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Gift Ideas for Veterinary Technicians

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Veterinary technicians take on many roles within the veterinary clinic, including the roles of dental hygienists, anesthetists, lab technicians, radiographers, pharmacy assistants, and cleaners. Above all, they are the heart and soul of the veterinary clinic and deserve to be pampered with some great gifts ideas for veterinary technicians.

Is there a vet tech that makes the world better at the animal hospital? Say thanks with these gift ideas for veterinary technicians! | Christmas Gifts for Vet Hospitals | Thank you gift ideas for a vet tech | Animal Hospital Presents | #gifts #giftguide #presents #unique #veterinarian

My Favorite Gift Ideas for Veterinary Technicians

These unique gift ideas are perfect for someone who is taking such great care of your pet, as your vet tech. Show them your thanks or give this as a gift to a veterinary technician family member or friend.

Proud to be a Vet Tech Bumper Sticker

Sticker gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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Veterinary technicians are amazing, gift them this bumper sticker so they can announce it to the world!

Medical Socks

Medical socks unique gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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Socks are a fun and easy way for veterinary technicians to accessorize underneath their scrubs.

Comfortable Shoes

veterinary technicians will love comfortable shoes as a gift idea

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Speaking of socks, comfortable shoes are a must-have for veterinary technicians because they spend the majority of their day on their feet.

Surgical Hat

scrub hat gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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An adorable surgical hat is yet another tool that technicians can accessorize with – either in surgery or during lengthy dental procedures.

Vet Tech Charm Bracelet

Vet charm bracelet - unique gift idea for veterinary technicians

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This adorable charm bracelet featuring a cute paw print and stethoscope charm is a beautiful gift for the girly veterinary technician who is into bling.

Bandage Scissors

Bandage scissors gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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It’s no secret that there are never enough bandage scissors around a veterinary clinic. Help a veterinary technician out by gifting them their own personal ones.

Veterinary Technician’s Daily Reference Guide

gift ideas for veterinary technicians include this useful reference guide

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This book is a good quick reference guide for the major things encountered during daily practice. In-depth descriptions will help the veterinary technician provide the optimal level of care for their patients.

Nurse’s Watch

Nurse's watch - best gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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A functioning watch is a crucial piece of equipment in any veterinary technician’s day to day activities.

Duck Muzzle

Duck muzzle great gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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Help protect your favorite veterinary technician and add some fun to aggressive patients with this adorable duck muzzle.

Pet Aromatherapy Candle

Your veterinary technician will love this pet friendly candle

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This candle is excellent for helping veterinary technicians de-stress and share a quiet night in with their fur family.

You Had Me At Meow Photo Frame

Pet photo frame lovely gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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Photo frames will always come in handy. A veterinary technician can never have too many photos of their favorite pets or patients around their home.

Pocket Calculator

gift ideas for veterinary technicians - pocket calculator

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Veterinary technicians are forever doing conversions and drug calculations. They are also endlessly circling the building to find a calculator. Save them the hassle with their very own one that will fit right in their pocket.

Bite Me – My Mom’s a Vet Tech Dog Shirt

Funny dog shirt gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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This cute dog shirt is the perfect gift for a veterinary technician’s beloved fur baby.

Animal Cookie Cutters

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Veterinary technicians are obsessed with animals, so for the ones who like to bake – animal-shaped cookie cutters are perfect.

Hand Moisturising Gloves

Your veterinary technician will love these gloves gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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As veterinary technicians are continually washing their hands, these moisturizing gloves will help relieve their extremely dry hands.

Veterinary Symbols Notepad

Veterinary symbols book - gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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This adorable veterinary symbols notepad will come in handy for jotting down patient notes and reminders.

Foot Spa

Foot spa relaxing gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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For someone on their feet the whole day, a foot spa will do wonders for massage and relaxation at the end of the day.

Dog Key Hook

Your veterinary technician will love this dog hook gift idea

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Veterinary technicians will always appreciate any home decor associated with their pets.


Most useful gift ideas for veterinary technicians - stethoscope

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Everybody in the veterinary clinic likes to have their own custom stethoscope, which is theirs and theirs alone. Gift a bright color so that doctors won’t walk away with it.

Give Blood Become a Vet Tech Drinking Glass

Give blood glass funny gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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At the end of the day, veterinary technicians will appreciate a cool beverage to help relax from a stressful day. Keep it stylish with this funny drinking glass.

Vet Tech Shirt












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Whether you want this for a guy or a girl, this shirt says it all!

