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Toys That Begin With Letter I Grouped By Age

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Ice, imagination, inside, Iron Man, and more, are all wonderful words that begin with the letter I. However, finding toys for your kiddo who is between 2-5 years old may not be very easy. That’s why this list is the perfect place to find what you’re looking for, without getting super frustrated. Be sure to check out all of these lovely ideas. We also have ideas for adults too. 

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Find more toys for the rest of the alphabet:


Toys that Begin with the Letter I for Ages 2-5

Ice-Block Breaking Game by Maggift

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Your young child can work to save the penguin in this Ice-Block Breaking game.

Ice Sitting Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

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How about a teddy bear that is the color of ice?

Imagination Magnets

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These imagination magnets are great for helping your kiddo create something from their own imagination, or with a little help from a loved one.

Ice Age Continental Drift Plush Scrat

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This adorable little animal from the Ice Age Continental Drift will make a great choice for a toy that begins with the letter I, since the Ice Age movies are fun for all ages.

Inside Out Color & Play Value Pack

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They can have many hours of play with their Inside Out color and play value pack at hand.

Inspirational Magna-Tiles Book

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Magna-Tiles that resemble ice make for great uses of creativity, even for young children.

Imagination Play Educational Cash Register

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You can’t have a list of toys that begin with the letter I, without something that has imagination in the title, such as these Imagination Generation wood eats and cash register.

Inflatable Water Floats

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Keep your kid floating in the pool with their new inflatable water floats.

Ice Racer Lightning McQueen

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Lightning McQueen is pretty awesome, and so is the version of him that is an ice racer.

Inside Out Musical Bing Bong

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This Inside Out Musical Bing Bong is very interactive. It can sing and be moved around!

Imagination Generation Slice & Share Picnic Basket

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What could be better than going on an imaginary picnic?

Iwalouges Easter Eggs Filled with Building Brick Blocks Toys

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These Easter eggs are filled with building brick block toys, which means you can hide them and then when they are found, they have an extra surprise.

Iron Man Dress Up Costume

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It will be super cool for your kiddo to dress up as Iron Man, whether for Halloween or just because!

Inside Out Bing Bong Plush

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If the singing and moving Bing Bong isn’t your thing, then the plush version just might be. It is quieter and softer!

Instant Waffles Kid’s Wooden Kitchen Play Food Set

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Now your kiddo can make pretend waffles for the whole family.

Iron Man Headquarters Preschool Figure

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Iron Man has pretty awesome headquarters!

Inside Out Sadness Plush

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Yet another Inside Out toy, this time a Sadness plush that they can carry around. It is also a great way to teach them what sadness means and that it is okay to feel sad.

Indoraptor Figure from Jurassic World

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A great way to teach your child about dinosaurs is to get them a play figure of an Indoraptor from the Jurassic World movie.

Iggy and Lou Polar Bear and Penguin from Bearington Stuffed Animal Toy

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Look at these two friends, Iggy and Lou, a polar bear and penguin pair from Barrington.

Igor the Iguana 2-Foot Stuffed Animal

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Igor the Iguana is big enough to cuddle with!
So many choices when it comes to toys that begin with the letter I. Think about what will catch your kiddo’s interest the most.

Toys That Begin With Letter I Ages 6-8

Whether you are shopping for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, we have some fantastic toys that start with the letter I! These toys come in all varieties, shapes, and sizes. There are ones that are super big, figures that are ready to take on the world, educational toys and even some scary ones for the thrill-seeking children. There are all different price ranges too, so you can find just the right toy to fit your budget. No matter what you choose, I can promise the smiles on those sweet little faces will brighten your day when they open their gift!

Incredibles LEGO Building Kit

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This LEGO set has a little bit of everything! 178 pieces to keep your child entertained for hours! You can never go wrong with a LEGO set.

Iron Man

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This Iron Man action figure is cool! This toy is very durable too, which is perfect because it will probably fly through the air several times!

Indoor Cornhole Game

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One of America’s most celebrated games can now be played indoors! Men, women, and children of all ages are going to be so happy!

Imaginext Batbot

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If you want to win the award for most awesome parents in the world, you might want to get this! This thing is insanely fun and even makes over 100 different sound effects. Did I mention that it can be a tank or a robot?


Buy Now
Playing with dinosaurs just got real….real frightening that is! The indoraptor is from the movie Jurassic World, and this toy brings the film to life.

Indoor Snowball Fight

Buy Now</a

This is a beautiful gift if you live in an area that doesn’t get much snow! Warning….does cause unlimited amounts of stomach hurting induced laughter!

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

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This toy is best suited towards children that are at least 8 years old. The infinity cube helps with anxiety, stress and it is just fun to play with.

Instrument Set

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Why not give the gift of music? You might be living with the next Paul McCartney, and these instruments might get your kid interested in music! And if not, they will still have a great time!!

Iron Man Repulsor Gloves

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Watch out! Missile firing action included! Your child will feel like he is the actual Iron Man with these gloves.

