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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 7 Year Old Boy

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Looking for a gift that will inspire and educate a 7 year old boy? This list of 20 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) birthday gift ideas will help you to find the perfect one. It doesn’t matter whether he loves playing outdoors or is always on his iPad, there’s something here for him.

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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 7 Year Old Boy

Race Car Mecho Motorized Kit

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Wannabe racing car drivers will love this gift! This kit has everything a boy needs to be able to build and race his own motorized car. He’ll learn loads about mechanics by putting this together.

Science on a Garden Adventure

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All Young Scientists Club sets are tested by kids before they are put on the market so you know this is going to be good! Kids will grow their own indoor garden to learn about and experiment with plants.

Outer Space Adventure Science

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Know a 7 year old boy who fancies a trip to outer space? This outer space set enables kids to grow their own little space garden right here on planet Earth. OK so these plants arent actually come from space but they do look like they could be!

Klutz LEGO Crazy Contraptions Craft Kit

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Get the 7 year old boy you know doing a bit of mechanical engineering! This book-based kit includes instructions to make over 100 “crazy contraptions” and includes all the parts he needs to construct them.

Mega Fossil Mine

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Know a dinosaur fan? He’ll love being a paleontologist with this National Geographic kit. He’ll even get to excavate a real life dinosaur bone!

Wowee Robosapien

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Yep, we’re so far into the future that you can buy a robot friend for a 7 year old boy! Robosapien walks, runs and even has some killer dance moves.

Math Slam

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Maths slam is a fun handheld game kind of like Bop It. It’s a brilliant tool to sneakily helps kids to practice their maths!

HEXBUGS Flash Nano

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Hexbugs are robot bugs that explore their environment using vibration. They are a great way to learn about vibration plus any 7 year old boy will enjoy looking after his old little bug pet!

Laser Pegs Helicopter Kit

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This neon helicopter looks like it’s going clubbing but actually has tonnes of STEM benefits. By building the helicopter kids will develop important skills such as creative reasoning, hand-eye coordination and cognitive reasoning. Then they also can let their imagination fly away when playing with it afterwards!

Robotis Play Pets Kit

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Give a 7 year old boy a head start in his robotics career with this cute kit. He’ll be able to make his very own robot pets including a dog, goldfish and a whale!

Glow-in-the-dark Slime La

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Ewww! This slime lab shows boys how to make glowing green gooey slime. They’ll learn how certain fish use slime to survive and then decide how they will use theirs!

Excavation Dig Kit – Treasures of the Earth

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This is a great kit that will spark an interest in geology in any 7 year old boy. They’ll love chipping away to excavate real minerals and learning about the layers of the earth at the same time!

Engino Inventor Build 12 Construction Models

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This gift uses a system designed by a former teacher and engineer that makes complex models easy for kids to build. It means that with this kit, kids will independently be able to build complex designs including a snow plough, forklift and a dump truck!

Nature Series: Science on Tracking Expedition

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Wildlife enthusiasts will be so excited about this animal tracking kit. They’ll be able to identify and cast animal tracks and even create their own! A great gift to get any 7 year old boy outdoors and interested in zoology.

Magic Science Kit for Wizards

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Kids will think that they’re at Hogwarts with this magic science kit! They’ll learn how to cast spells and make potions by learning the magic of science.

Snap Circuits Basic Electricity Kit

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These Snap Circuit kits always go down well. Boys will love snapping the pieces into place and creating their own real life circuits. It’s a great way to introduce them to physics.

Robotis Dream Kit Level 1

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This robot-making kit goes a step further and actually explains scientific principles and problem solving skills. It a great first step for a future engineer as they can progress through the levels of kit as they grow!

Basic solar kit

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Want to do your bit to help with climate change? Get a 7 year old boy this kit! They might be making tiny solar powered helicopters now but in the future who know knows where it might lead? They could be designing solar powered planes!


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This will become an essential part of any boy’s outdoor adventures. He’ll love the added torch and compass. Perfect for when he gets lost in the wilds of the backyard!

LEGO display team jet

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This sophisticated Lego kit can be built to make either an aerodynamic display team jet or a stunt plane. It’s time for some aerospace engineering!

Which of these fun STEM birthday gifts are you going to choose? Will you inspire the 7 year old boy you know to learn more about dinosaurs, design buildings or even code his own video game? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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