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Easter Classroom gifts for 3rd Grade Students

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Still not big kids, but not little kids either, 3rd grade students can be tricky to please. Whether you’re buying Easter gifts for your class or your kid’s, these ideas are going to please just about every 3rd grader out there.

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Easter Cards

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You don’t need to give a whole lot to make kids happy. Grab these personalized Easter cards for the class and they can have fun with the little attached mazes too.

Goodie Bags

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Buying pre-filled Easter treat bags is an easy way to make a splash without a lot of effort. There’s plenty of treats and toys in the bag to make it fun for the kids.

Light Up Chick

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Kids love anything squishy, stretchy, and light up. These stress ball chicks will be a huge hit amongst 3rd grade students.

Bubble Wands

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Get the kids outside in the spring fresh air by handing out bubble wands instead of treats! If you’re a teacher, give them out just before recess for some at-school fun.

Easter Candy

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Let’s be real here; kids love treats. Grab something Easter-themed, kid friendly, and peanut free for the class to enjoy.


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Silicone bracelets are fun for kids because they’re hard to break. This set is inexpensive and Easter themed, a win-win.

Bunny Chocolate

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Feel free to take credit for these cute chocolate bars that come pre-wrapped and ready to give out to the class.

Scratch Off Art


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Rather than giving out treats or toys, opt for an activity. 3rd graders can scratch off any design they like with these Easter themed designs then take it home to show off.

Paddle Ball

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Remember how much fun you had with these as a kid? That hasn’t changed! Grab a set for the class and watch the competition heat up.

Stuffed Chicks

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These stuffed toys are really popular amongst kids. This bulk option cuts down on costs and makes sure everyone gets the same thing so there’s no fighting.

Easter Soap

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Maybe this will be enough encouragement to get those 3rd grade students to wash their dang hands.

Hatching Dinosaurs

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Give out a different kind of Easter egg! Instead of chicks they can hatch dinosaurs and watch them grow.

Flashing Rings

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So much fun! These put an Easter spin on a favorite childhood toy: the light up ring. Now they can annoy their family hunt for Easter eggs with a bit of extra light.


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There’s a reason why these are classic toys. Introduce the next generation to yo-yos this Easter. Maybe brush up on your own skills first so you can look like a cat’s cradle god to the 3rd grade class.

Fillable Chicks

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Whatever you fill these chicks with will look cute because of the packaging. Perfect for giving out treats, small toys, or even tucking an inspirational message inside.

Felt Stuffed Carrots and Eggs

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Such a cute way to give out a small gift! These carrots and eggs are ordered pre-stuffed with a toy of your choice.

Bunny Squirt Toys

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Maybe not the best thing to play with inside the classroom but 3rd grade students will have fun with these all the same. If it’s already nice outside where you live they might be a fun outdoor activity.

Finger Puppets

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Get them creating their own stories or just having fun messing around with these Easter themed finger puppets.

Mini Easter Baskets

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These mini handmade Easter baskets perfectly hold a plastic egg (that you can fill with whatever you’d like) or a chocolate one. They would also be a good way to transport decorated eggs home from school.

Surprise Bunnies

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What’s inside these handmade bunnies? They’ll have to be cracked open to find out! Kids will love smashing them open to reveal a small toy inside.

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