Ideal Frontier Logs

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Hours of building ahead! Your child will love making many different log cabins and homes. It even comes with a storage box, so you don’t have to worry about stepping on one in the middle of the night!

Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship

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Have a child that loves pirate ships? If so, this thing is the one to get! It is big, fires cannons and even comes with a treasure!

ibloom Squishies: Mini Millie

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She is scented with peaches and a perfect size to be a constant companion. These squishies are so adorable!

Irregular Magic Cube Puzzle Set

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This set comes with 8 different puzzles. Your kiddo can give her brain a workout trying to solve each one.

Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Hoop Set

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If your child has a love for the game of basketball, he or she is going to go crazy for this basketball hoop! Bring out your child’s competitive side!

Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

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These discs click together quickly and there are over 500 pieces! Your kiddo can never be bored again! Hallelujah!

Indoor Golf Game

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Sharpen up your child’s golfing skills with this indoor golf game. Your kiddo will be getting more birdies than bogies in no time!

Irregular Verbs Fun Deck

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These educational cards are easy to take anywhere. They will keep your child learning while having fun too!

Incredibles Monopoly Junior

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This fun spin on the classic Monopoly game is fast and easy to play. The game pieces include 4 characters from the movie too!

Ideal: My First Magic Set

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This set has 25 different magic tricks that will blow your mind! Your child’s audience will be mesmerized by all this magic.

Indoor Giant Checkers Game

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Whoa! You have never seen a checkers game that is so big! It is lightweight and has a carrying case so you can take it anywhere!
As you can see, shopping for toys that begin with I can be loads of fun! Deciding which one to go with will be the hardest part. Who are you buying for?


You would think looking for toys for your 9-12 year old that starts with the letter I would be difficult! Guess what?! It isn’t. I have combined an impressive group of toys that your child is bound to love. You may even find more than one thing you can’t live without! Many of these toys are going to make your kids nuts by how fun they are! Okay….maybe they were already going nuts! But, they are going to fancy you, even more, when they see what you bought them. Hope you find something perfect!

Toys That Begin With Letter I Ages 9-12

Isle of Skye Board Game

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Strategizing and planning is the name of this awesome board game. This game is simple and doesn’t take a long time to play a round. Even adults love to play!

Inflatable Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

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Do we have any dinosaur fanatics out there? Check out this unique inflatable dinosaur that is dino-mite!

I Wish I Didn’t Know That Family Game

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Fun and hilarious trivia for the whole family! Find out some things you never knew, or might have never wanted to know, about your family members!


Buy Now

Fast paced game that is amusing and educational! You are never too old to play this game, and you will be happy you did.

Ideal Magic Spectacular Suitcase

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Behold….you will have a magic suitcase that has over 100 different and thrilling tricks to perform!

Interactive Globe

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If your child has an interest in geography and constellations, then this globe is a clear winner! It has everything you could want in a globe. Plus, it doubles as a nightlight.

Indiana Jones Action Figure

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If you are an Indiana Jones fan, you know that you are never too old to love this action figure! There are cool some accessories included also.

Indoor/Outdoor Roller Skates

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These skates are great for a child that is just starting out skating or someone who has some experience. Great way to get in a work out while enjoying a pleasant stroll.

Iron Man LEGO Superheros

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This will be one of your child’s favorite toys! Anything made by LEGO is fun, but this one is wicked entertaining!

Infinity Cube

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Perfect size for those smaller hands and will stimulate your child’s mind. An enjoyable toy that can be played with while waiting for the bus, at the doctor or just sitting at home vegging out.

Interior Design Sketch Portfolio

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This kit comes with a little of everything. Stencils, stickers and sketch pages. Your little one will be busy creating all sorts of designed rooms.

Istanbul Board Game

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In this game, the goal is for you to flourish while your competitors fail. You will love how easy this game is to understand too!

Iago The Iguana

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The plush iguana that is nice and long! Buyer beware that this is a fantastic gift for any child that loves stuffed animals!

Ink Pad Stamps

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Do you have a little Vincent van Gogh on your hands? Get your kiddo started with this impressive ink pad set. Your child can use their imagination like crazy!

Illusion Science

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Incredible illusions that will wow your kiddo and you! This kit is educational but also marvelously delightful at the same time.

Ink-A-Do Tattoo Pens

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Completely washable tattoo pens that come in gorgeous colors. This set also has some stencils to make your tattoos even better!

Indiana Jones LEGO Temple Of Doom

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You have good guys and bad guys in this adventurous LEGO set! When it is put together the mine track is 37 inches long! 652 pieces of danger and thrills.

Insta Snow

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Turn an ordinary day into a snow day!! You add water, and you will have some fluffy white snow! You can also use this to make slime as well.

Ideal Hot Potato

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You child and his or her friends will have a side-splitting time playing this hot potato game! So you should order this spud and let the games begin!

Infinity War LEGO Set

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Any Superheros Avengers fans are going to be ecstatic to get this 1004 piece LEGO set. This toy is dynamite!

Comment below and let us know which one of these toys is your favorite.

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