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7 Unique Ways to Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays at Home

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Having a birthday when you’re stuck at home sucks. Especially when you’re stuck at home for reasons that are out of your control, for an adult, this can be tough, but kids especially look forward to celebrating their birthdays each year with family and friends. These unique ways to celebrate kids’ birthdays at home will at least help put a smile on their faces.

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7 Unique Ways to Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays at Home

In many places, gatherings are banned, and people are being asked to stay home. They’re forced to social distance and schools, and other places where kids normally come together are closed. That means that long-awaited birthday parties are being canceled, and kids are adjusting to big, difficult changes in their lives. It’s important that even during a crisis, children, especially young ones, get a sense of normal and have things to look forward to in their lives.

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun on your kids’ birthday! Most of these tips are easy to put together at the last minute if you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a snowstorm or facing canceled plans. They also are a great way to do a family centered party instead of a big ‘friend birthday’ this year.

The Birthday Party Parade

You’ll need a few people for this one, but they’ll be able to stay in their cars. First, put the word out on Facebook or get in touch with a few friends and family members in your community. You’ll need a few people to commit to make this work! Then set a specific time for the parade.

Have everyone either put signage and balloons on the outside of their vehicles or make signs to hold up in the window. When it’s parade time, get someone to be the ‘starter’ car and have the others line up behind. Then drive by the birthday child’s house slowly honking or yelling well wishes.

Make it a Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Birthday parties usually last a couple of hours and have plenty of playmates. If you have a small family (or even an only child), this party idea is a way to still make it fun while doing something that works without a crowd.

Put together a special birthday-themed scavenger hunt around your home or yard. Have a special birthday surprise at each clue: think things like birthday hats, noisemakers, balloons, and so on. Your child will have to follow the clues to find their gift! Then have cake together after.

Plan Something For Later

Maybe you guys can’t have the birthday party your child dreamed of. But, you might be able to do something even better! Plan a fun family adventure to go on when you’re able to. It might be an amazing family vacation, a road trip, or a visit to their favorite restaurant. Either way, it’s fun to plan and talk about it.

If you’re not sure what you can do (or aren’t ready to make plans), you can also work together with your child to make a bucket list for the next year.

Bring Everyone Together With Technology

By using conferencing apps like Zoom, Hangouts, or Skype, you can bring anyone from anywhere in the world together for your child’s birthday. Whether it’s the neighborhood kids that can’t come over right now or grandparents in another country, birthday parties can still happen with everyone stuck at home.

Make arrangements ahead of time for the guests so you can all log in at the same time. Ideally, have everyone wear party hats and be in a party mood. You might even be able to play some games together! At the very least there will be lots of people to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and watch your little one blow out their candles.

Make The Whole Day About Their Birthday

One perk to everyone being in the house is that you can really focus on your child when you celebrate kids’ birthdays at home. Instead of just having a birthday party or special dinner, make the entire day birthday themed! Set balloons and streamers around their room when they’re sleeping. Make a special birthday-themed breakfast. And so on.

If you can, get your child in on the planning too. You might not be able to go out, but you can still do something special together like play a game or watch a movie that your child loves.

Throw a Classic Birthday Party

A lot of times, we put way too much money and effort into our kids’ birthday parties. Use being stuck at home an excuse to take a break from the costly venue bookings and instead throw your child a classic birthday party. You don’t need a big group of kids to play traditional party games like pin the tail on the donkey. Don’t forget the pinata! One perk is not having to share the fun with anyone else.

This is a fun, low-cost option that will still make your kid feel like they had an ‘actual’ birthday party. Even if the guests are just immediate family.

Get An Awesome Gift

Gifts don’t replace fun or family time, but sometimes they’re just what someone needs to lighten their spirits. If you’re forced to celebrate kids birthdays at home, at least consider getting them a sought after gift. Everyone has a different budget, but something that can make being at home more fun is a good choice.

Things like tablets, craft kits, video games, art supplies, computers, and streaming services are all excellent choices depending on your budget and child’s age.

Tips For When You Celebrate Kid’s Birthdays at Home

The most important thing to remember is that your child might be feeling a range of emotions. Having your birthday plans changed is hard! Be understanding and patient, especially if they don’t seem happy with any of your ideas for celebrating. Do everything you can to still make their birthday special, so it doesn’t seem like they’re missing out.

It’s important to choose age-appropriate ideas, too. Older kids might be OK with postponing their birthday festivities (as long as they get some cake), but little ones care more about it feeling like a birthday party than who actually attends. Hopefully, these unique ways to celebrate kids’ birthdays at home at least give you some ideas to make your child’s at-home party extra special.

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