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Gifts for the Letter “D” for Adults

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Themed gift exchange parties are fun, so why not try the letter “D?” There are so many gifts with the letter D. You and your friends can try some of these ideas and many more, and have fun with it!

Setting up the world's best scavenger hunt? Use these inventive gift ideas that start with the letter D. | Birthday | Anniversary | Adult 20 Gift Ideas for the Letter D for Adults | How to find gift ideas that start with every letter of the alphabet | Themed birthday gifts for adults | Gift ideas for Dad | Presents for my Boyfriend or Girlfriend | #gifts #creativepresents #uniquegifter

How to Choose gifts with the letter D

Look for gift ideas that start with the letter D, but think out of the box. What creative ways can you gift the letter “D” to friends and family?

Dragon Mosaic Coffee Mug

Dragon mug as a gift with the letter D

Dragons are awesome creatures, so this coffee mug is doubly awesome to drink from every morning!

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3D Diamond Crystal 

diamond crystal engraved 3D gift idea

Surprise someone with a letter ‘D’ name with this elegant and eyepopping 3D Diamond crystal memento! You can upload a custom picture of each of you to give them something for their desk! 

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Dumbbells, set of two

Dumbells gift idea that starts with the letter D

Everyone loves muscles, so these dumbbells can serve two purposes: as a nice gift and a way to help your friend build muscles.

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Dock for iPhone

iPhone dock "D" themed gift idea

Do you know someone who has an iPhone? This dock is perfect for seeing the screen of the phone while also charging it at the same time. They can leave it plugged in while listening to music or watching videos.

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Dunkin Donuts Original Blend Coffee K-Cups

Dunkin' Donuts gift idea that starts with D

Coffee is life. Snatch up these Dunkin Donuts k-cups for your friend who loves their coffee, so they can have it every single day!

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Editor’s Choice Gift Ideas for Adults with Letter D Names

‘D’ Letter Barbecue Utensils

These are some awesome letter D gift ideas for any adult! Personalized options are also available, so they can brand their steak in style!

Duck Dynasty has been all the rage in past years, and still is for some people. This “Happy Happy Happy” tee shirt is perfect for the Duck Dynasty fan in your life!

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Doberman Dog shirt

Doberman dog shirt gift idea for the letter D

Any lady who loves dogs would love a dog shirt, so check out this Doberman tee shirt for women for that friend who likes them!

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Dumb and Dumber Movie Poster

letter d gift idea for adults

People love a comedy and Dumb and Dumber fits the bill. Get this movie for someone who needs a laugh or simply loves comedy movies!

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Deadpool Movie

Deadpool bluray

Another comedy, and a super popular movie too. It would make a great gift for that person who can’t stop talking about it!

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Daffodils Painting

Painting of daffodils

Daffodils are beautiful flowers and this painting would make wonderful wall art for someone in your life.

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Doctor Strange Movie

Doctor strange movie

The Doctor Strange movie is another one for the movie lovers you know!

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“Do not disturb” Doorknob Hanger

Do not disturb door hangers

Do you know someone who loves their privacy, or who needs quiet to work? Get this “do not disturb” doorknob hanger for them!

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Duffle Bag- Zebra Print

Letter D creative gift idea

Someone who travels a lot or goes to the gym, and loves animal print, would love this zebra print duffle bag!

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Desk Organizer, Personalized

Adult desk organizer practical d themed gift idea

Desk organizers, especially personalized ones, are perfect for those who do desk work. It will help them be more organized and is something they can proudly display on their desk!

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Duck Pajama Pants

Duck themed pj pants

Pajamas are so comfortable and these duck pajamas would be awesome to wear around the house! Perfect and practical gifts for the letter d.

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Duct Tape Variety of Colors

Duct tape gift idea that starts with D

Duct tape may seem like an odd gift, but trust me, someone who loves to be creative will find a use for them and makes something beautiful! This package comes in a lovely variety of colors for them to do just that.

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Editor's Choice Best Gift Ideas for Letter D Adults

Giftcard Starting with the Letter D


Donut Collage Journal

letter d gift idea - donut journal

This donut collage journal is a lovely gift for the donut lover who also loves to write or needs to take a lot of notes!

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Drake Poster

Drake poster gift ideas for the letter d

Drake is a great rapper and has made a lot of popular songs. This poster is wonderful for those who love his music or who look up to him!

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Driveway Sign: “Redneck Parking, All Others Use the Driveway”


This driveway sign is perfect for the redneck in your life and will get a smile out of many people!

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Cool dreamcatcher D themed gift idea for adults

Dreamcatchers may not be as popular as they once were, but they are still cool to hang up near your bed and are a sweet way to say you care.

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“Dreams don’t work unless you do” Wall Art Printable

Wall art gifts with the letter D

This wall art printable that says “Dreams don’t work unless you do,” speaks the truth and has a good message! If there is someone you know who is chasing their dreams, or needs an extra nudge in that direction, this printable is a great gift for them!

The letter “D” may seem like an odd choice for a themed party but it could be fun! Try it out, bring joy to your friends, and see if it’s something you might want to do again!

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You loved the theme gift exchange party ideas in our 20 Gifts for the Letter for Adults, so we decided to give you some more options that you are going to love! These gifts are great gag gifts, Christmas with friends gifts, or family themed gift parties.

More Letter D Gifts for Adults

You asked for more ideas, so we are giving you even more gift ideas for the letter “D.” Have some fun with your gift giving with these amazing adult only gifts!

