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Best Sofia the First Gift ideas

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I’m finding out what being royal’s all about! This show is honestly everything I could have ever wanted as a kid- a ‘commoner’ girl becomes a princess overnight. She becomes friends with animals, gets advice from Disney princesses, and learns that being a princess is a matter of heart, not about what’s on the outside. Though the show ended in 2018, with over one hundred episodes it’s no surprise it is still popular with kiddos. And here are some positively royal gifts for the princess in your life! These are the best Sofia the First gift ideas for young fans of the show. 

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These are the Best Sofia the First Gift Ideas for Kids

These are the most adorable and fun gifts to celebrate their love for Sofia the First! These gifts will make any child feel like a princess for a day. 

Sofia’s Amulet Chunky Necklace

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A great accessory for everyday play or a cute addition to a Halloween costume. Kid tested and mother approved!

Kids Digital Watch

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Plays the theme song from the show! Great for practicing math and time with your little one as well.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

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A great way to get your princess excited for decorating the tree! Can be personalized as well.

Girls Two Piece Pajama Set

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This pj set has a lot of great reviews! A positively royal present for any fan of the show.

Sofia the First Dress with Pearls

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“A great alternative to the cheap looking, uncomfortable princess dresses in the stores.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Coloring and Activity Book Set

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Use this on a road trip or a rainy day. Get two for the price of one!

Princess Sofia Flower Crown

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Fit for royalty who doesn’t mind a little whimsical touch. The magic amulet changes color!

Embroidered T-Shirt

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Each shirt is handmade for a truly unique gift! Great for matching shirts for all your nieces.

Kids Water Bottle

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Made with children in mind. A noble goblet for only the finest toddler (or small child).

Princess Hooded Towel

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Maybe this will convince them to dry off after a bath! Can be personalized as well.

“The Perfect Tea Party” Sofia Book

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A Little Golden Book inspired by an episode. A reviewer said “it reinforces that fancy isn’t always better than what is simple.”- a good lesson to learn!

Sofia the First Tutu

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I adore the glitter and color of this tutu! Perfect for playtime or a party.

Thermos Sofia Lunch Box

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As a kid I loved getting a lunchbox for the new school year! A quality choice for carrying PB&Js and Goldfish crackers.

Sofia Doll Carrier

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Not only dolls, but stuffed animals can ride along too! Has stellar five star reviews.

Sofia the First Plush Doll

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The royal princess herself! Be sure to give her a big ole hug.

Kids Night Light Block

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During the daytime it’s cute decoration, at night it will put them at ease. A special gift for a special child!

Sofia the First Castle Carry Play Set

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I had a suitcase full of Polly Pockets growing up. This is a much nicer alternative for Sofia and her friends.

“There’s a new princess in crown.” May we all learn that anyone can be a princess with a kind heart and a strong mind. Minus the talking to animals part. I hope you enjoyed this list, be sure to let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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