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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Boy

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It’s never too early to start inspiring children with science! If you’re looking for a fun birthday gift for a 2 year old boy that will start teaching him STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 20 brilliant, educational toys and games that any 2 year old boy will love.

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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Boy

Lego Duplo – My First Number Train Building Set

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This Lego Duplo train building set is a comprehensive STEM lesson for two year olds. It teaches them counting, building and pushing. He’ll be an engineer before you know it!

Fish & Count

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This cute, interactive fishing set will give him a headstart on learning numbers and shapes.Plus it’ll get him in training for all those future fishing trips!

Wooden Train Set

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A beautifully retro train set that will keep any 2 year old boy entertained for hours. Plus it’s such good quality that he might just be able to give it to his children in 25 years time!

Grippies Building Set

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These Grippies are a magnetic building set especially designed to introduce toddlers to engineering. They’ll even teach the basic principles of geometry as the shapes can be built in 3D. A fun and sneakily educational toy!

Lego Duplo Town Set

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Inspire a mini architect with this 223 piece Lego Duplo set. He’ll be able to use his imagination to design his own Lego town. Today a Lego town, tomorrow Europe’s tallest building!

Magnetic Building Blocks

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These colourful magnetic blocks will help to develop problem-solving, creativity and spatial awareness skills. All essential skills for any future scientist!


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Playdoh is a toy that will never get old! Kids can get seriously creative and make their own designs. It’s also worth checking out some of the STEM challenges you can find online to really add that educational value!

Fill, Flow, Spin Bath Toys

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Make bathtime fun (and educational) with these physics-inspired bath toys. Boys will enjoy filling, spinning and watching the water flow through these cute toys. What a great way to introduce physics!

Maple Blocks Building Set

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A bright and colourful set of building blocks in loads of different shapes. Boys will love creating huge structures with these blocks and they’lll improve their motor skills at the same time!

Drop Go Dump Truck

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This Drop Go Dump Truck is great for any vehicle-loving two year old! He’ll have hours of fun driving the truck around and dumping the rocks all over the place. The best bit is that it’ll also help him learn his numbers and colours!

Rain Cloud Tub Toy

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A simple but super cute bath toy. This little rain cloud teaches basic physics and even introduces toddlers to the water cycle!


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These unique rounded building blocks will help develop a little boy’s spatial awareness, fine motor skills and coordination. They stack spin, wobble and tilt to give a different kind of building experience!

Smart Wheels Ultimate Speedway

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This seriously exciting gift allows boys to get creative and build their own race track. They can then race cars round it using their very own remote control. It’s too cool!

Animal Shape-Sorting Truck

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A cute gift for any animal-loving 2 year old boy. It’ll help with shape recognition and maybe even inspire a future zoologist!

Bristle Block Bucket

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These Bristle Blocks are really easy to fit together. Boys can easily build cool 3D creations that they can move around and play with. When they get bored of what they’ve made, they can quickly pull it apart and engineer a new structure just like that!

Wooden Animal Puzzles

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Kids will love learning about underwater creatures as they put these puzzles together. Figuring out what goes where will help develop those essential STEM skills too!

Rainbow Rocket

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Inspire future astronauts with this rainbow rocket playset. They can build their own wooden rocket and launch it into space. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Lift off!

Lego Duplo Wild Animals Set

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This Lego Duplo set is a brilliant way for kids to start learning about zoology. They can identify different animals, learn where they live and what they eat. It won’t be long before they start asking for a real pet!

Learning Laptop

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Now you can give that 2 year old boy his very own laptop! This cute laptop will teach him shapes and how to use a simple keyboard. It even has a library of sing-a-long songs- like Spotify for kids!

Zoo Animal Building Blocks

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These simple magnetic blocks fit together to make fun zoo creatures. Kids can practice their building skills and learn the names of some colourful exotic animals.

Are you ready to get a gift that will give that 2 year old boy a headstart in STEM? Which one are you going to choose? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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