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Best Gift Ideas for Pixar’s Cars Fans

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Kachow! Know someone who loves these movies? Here’s the best gift ideas for Pixar’s Cars fans for both kids and adults.

A world without humans where cars are sentient and manage to not only live happily but have merry adventures? No, this isn’t a Stephen King novel (although there is one that’s remarkably similar), it’s the fan-favorite Cars! This is a film franchise that is adored by millions and, if I were a betting man, I’d be willing to say that you’ve got a fan or two of this series in your social circle!

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Racing To That Perfect Cars Themed Present

There’s a ton of merchandise when it comes to Pixar films and Cars is absolutely not an exception to that.

It’s a pretty Herculean task when it comes to finding a gift and doubly so when it comes to a picky fan, so what’s a gift-giver like yourself to do? You rely on me, that’s what you do! I’ve pulled together some of the greatest gift ideas that you’re going to come across, so relax and check out these 20 gifts for Pixar’s Cars Fans!

Best Gift Ideas for Pixar’s Cars Fans: Race around radiator springs playset, showing toy race track with cars on it.

Race Around Radiator Springs Playset

You can’t have race cars without a racetrack, right? Radiator Springs is here in all its glory, just miniaturized for collectible or playtime pleasure!

Red lightning McQueen plus pillow.

Lightning McQueen Plush Pillow

Snuggle up to the protagonist from Cars! Whether it’s a collection piece or an addition to a kid’s bedroom, it’s definitely a pretty rad gift.

Children size foam sofa, red and black with a highway on the seat part with various cars, on the background red and yellow cars.

Children’s Foam Sofa

Kids need a place to relax too, right? What better way than with this cute little couch for them to cozy up on?

Best Gift Ideas for Pixar’s Cars Fans: Box showing a lightning McQueen touch car that lights up.

Lightning McQueen Tech Touch Car

What a cool little gift this is! With the attached touch screen, you can add custom race routes among other awesome features.

Red blanket with lightning McQueen all over it with race flags, with a plus lightning McQueen beside it.

Cars Throw Blanket

Sometimes you’ve just gotta snuggle up in the cold weather. The fan in your life can snuggle up in cartoonish style with this quality plush blanket!

Showing a boys room decorated red and blue themed with a giant Lightning McQueen wall decal above the bed.

Lightning McQueen Wall Decal

Cars fans, rejoice! I have found the ultimate decoration for Disney rooms, children’s bedrooms and (Depending on the severity of fandom) even living rooms!

Brown Tow Mater funko pop.

Tow Mater Funko Pop

What fan of the series doesn’t like Tow Mater? He’s even cuter with this Funko makeover and fans of the film are going to adore him adorning their collectible shelf!

Box of Cars themed Uno card game with the cards in front of it.

Cars Uno

If you don’t like Uno, I’m not sure what your problem is. But, seriously, I haven’t met many people over the years that don’t enjoy Uno and any Cars fan is bound to enjoy this card set!

Blue laundry hamper with cars pattern on it.

Cars Pop Up Hamper

Cars fans need a place to put their dirty laundry, right? This is a pretty sweet setup that will look at home in the laundry room or bedroom of any fan of the franchise.

Lamp with cars characters on the base of it with the box for the lamp behind it.

Cars Table Lamp

This lamp is sure to add cartoonish flair to any table you decide to lay it upon. Guaranteed to be beloved by fans, it’s quality made to be cherished for a long while.

Orange Frank Die Cast Vehicle toy.

Deluxe Frank Die-Cast Vehicle

I’m not saying that you should get the entire collection for your fan but I’m not saying that you shouldn’t. At least start the die-cast collection off with a pretty awesome character though!

Woman wearing a dark grey t-shirt with CARS and some characters shown on it.

Cars Retro Style T-Shirt

This t-shirt is a great way for adult Cars fans to show off their favorite Disney series! It has a cool retro 70s vibe and all the best characters on the front.

Best Gift Ideas for Pixar’s Cars Fans: Red hat with mickey mouse ears as race flags above it.

Lightning McQueen Ears Hat

Wearing ears to Disneyland is something that you’ve just gotta do, right? If that’s the case, they’ll be prepared with this nifty custom made ears! If not Disneyland, then I’m sure it’ll be just fine for basic everyday headgear.

Dinoco Patch

Now, eagle-eyed fans will likely know that Dinoco isn’t just limited to Cars. This iconic brand is in a ton of different Pixar movies and this is a subtle nod to the films that can be added to nearly any apparel.

Lightning And Sally Couples T-Shirt Set

There are plenty of fans out there that managed to find mutual love with this franchise and what a way to show it off, right? Proudly proclaiming that they are not only fans of the series, but fans of each other as well!

Brick wall with a large cars poster framed on it.

Customized Cars Movie Poster

You’ll be putting the fan in your life right in the middle of the action with this nifty poster here. Customized with their name, it’s guaranteed to be cherished and looking awesome displayed on their wall!

Blue curtains shown set up on a window with many red lightning McQueen's all over it.

Cars Curtains Set

Again, fans come in all ages! Whether these are for a children’s bedroom or for an adult superfan, they are fantastic looking curtains either way.

Two cube storages bins with lightening McQueen on them.

Cars Storage Cubes

Even the small things need a Pixar flair! These storage cubes feature McQueen himself in a high-stakes race and are a very cool way of storing knick-knacks and random things around the house.

Disney/Pixar Cars Die-cast 3-Pack

These Die Cast Cars will look fantastic on a bookshelf and are fun to play with too. Your kiddos are sure to enjoy them so much. 

We’ve made it to the finish line! You’ve undoubtedly found some of the coolest gifts that you’re likely to come across in this list and if your fan isn’t satisfied with something on this list, there’s just no pleasing them!

Did you find something that they absolutely loved? Maybe something you couldn’t help picking up for yourself? Go ahead and let us know on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and thanks for checking out 20 Gifts For Pixar’s Cars Fans!

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