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The Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

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The big four – oh! Your mom may not mind the passing of time, or she might be dreading her fortieth birthday. Help her celebrating by getting her one of these lovely 40th birthday gift ideas for mom.

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There’s a great selection of options here that you can give to your mom or a mom in your life that’s celebrating her 40th birthday!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas Mom Will Love

Celebrate this milestone with mom with these amazing gift ideas that will make her feel special.

40th Birthday T-Shirt

This is a fun gift for the mom will an awesome sense of humor. It’s good to have some deniability about whether or not she’s 40… Perfect if mom is a bit sassy.

iridescent glassware cocktail set of 4

Cocktail Glass Set

If your mom enjoys cocktails or entertaining get her a bar upgrade for her 40th birthday. Make sure it’s something nice, like this trendy iridescent set of 10oz glasses and this can be a really thoughtful gift. Pair it with a bottle of her favorite alcohol or mixer.

Personalized birthday year candle

Personalized Candles

Candles (you know, the nice ones) can make great gifts for any occasion, but if your mom is hard to shop for they’re especially handy for a birthday gift. This one can be customized to include mom’s birth date for a thoughtful touch.

unboxme hug in a box care package for women

Luxury Bath Gift Set

I normally suggest skipping gift spa gift baskets, but a high end one like this is a great gift for moms who need to eek out a bit more me time in their lives. It even comes with a card!

the bucket list book

The Bucket List Book

Designed to help you live your best life, this bucket list book is a perfect gift for someone turning 40 and feeling like there’s still so much more experiences out there to try.

Custom Kids’ Drawing Necklace

This is a great 40th birthday gift idea to give on behalf of a child to their mom. Just choose your size and finish and send your child’s drawing in – the artist will take care of the rest to create a keepsake any mom will adore.

40th Birthday Game gift

40th Birthday Game

Mom will love playing this game, made just for people turning 40 to test their skills.

40 Reasons Why We Love You Print

This gorgeous print is a great way to show your mom all the reasons you love her – 40th birthday style! You can order it personalized with her favorite color and name, but don’t worry, the reasons you love her come pre-filled and you can order it as a download for a last minute gift or pre-framed. This would make a great gift idea from a teen!

ultra comfortable slippers for mom

Ultra Comfy Slippers

Everyone needs a good pair of slippers when they enter their 40s so help mom out by gifting an ultra comfy pair on her birthday. They’re great for relaxing around the house or for wearing on the patio or while letting the dog out.

Push Pin Travel Map

As mom enters her 40s she may have more time or wiggle room in her budget to travel – and if she was already a traveller will have 40 years of great experiences behind her. Grab her something special she can use to record where she’s been now and later.

You Know You're 40 When... Book

You Know You’re 40 When… Book

This is a hilarious read that mom will love to receive from her kids or spouse.

artificial snake plant

Artificial Snake Plant

You could, of course, get mom a real plant for her birthday too but I love artificial ones because they look great without needing any work – great for someone who’s busy! If you go with synthetic, make sure you choose a high quality option like this Sansevieria plant; it looks so realistic!

Wine of the Month Club Subscription

If mom is a wine drinker give her a birthday gift that makes the first year of her 40s extra exciting. You can customize the wine variety and amount of shipments to fit your budget mom’s preferences but I recommend giving her a couple bottles each month so she can look forward to new wine to sample all year long.

nintendo switch with animal crossing bundle

Nintendo Switch With Animal Crossing

If mom used to be a gamer but can’t find time for herself or is just getting into gaming she’ll really appreciate getting a game console of her own. The Switch is a great option for moms because it’s easy to pick up and play (perfect for busy lives). If you’re unsure about game choices, Animal Crossing is a great option. Maybe you can play together!

A Surprise Trip

This template is a super cute way to surprise mom with a trip for her 40th birthday. You’ll have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to trip planning, but once it’s booked print out a customized boarding pass to give her just enough info to prepare for departure.

denim wrangler jean jacket for women

Denim Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are a timeless, practical clothing accessory that moms of every age will appreciate. If you want to give clothes, but aren’t sure what mom will like, it’s hard to go wrong with this wardrobe staple.

brown real leather tote bag 40th gift idea for mom

Leather Tote Bag With Initials

Moms always have plenty to carry and tote bags are great gifts to make life easier and more organized. Give mom an upgrade for her birthday with real leather tote; this one even comes monogrammed with her initials for a personalized touch.

make up brush set for mom's 40th birthday

Professional Makeup Brush Set

It’s no secret that moms put self care on the backburner, especially if they’re busy with a home and kids. If your mom has been using the same makeup brush set for years or just needs an upgrade this professional set will make her feel a little more sophisticated every morning.

Greek Goddess Planter

These gorgeous Greek goddess style bust planters are all the rage right now! If she’s not much of a gardener or plant mom you can also fill it with artificial plants or succulents for an easy to care for decor piece.

gourmet gift basket wine country themed

Gourmet Snack Gift Basket

Some moms really are hard to shop for because they have everything they want already or limited space to store gifts. That’s where consumable gifts like snacks come in; just make sure they’re great quality and filled with things that mom will enjoy.

Custom Birthday Sign

This is another great one to give from the kids. You can personalize it to include as many kids as she has with both their names and their birthdays. Plus it’s a nice decor piece she’ll love!

Monogrammed Card Holder

Now that most people carry a few cards and very little cash mini card holders are getting more popular making these gorgeous card holders are super stylish and practical gifts.

kit kat clock in black

Kit Kat Clock

If your mom likes cute, vintage, or eclectic decor pieces she’s going to adore this retro style clock. Its eyes move as it ticks for a cute addition to the kitchen or her home office.

Pressed Flower Earrings

Jewellery is always a hit when it comes to 40th birthday gifts but I like giving unique pieces whenever possible. These pressed flower earrings aren’t just

let that shit go zen journal for women

Zen Journal

Your 40s are a time for really focusing on what’s important in life, so why not help her out by gifting a guided zen journal? This one is great for those mommas who are a little more rebellious.

40 candles trinket dish

40 Candles Trinket Dish

This cute trinket dish isn’t just a practical place to drop keys ro jewellery, with 40 candles printed on it it’s also a cute celebration of her 40th birthday.

I just know your mom, wife, or a mom in your life celebrating her 40th birthday is just going to love these gift ideas. If you need more gift buying tips, though, check out these Ten Things to NOT Put in Your Gift Baskets. Oh and if you need something special for dad, we also have 40th Birthday Gifts for your Dad too.

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