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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl

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You can help the 5 year old girl you know to develop her STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills with one of these fun birthday gift ideas. You never know, you might put her on track to being the next Mae Jemison or Marie Curie! Wouldn’t that be cool?

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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl


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Next stop Silicon Valley! This amazing toy teaches 5 year old girls programming skills – who knew it was possible? Kids program a path for Code-a-pillar by rearranging his segments. It’s a brilliant way for them to develop excellent problem-solving skills.

First Science Kit

The First Science Kit has everything a little girl needs to start thinking like a scientist. She’ll be doing experiments and finding the cure for cancer before you know it!


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Lego never grows old. It’s such a brilliant toy for mini-engineers and will help them to develop essential skills like hand-eye coordination and creativity. It’ll keep them occupied for years!

Herb Garden Tray

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Girls will love growing their own tasty herbs with this fun kit. The best part is that it comes with a website full of educational videos so they can learn more about growing plants online.

Super Magnet Lab

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Yes, 5 year old girls can be physicists! This marvellous magnet lab will teach them all about magnetic forces, poles and fields. They’ll be well ahead of the game – I didn’t learn about those until I was at least 9!

Imagination Magnets

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Girls will develop their creativity and logic skills using this fun toy. Filled with 2D magnets and a dry wipe board, they can use this kit to put together fun pictures and even add their own imaginative drawings to their creations.


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These cute rainbow-coloured shapes click together so that girls can build awesome 3D structures. They could make castles, houses or even a magic ball!

Math Mat

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This giant mat turns maths into a seriously fun game. That 5 year old girl will get ahead of her class as learns while she plays.

Cash Register

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Cha-ching! This cash register complete with fake money is great for practicing maths in a fun and playful way.


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With their first microscope 5 year old girls will be able to study the world around them in more detail. The microscope’s fun and simple design makes it a great way to introduce girls to this important scientific tool.

Sink or Float Activity Set

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This colourful activity set is another great introduction to physics for 5 year olds girls. They’ll learn new vocabulary like float, buoyancy and density. It’s sure to make a splash!

Beginning Science Cards

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These bright flash cards will teach girls all they need to know about animals and their habitats. Any budding zoologist will love them!

Design & Drill Flower Power Studio

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This gorgeously girly flower power studio is a great way for girls to develop those STEM skills. By drilling and designing they’ll improve their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and creativity. Groovy!

Space Kit

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This is the kit for the next Mae Jemison! She can prepare for her first trip to outer space by learning about it and creating her own amazing indoor space displays.

Ladybug Hatching Kit

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What 5 year old girl wouldn’t be excited about raising her own cute ladybug pets? This unusual kit comes with ladybug larvae so that they can watch the whole growing process. Then, when the ladybugs are fully formed, they can set them free!

Gears Gears Gears

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Get those cogs turning with this fun set. These gears fit together to build a cute and colourful sweet shop. Candy not included!


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Now 5 year old girls can actually have a go at being architects. With Buildabouts they can design and build their own houses that are big enough for them to use. She’ll be moving into her own house sooner that you thought!

Amusement Park Engineer

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This kit is a seriously fun introduction to engineering. Girls will read through the story of two young engineers and then help them to make and fix amusement park rides.

Code & GO Robot Mouse Activity Set

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Get the 5 year old girl you know coding with this cute robot mouse! She’ll be introduced to problem solving techniques as she programmes the mouse to move through the maze.

Backyard Explorer Kit

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This is great gift for girls who love to get outdoors. It’ll be impossible to get her to come in for lunch as she gets carried away exploring the backyard!

How are you going to help the 5 year old girl you know to get on her way to being a STEM superstar? Which of these gifts will get her most excited about the subject? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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