll be fun!

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