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Best Social Distancing Summer Bucket List for Families

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Right now, it can be tough to try and plan anything with what’s going on in the world. With so many things up in the air (and getting canceled every day), you might be struggling with the idea of making summer plans or not. The reality is summer might not look the same as it usually does this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! Use this social distancing summer bucket list for families as a start to plan out an amazing summer this year.

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Social distancing summer bucket list for families

First of all, it should be said that you shouldn’t be planning any big travel this summer. Road trips are probably going to be out alongside large gatherings. If more things are open, stick to day trips around your city. Right now, experts aren’t recommending people go to their cottages, but that might change into the summer.

The point is: make sure you’re following current advice when you actually put your summer plans into place.

Just because we’re staying safe doesn’t mean we can’t create great summer memories. All of the items on this list should be doable while social distancing.

Go camping (in your backyard)

If campsites end up closed, you can still take your family on a backyard adventure. It might not be the same level of escape, but kids, especially young ones, love to sleep outside, no matter where it is. If you are able to, have a backyard bonfire and roast marshmallows. Let the kids stay up late and play games outside together.

Then get everyone tucked into their sleeping bags inside the tent and sleep outside. Alternatively, you could also opt to sleep under the stars without a tent, depending on the ages of your kids and the weather in your area. The best part? The bathroom is a lot nicer.

Take a road trip (in your local area)

What do road trips consist of? Usually, they involve snacks, way too long in the car, and seeing things you’ve never seen before. You can still do all of those things without actually making much distance between you and your house.

Instead of a big road trip, this year, pack up the car and take the kids to various local venues instead. If you’re not able to actually go into places, you can drive around and explore things that can be seen from car windows. Roadside attractions, wildlife, and checking out different neighborhoods can all be fun.

Picnic in the park

Picnics are a classic summer tradition! You don’t need to be social with others to have one, either. Pack up a delicious picnic lunch and take the kids to a wide open space to enjoy it. If parks are open, find one where you can keep your distance from others.

Otherwise, just set up the picnic in your own backyard. It’s still going to be fun!

Make a water park in your backyard

If water parks and pools are closed you can still get everyone wet right at home! Set up a sprinkler or look up a DIY option to make a splash. If your budget allows for it, consider picking up a slip and slide or some kind of pool or water slide toy instead.

Your kids don’t just want to go to a water park for the slides and pool; they want to play with you. Make sure you’re out there with them sometimes when they’re playing with water in the backyard.

See a drive-in movie

If your city has a drive-in theatre, then this is a great item to add to your social distancing summer bucket list. After all, you stay in your car! Drive-in theatres are already coming back in popularity in South Korea thanks to social distancing efforts, so your options might be better for visiting one this summer too.

If you can’t get to a drive-in, you can at least do a family movie night at home. Rent a new release, get the best movie theatre snacks ever, and enjoy an evening together with the family.

Teach your kids something

Memories are made everywhere, including learning new skills. Is it finally the summer where you teach your kid to ride a bike? Do they know how to properly throw a baseball? There’s a lot you can do with your kids right at home that will make them into better people before the summer ends.

So, use the money you saved skipping the family road trip and get them a skateboard, a telescope, or a camera so they can work on some new skills and learning opportunities this summer.

Go for a family hike

Hiking trails are a great place to social distance, especially if you go off-peak times. If you don’t already hike, look for beginner trails or ones that are advertised as walking trails. A lot of parks and conservation areas will also have interactive trails where you can learn something as a family while you walk.

Getting out in nature is a good way to get away from everything without actually going too far from your house. Check around your area for local trails you might not have known about before!

Do some summer reading as a family

Reading is a great way to help kids avoid the summer academic slide while they’re off of school. Granted, most have been out of school for a while already, but right now, they’re still doing some work.

This summer, put together a summer reading list for your family. Little kids will enjoy a variety of picture books. If you have a tablet or smartphone, you can probably borrow these from your local library as eBooks! For older kids, pick up a few copies and make a family book club. Or have everyone choose their own books and spend time reading together.

Keep this in mind when planning a social distancing summer bucket list for your family

It might be disappointing if your summer plans had to be changed this year. If you normally do a lot, it can be especially devastating to have to social distance and stay home. But it’s also important to keep in mind that all the kids want is time with you. No matter what you put on your social distancing summer bucket list, the important thing is that you’re spending time together as a family.

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