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Christmas Presents for 11 Year Old Girls

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At age 11, you still get to hold onto some of that Christmas magic before she starts to become too cool to express holiday cheer. Use this opportunity to get her some great Christmas gifts with these ideas.

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Excellent Christmas Presents For 11-Year-Old Girls

If you’re an 11-year-old girl, it’s impossible not to smile from ear to ear when you open these amazing gifts. 

Personalized Ornament

Nothing says Christmas like a decorated Christmas tree. Start her own collection off, or add to it, with these cute personalized unicorn ornaments. This would also make for a great stocking stuffer.

Candy Chemistry Set

Christmas candy is a must for kids of all ages, but this year try something different. With this edible chemistry set, your 11-year-old can create her own delicious creations and practice her STEM skills at the same time.

Mom and Daughter Journal

A great way to connect with your 11-year-old daughter. Fill in a few pages before you give her this gift for Christmas and really take the time to use it with her all year long.

Cat Ear Headphones

I don’t know if every 11 year old is the same, but mine is forever breaking her headphones, so they’re always an appreciated gift. These ones are especially cute to wear.

Kawaii Cakes Book

If she’s interested in baking, this book is a great inspiration for all kinds of cute cake ideas. It might even be a fun hobby to take up together after the holidays.

Succulent Holder

11 years old is the perfect age to start caring for plants, and succulents are a low-maintenance way to start. For a special holiday gift idea, you can plant a Christmas cactus inside.

Board Game

This one happens to be my own 11-year old’s favorite family game. You get categories and themes for movies and then have to come up with a title and vote on who’s the funniest.

Book Series

Instead of just getting her one book for Christmas, why not start her on a whole series? This adventurous box set is just right for 11-year-old girls.

Karaoke Microphone

Instead of using an entire karaoke system, this microphone is smartphone compatible so that she can sing her favorite tunes alone or with friends.

Name Stamp

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If your 11-year-old has a hard to find a name or unique spelling, a custom made stamp with her name is definitely going to make her happy. You could even keep the Christmas magic alive by slipping this in her stocking from Santa.

DIY Water Bottle Kit

An art project and practical gift idea all in one. She can decorate her water bottle and take it to school in the new year.

Unicorn Bath Set

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Bath sets are kind of a classic gift for tween girls when you don’t know what to get them. Step it up a notch with something handmade like this cute gift set from Etsy.

Cat Tea Cup

Whether she drinks regular tea or kid-friendly options, this cat mug is an adorable gift idea. It also lets you brew loose tea right inside this cup.

Sequin Bag

Be part of the cool crowd and get her one of these popular flip sequin bags. They come in all kinds of cute color choices so she can carry all her essential belongings in her unique style. This would also be a cute alternative to wrapping paper for an eco friendly Christmas.

Light Box

Light boxes come in all kinds of sizes now, but this one will fit nicely on her desk or shelf. Your 11-year-old can get creative by changing the message out; however, she likes.

Unicorn Art Print

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This simple print is way too cute to pass up. Frame and wrap it up for a more grown-up Christmas gift idea.

Video Games

Chances are your 11 year old is probably into some kind of game, be it Fortnite or Minecraft. Minecraft story mode is a good option for girls who aren’t as competitive because it’s story-driven but still has the cool Minecraft theme.

Reindeer Earrings

Complete her holiday outfit with these adorable reindeer earrings. They even have Rudolph’s signature red nose to really add to the Christmas charm.


These stuffed alpacas are a must for every 11 year old. Cute and super soft, this one is all ready for winter with its scarf.

Inflatable Sled

Winter means snow and snow means sledding! These cute sleds will have your 11 year old girl hitting the slopes in style.

For many kids, age 11 is when they start to lose faith in Santa and Christmas magic. Hang onto it a little bit longer with unexpected, but perfect gift ideas this Christmas.

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