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15+ DIY Ornaments For Your Farmhouse Tree

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Give your home a rustic feel with these 15 DIY Ornaments For Your Farmhouse Tree! The best part is you can make each one yourself so that you will get some enjoyment out of it too. I can’t get enough of the farmhouse style of Christmas ornaments, and I have a feeling you are going to feel the same way. I love the feeling of breaking out the crafting supplies, gathering my friends or kids, and having a day to unwind, relax, and craft. 

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Making your own ornaments are also a lovely way to have a special keepsake that you can display year after year. They make wonderful gifts for friends, neighbors, co-workers, teachers, daycare providers, and more. Wrap a gift with pretty paper, then attach a Christmas ornament for a pleasant surprise. 

Do I Have To Have Crafting Experience To Make DIY Ornaments?

No, you don’t have to have any experience to make these DIY ornaments. The directions for each set of ornaments are easy-to-follow and clear, so you shouldn’t have too many issues. If you do end up with a flop for some reason, don’t worry! We all have a mistake here and there, so don’t worry. You can try again or go to a different project altogether. The important thing is to have fun when you are crafting. 

How Many Ornaments Do I Need?

Depending on the size of your tree, the number of ornaments you need will vary some. Basically, the best way to decide how many decorations the tree should have is by knowing how tall it is and add a zero to that. So if it’s 6 feet tall, then you would need around 60 ornaments

What Supplies Do I Need?

Each set of ornaments comes with their own list of supplies, but I wanted to give you an idea of the basic items you should consider. These are my go-to supplies to keep stocked in my craft room.


Buy Pre-Made Ornaments

If you want to mix a combination of pre-made ornaments and homemade ornaments, here are such adorable options for you. I love the style and look of each of these, and they would look lovely with the DIY ornaments you made. 

More Christmas Ideas

If you are looking for more Christmas related ideas, check out these posts for inspiration. 

15+ Ornaments For Your Farmhouse Tree

If you love making your own Christmas decor, you should see these DIY Ornaments For Your Farmhouse Tree. Each rustic ornament is lovely and easy to make.

I hope you love these 15 DIY Ornaments For Your Farmhouse Tree as much as I do. Each one is unique and will look amazing in your home or office. 

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