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20 Best Expensive Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Buy Online

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Have you ever wondered what rich people eat? There’s some fancy food out there but you probably didn’t expect to be able to get it on the internet. Here’s some of our favourite expensive foods you didn’t know you could buy online.

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Expensive foods you didn’t know you could buy online

Now, here’s the thing about this list. We wanted to make sure it was something real – that means these aren’t huge bulk orders or those fake Amazon prices people use so they don’t have to remove an out of stock listing. If you regularly buy any of these tweet @UGifter on Twitter and let us know! (Also tell us why!)

All prices discussed are in USD.

Cypress Grove Ripened Goat Milk Cheese

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A big block of cheddar is what, $10? Well forget that! Get yourself a pound of Cypress Grove Ripened Goat Milk Cheese. It has a “ distinctive layer of edible vegetable ash running through the center”, whatever that means.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

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Why is this bottle of balsamic vinegar more expensive than a bottle of champagne? Well, apparently there is a traditional way to make the stuff. Oh yeah, and like fine wine, it’s been aged for 25 years.

Pure vanilla beans

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Given the price of pure vanilla extract in the grocery store, this isn’t very surprising. You can use these to make your own vanilla or in fancy desserts like crème brûlée. So really, they’re not that expensive, but $80 for beans still feels like a lot.

Organic Macadamia Nuts

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Macadamia nuts are just straight-up expensive. Apparently new plants take 7-10 years to begin producing nuts which then have to be harvested by hand. Likes, no wonder they’re $30 a pound.

Ka’Chava Meal Replacement Shake

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Ok so you do get 15 meals out of a bag which is a pretty good deal if you usually spend more than $5 per meal, but compared to other meal replacements this is pretty pricey.

Beluga Caviar

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There’s only one place in the US that’s allowed to produce this stuff but that’s not the only reason it’s so expensive. It can take up to 20 years for a beluga to reach maturity and produce eggs. Then they’re killed and the roe is harvested.


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If you didn’t already know about how expensive saffron is now’s the time to learn. Harvesting this spice is extremely labor intensive. Each crocus flower produces 3 pieces of saffron and over 80,000 flowers need to be harvested to produce a pound of saffron. Good thing you don’t use a lot!

Iberico Ham

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If you google “most expensive foods” Iberico ham is always going to be close by. It’s cured for 16-24 months and then imported all the way from Spain.

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

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If you’ve been to a high-end grocery store you know olive oil can get pretty pricey. It makes the list because it’s usually something you use for cooking, on bread, or in salads so your $40 bottle doesn’t stretch that far.

Swallow’s Nest Soup

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So this soup actually contains swallow’s nests, which are essentially made from bird spit. Apparently they’re very nutrient-rich and dissolve when made into soup for a healthy Chinese delicacy. Swallow nests are also very expensive given how tough they are to harvest.

Matsutake Mushrooms

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Just once ounce of these mushrooms will run you $17. They grow all over the world but it’s their rarity that makes them so costly.

Wagyu Beef

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You’ve probably heard of Wagyu beef before but why is it so expensive? Apparently they’re fed superior feed and even massaged or serenaded to produce the high quality, marbled meat you get from Wagyu beef. Thanks, Japan!

Kopi Luwak Coffee

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Not sure this is the best way to drink coffee but some people swear by it. Kopi Luwak coffee is so expensive because of how it’s made. An Indonesian animal called the civet cat digests the coffee beans and they’re harvested from its poop before being made into coffee. Yummy.

King Crab Legs

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Can’t have fancy food without seafood! Don’t worry, you can order king crab legs online and have them delivered right to your door. Perfect for those seafood emergencies. Only $180 for 3lbs.

Premium Fruit of the Month Club

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This would make an excellent gift for your monocle-wearing friends. For just $500 you can get monthly fruit and cheese deliveries to you, or someone else’s, door. Broken down monthly it’s really not that pricey but you’re also not getting much food in there.

White truffle oil

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Last oil, we promise. And truly the best for last. This olive oil is infused with white truffles so you can always feel fancy no matter what you’re making.

A Rib Eye Roast

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Mmm, rib eye. This one is a big cut of meat for sure but let’s be real – prime rib is just expensive. High-end cuts make up just 8% of the cow, no wonder they cost so much.

A Box of Chocolates

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Ready for some dessert after all this delicious food? How about a $60 box of chocolates? Move over Pot of Gold, there’s a new standard to bring to holiday gatherings.

Raw New Zealand Honey

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Buzz buzz, here’s a new superfood for you. This honey doesn’t come in a bear-shaped bottle and it will cost you about a hundred bucks. What’s so good about it? Well honey taste and benefits changes based on what is surrounding the bees, so that’s probably what’s going on in this case.

White Truffles

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It’s the classic expensive food. Just one ounce is $195 so make sure you’re careful as you shave these onto everything you eat. You get 2 or 3 portions per ounce so really it’s only $100 per serving!

There you go: the most expensive foods you didn’t know you could buy online all in one place. But really, you have to strike trying things like white truffles and caviar at least once off your bucket list.

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