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Best Birthday Outing Ideas for Adults

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It’s your birthday and you need to get out! Or maybe you’re planning something for someone else’s birthday? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. These birthday outing ideas for adults are going to turn your boring birth-day into a super fun birth-YAY!

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Birthday Outing Ideas for Adults

I’m not sure when or why it happens, but for some reason adults seem to think they have to do boring things on their birthday. Birthdays are meant to be fun! Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have grown up. Use your birthday as an excuse to let loose and try new things or experiences. And no, you’re not too old.

So put on your party hat and your best birthday suit, I mean, outfit and go spend a night (or day) on the town. Even if you don’t have anything formal planned, a birthday outing is a fun day to celebrate your birthday. These ideas are a lot more exciting than your standard birthday dinner, too.

Check out an activity (like bowling or laser tag)

Who doesn’t love to have fun? These play based activities are great birthday out ideas for adults because they’re usually very group friendly. Gather up some friends and book an afternoon or evening doing something like bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, mini golf, an arcade, or any other all-ages activity center. Not only are these super fun, you also get that childhood birthday party nostalgia thing going on.

Try an escape room or city-wide scavenger hunt

This is another one that’s great for groups. Instead of just going out with your friends, work together with them to solve some puzzles. Either reserve an adventure you’ve been meaning to check out at a local escape room, or try out one of those city scavenger hunts. You can find ones designed for most major cities online.

Go on a brewery tour or wine tasting

How can you mix alcohol with adventure? No, not by getting so drunk on your birthday you get into trouble. By touring a local drink making venue, of course! Many breweries and vineyards offer tours and tastings, so look into your local hotspots for more information.

Visit a museum or cultural center

Bonus points if it’s one you’ve been meaning to visit but haven’t yet. While you’re there, really take your time and enjoy the exhibits without having to rush. Play tourist and take lots of photos of your visit. What’s great is you can do this one alone or with friends! Once you’re done, pick up a birthday souvenir from the gift shop.

Try a local hike or go camping

What better excuse than your birthday than to stroll around and take in the local scenery? If your city has walking trails or great street shopping districts, spend your birthday exploring some places you’ve never been. Or set out on a local hiking trail for some birthday adventure.

If that’s not enough, get all your friends together for a fun camping night. You can enjoy a few drinks campfire side, make s’mores and other goodies, and just generally get up to outdoor birthday shenanigans.

Check out a comedy show

What better way to do something fun on your birthday than by watching something funny? Comedy shows make great birthday outing ideas for adults because you can do them in small or larger groups (or even solo if you’re brave), and they usually don’t cost too much.

Visit all the places where you can get free birthday stuff

How many apps and newsletters sent you a free birthday something? For fun birthday outing ideas for adults, try visiting (and taking advantage of) as many of these free birthday offers as you can. Sometimes you have to buy something to get it but hey, it’s your birthday. Treat yourself!

Go dancing

You might not be only 17 anymore but you’re still young and free. Go dancing queen, dance on your birthday! Whether it’s at a nightclub, a country bar, or through taking salsa lessons birthdays as an adult are always better when there’s a little dancing involved.

Have a pool party or go to the beach

Depending on where you live you might have your decision made for you. A local beach is a lot of fun for a birthday outing. You can enjoy the sun, go for a swim, or float around on a new birthday floatie. If that’s not possible, get some friends together for a trip to a local pool. Lots of pools also rent their facilities for parties, so that’s another option if you want something more private.

Get out of dodge

Birthday vacation, anyone? If you can’t take a long (or pricey) getaway, consider planning a weekend road trip. Visiting some friends you haven’t seen a while to celebrate with might be fun, or try checking out somewhere you’ve never been before. If even that’s too much, a day in a nearby city is a nice change of scenery.

See a concert or show

There’s a lot of possibilities here. Either choose something you’re already interested in or use your birthday as an excuse to try something new! Have you ever been to see an opera before? Or how about you check out a local indie band? Browse local events to find shows in your area and try and find one on, or close to, your birthday.

Go on a picnic

Why not? Pick a park (FYI, some require reservations) and invite your friends to join you. Make sure everything knows to bring a blanket and either have them bring their own picnic or set it up like a potluck.

Try a new bar or restaurant

Going to your old favourite might be great, but maybe it’s time you ventured out of your comfort zone. For some easy birthday outing ideas for adults, try visiting a new restaurant or bar you’ve been meaning to try. If your birthday is in the summer, consider eating (or drinking) outside. It’s a nice change!

Treat yourself with a spa day

It’s your birthday, enjoy it! You’re totally worth a day of pampering and relaxation. If you must plan an outing on your birthday, this is probably your best bet. Enlist your partner or best friend to keep you company or, if you’re sick of everyone, consider a solo trip. It’s worth every penny.

While you’re trying out these birthday outing ideas for adults make sure to let everyone know it’s your birthday. You never know what might happen! (At least you might get a few birthday wishes.)

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