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20 Gift Ideas for Science Nerds (who are adults now!)

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A lot of work went into these gift ideas. We took our hypothesis and conducted rigorous research and testing. Now we’re communicating the results with you… Scientifically! This paper… Er, list… Is ready for peer review.

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Gift Ideas for Science Nerds

Giant Microbes

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These germy friends are safe to cuddle with. This set includes all their favourite biohazards: Ebola, Toxic Mold, Anthrax, Bird Flu, and Brain-Eating Amoeba.

Brain Specimen Coasters

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Each of these 10 glass coasters features a different brain slice. If you stack them all up you can even see an entire brain specimen!

The Thing About Science… Mug

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This is for those friends who are sick of people arguing against science with belief. Guess what, science is real if you believe in it or not. Remind them with a mug.

Plasma Ball

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Plasma balls have been around a long time and are a classic science toy. This one, though, is USB or battery powered so it’s great for offices.

Periodic Table Pen

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For those times when they’re writing out some important chemistry and just need to quickly reference the periodic table. This handy pen has one that pulls out of the side!

Happiness Necklace

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This necklace is pure happiness. No really, it’s the molecule for serotonin which tells your brain to feel pleasure.

Lab Beaker Mug

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This mug is made to resemble a laboratory beaker. Just warn them not to mix their coffee up with something else…

Epidemic Cutting Board

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Ew it’s covered in germs. Hopefully the Ebola, Salmonella, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Meningitis, and other microbes depicted on this don’t transmit to the food.

Brain Soap

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The smartest way to get clean.

Atom Ornament

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This atom would be perfect on someone’s Christmas tree or dangling in their science lab (or office).

Tesla Candle

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The underdog everyone who understands science roots for in the AC/DC war. Now they can ironically burn a candle inspired by the man who helped usher electricity into our lives.

Scientist At Work Pillow

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This throw pillow warns others that the scientist is working. Perfect for anyone with a bed.

Double Helix Keychain

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If they’re a fan of DNA this double helix keychain is the perfect gift.

I May Look Lazy T-shirt

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This t-shirt makes an excellent scientific point. Did you know the molecules inside the human body are always moving? Yes, even when they’re not.

Microscopic Animals Travel Mug

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You don’t need a magnifying glass to see the tiny animals on this mug. They’re so cute!

The Story of Science

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This book covers a huge amount of scientific history. What’s great about this book is it’s written by actual scientists!

The Element of Surprise Hoodie

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Maybe Ah isn’t a real element, but that’s OK. It still makes for a great pun.

Vintage Science Artwork

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These posters are vintage-style and include the main scientific disciplines: physiology, physics, biology, chemistry, and astronomy.

Molecule Building Kit

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Adults like to play with toys too! This model kit will let them build their own molecules to display.

Not a Conspiracy T-Shirt

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Science geeks are forever facing argument. This one clearly explains that, despite what some people think, science is not a liberal conspiracy. (That’s just what the liberals want us to think!)

Just kidding, I joke about science periodically. I would tell you more but the good ones argon.

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