Stethoscope with Dog and Cat Tag

gift ideas for veterinary technicians - charm

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I love the idea of this gift. They can attach it to their stethoscope and have it to remind them of their love for animals, and why they get up and do their job each day.

Vet Tech In Progress Shirt

Great gift ideas for veterinary technician students - vet tech in progress t-shirt

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Another fun shirt is this vet tech in progress. Maybe you know someone who is working towards being a vet tech, this would be a fun shirt for them to wear and represent.

Paw Bone Shoes

Paw bones shoes gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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These shoes are so comfy and great for the vet tech who is on their feet all day long. A variety of sizes and two different colors to choose from.

Cat Pattern Fleece Blanket

Cat pattern fleece blanket unique gift ideas for veterinary technicians

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If your vet tech enjoys cats, let them cozy up at night or even at the office with this colorful and fun comfy fleece blanket.

More Gift for Veterinary Technicians

Have you ever wondered what kind of gift you can get for that special student of yours, who is studying to become a veterinary technician? Or perhaps you have a favorite veterinary technician who has cared for your furry family members as if they were one of their own, and you want to show your appreciation. Well, look no further! Check out these additional 20 fantastic gift ideas for vet techs!

Vet Tech Coloring Book

Forget about those generic, geometric, adult coloring books! This book is off the wall funny, and a perfect way to release after a long day at the clinic.

Animal Anatomy Coloring Book

Need a gift for a new vet tech, or a student? This animal anatomy coloring book is both educational and relaxing!

Glass Coffee Mug

Ceramic coffee mugs are old news. Instead, gift this much more stylish glass coffee mug. Not only does it have a statement that fits nearly all vet techs, but it’s also dishwasher and microwave safe!

Stemless Wine Glass

We all have those bad days that are sometimes made better with a glass of wine. Check out this cute, stemless wine glass, for those extra-tough days. It has a paw print and a stethoscope. Can it get more fitting than that?!

Charm Bracelet

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This bracelet is simple, yet fashionable, no matter what your favorite vet tech is wearing. It even has a charm just for veterinary technicians!

Student Keychain

Do you know someone who is currently studying to become a vet tech? This keychain is right up their alley!

Because People are Gross Keychain

Know a vet tech who has already completed their schooling? This keychain may be a bit more suitable!

Stylus Pen Light

With many businesses upgrading their systems with touch screens, this stylus penlight is sure to come in handy!

Customizable Cartoon Photo

This cartoon photo is customizable, making it a one of a kind. Your vet tech is going to love this personalized cartoon hanging around their office.

Funny Dog Sign

Everyone needs a little humor in their lives. Well, a vet tech, in particular, may find this sign a bit more relatable and funnier, than your average joe!

Custom Engraved Pens

Everyone has a favorite pen. Well, these are soon to be favorites, of your preferred vet tech! They come with the vet symbol etched on them, as well as your own personal customization.

Double Walled Tumbler

“Keep calm, and act like it was on the schedule.” This is something that only a vet tech will really understand!

Embroidered Zippered Tote Bag

Can you ever have too many tote bags, I mean, really? With a zippered top and embroidered wording on the outside, this one is sure to be a winner!

Vet Tech Definition Mug

Vet techs genuinely don’t get the appreciation for all that they do! This sharp-looking, black mug helps define what an amazing vet tech you have!

Vet Tech Hoodie

Who doesn’t love hoodies? This vet tech comes in unisex sizes, so it is the perfect gift for just about any veterinary technician.

Vet Life Tee

Thug life? Nah, more like Vet tech life! Available in different colors, and both men’s and women’s sizes, this shirt is sure to make your vet tech’s day!

Animal Paper Clips

This is undoubtedly one of the most unique gifts your vet tech will likely ever receive. However, it is cute, a little humorous, and most importantly, functional!

Vet Tech Popsocket

Live, love, and heal. The life of a vet tech, summed up, sweetly on a pop socket!

Mason Jar Mug

How adorable is this mason jar mug, etched with a stethoscope heart, and paw print!?

Veterinary Baseball Cap

Everyone needs a baseball cap for those messy hair days! This cap is just what your vet tech needs!

More Gift Ideas for Veterinary Folks

Who runs the show at your animal hospital? Show them how awesome they are with one of these gift ideas for veterinary office staff.

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Is there a vet tech that makes the world better at the animal hospital? Say thanks with these gift ideas for veterinary technicians!

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