Darts Set

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Darts are super fun, and with a gift like this, you don’t have to go to the bar to play. Anyone who gets a dart set is sure to enjoy it.

Drawing Kits

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If you know someone who loves to draw, a drawing kit is a perfect letter “D” gift to get them. From drawing paper to colored pencils and paint, this kit has it all.

Dashboard Camera

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You know this would be a great prank gift for someone who has just been in a car accident. However, it is actually a pretty practical gift. I mean, you will always know who was at fault in an accident. You might even save on your insurance premiums.


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Everyone needs a set of Dominoes in their house. I mean even if it is just to set them up and knock them down, this is a great gift all around.

Donut Maker

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How great would this be to give to the police officer in your life?! Ok, maybe you shouldn’t, but this is definitely a hilarious gift.

Digital Camera

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Everyone would enjoy a digital camera. Even though this wouldn’t be a gag gift, the receiver will be much obliged to receive it.

Dodgeball Set

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You know that dodgeball would be super fun with only adults. Once this gift is given, everyone can enjoy a great game to the death!

Dance Charades

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Instead of drawing the description, players must dance to the description. This would be an excellent game to play with all adults. And, it makes a great gift.

Doss Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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This is actually a great gift for anyone. This wireless touch allows the user to control and amplify the mood and energy of the party. It’s simple and practical.

Dawn of Justice Backpack

Wonder woman Dawn of Justice Backpack

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For the Wonder Woman of the bunch, this Dawn of Justice Backpack is a cute and usable gift. Make sure to stuff it with some chocolate.

Dosh Compact Designer Magic Flip Wallet

Flip wallet

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Some things are just interesting to have. I mean how cool is it to have a water resistant wallet. This magic flip wallet will be a hit gift.

Drivemocian LED Car Sign

Drivemocian Emoji Car Sign

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These are really great for people that use their car as a means of income. For example, those who drive for Uber, Lyft, or delivery service would love something like this.

Dyson V6 Vacuum

Dyson vacuum as a gift idea that starts with the letter d

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This may not be a super “fun” gift, but it is definitely a gift anyone who has to vacuum would love. I mean, grandma or mom would find this to be the best gift ever!


Essential oil diffuser

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Diffusers are actually really nice gifts. You can get a whole set with essential oils included for a reasonable price.

Disco Ball

Disco ball gift idea that starts with the letter d

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Get the party started with a Disco ball. This gift is definitely one of those funny ones that is going to get a laugh from everyone at the party.

Diving Equipment

<Diving equipment

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Is there someone you know who is curious about the sea? If so, get them this diving snorkeling kit. Push the person to follow their dreams.

Dental Hygiene Products

Dental hygene products that start with the letter d

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The great thing about themed gift parties is that you can always blame your gift on the letter you got. In this case, uncle Larry who never brushes his teeth can get some dental hygiene products without you having to say anything.

Door Hangers

Door hangers

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Everyone can use a little organization in their life. Getting someone some door hangers is a practical gift that gives them a little more space than what they had.


Dressers as d gift ideas

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I don’t know about you, but I would love a nice dresser as a present. In fact, one of my favorite birthday gifts was an amish made dresser.

Donut Pillow

Donut pillow gift

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Donut pillows are great gifts for the older generation. They come in handy for their weak bones and hemorrhoids. But, you don’t have to say all that when you get them a donut pillow that actually looks like a donut.

Editor's Choice Gift Ideas for Letter D Adults

Letter D Personalized Letter Frame

Deadpool Blanket

Deadpool Blanket

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Deadpool was an awesome movie, and anyone who loved it is sure to love this blanket. Throws make great gifts, but adding a little touch like Deadpool makes it even better.

Deadpool Monopoly

Deadpool themed Monopoly

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Monopoly is one of those games that will never die out. Each new movie brings a new game of Monopoly to the table.

Dress Socks

Nice Dress Socks

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Nobody can have too many dress socks. I mean half of them get eaten by the washer or dryer anyways. So, this is actually a great gift.

Letter D Movies

Movies are always great gift ideas. I mean we are a country that loves our TV. So, here are a few movies that start with the letter “D” to put on your list:

Division Zero Pro Gaming Mouse

Division Zero Pro Gaming Mouse

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This movie is a great action packed film featuring a girl with a troubled past and a rare combination of abilities. Watch out she is a powerful weapon.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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For those who believe apes will take over the world, this is a movie worth watching. These genetically enhanced apes are on a roll.

Dracula Untold

Dracula Untold

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The year is 1492 and Transylvania has had much peace under the rule of the prince. But, things are about to change in this legend of Dracula Untold.



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This thrilling action adventure film is a must see. With people divided into distinct factions, the unordinary don’t really fit in.

Dear John

Dear John

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War tears this couple apart. Will their endless love letters be enough to hold them together, or will they still feel the despair of loneliness?

Dark Knight Trilogy

Dark Knight Trilogy

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If you have a friend who loves Batman, they are sure to love this trilogy. Have a movie marathon because you won’t be able to watch just one.

Dream Girls

Dream Girls dvd

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If you know someone who hasn’t seen this movie, it is a must see. Set in the 1960s, the Dream Girls are offered a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Can you think of any other great gifts that start with the letter “D”? Share them in the comments, for even more ideas!

For more inspiration, here is the ultimate list of gifts that start with every letter of the alphabet.

20 Gift Ideas for the Letter D for Adults | How to find gift ideas that start with every letter of the alphabet | Themed birthday gifts for adults | Gift ideas for Dad | Presents for my Boyfriend or Girlfriend | #gifts #creativepresents #uniquegifter


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