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Easter Classroom Gifts for 5th Grade Students

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Welcome to 5th grade, where kids are suddenly “too cool” for little kid stuff but secretly like to play anyway. Appeal to their unique tastes with these Easter gifts for 5th grade students that are perfect for the classroom.

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Classroom Gift Ideas for 5th Grade Kids

The 5th grade students in your life are going to love these Easter classroom gifts, but if you need more ideas check out these gifts for 4th grade students and 6th grade classrooms too.

JOYIN 24 Pcs Galaxy Slime Eggs, Prefilled Easter Egg with Putty Slime and Toys for Kids Easter Party Favors, Stress Relief Slime for Easter Basket Stuffer, Easter Eggs Hunt

Slime Eggs

It’s all the rage right now so get on board by grabbing these slime filled eggs. This will keep your contact lens solution safe… for now.

Easter Classroom Gifts for 5th Grade Students: White dish with two chocolate bunny soaps on it.

Chocolate Bunny Soap

These bunnies look delicious but are anything but. Have fun confusing the kids for that brief moment where they don’t realize its soap.

Two bags labeled bunny poop filled with jellybeans.

Bunny Poop

Stick one of these cute toppers on your own bag of “bunny poop” to really seal the deal. They might be grossed out or find it funny, either way they’ll enjoy the treat.

BENOSPACE 20 pcs Easter Rabbit Charm Pendant 3D Resin Bunny Bead Animal Decoration with 50 pcs Open Loops and 20 pcs Ear Hooks Jewelry Making Kit for DIY Bracelet Necklace Keychain Crafts

Bunny Charm Bracelet

5th grade students will have a great time making their very own bracelet, and who doesn’t love cute bunnies? Divide the boxes up among the students to stretch your budget.

Pinkiwine 8 Pack Jumbo Unicorn & Dinosaur Deformation Eggs Prefilled Plastic Easter Eggs with Toys Inside for Kids Boys Girls Toddlers Easter Basket Stuffers Gifts Fillers Party Favors

Dino and Unicorn Eggs

Why do Easter eggs have to be from chickens (or ducks)? Give your 5th grade class unicorn and dinosaur eggs instead!

Three hair ties: green with white bunnies on it, solid pink, and black and white zig zag on a white paper that says Some bunny loves you!

Hair Ties

For the girls or kids with long hair this is a fun way to say happy Easter. It even comes ready to give out.

Easter Classroom Gifts for 5th Grade Students: Carrot shaped cracker, one solid and one apart showing little treats inside, bunny sticker, toy chick, temporary tattoo, and a joke.

Carrot Crackers

They’re not just for the Easter table! These crackers would be fun to do together at school. You get a chick, 2 tattoos, and a joke inside.

Easter Fortune Cookies - Set of 12

Fortune Cookies

Impress your wisdom on the kids with these cute fortune cookies. They’re Easter themed and in bulk, which is perfect for a classroom. You can pick standard messages or create your own.

Crochet yellow chick sticking out of a white egg place on top of a green pencil, another one placed on a yellow pencil in the background.

Pencil Toppers

If you’re crafty this might be just the gift idea for you. Pick up this pattern and crochet your way to Easter fun by making some pencil toppers for the 5th grade class.

Colorful beaded bracelet: rose pink, pink, yellow, purple, blue, mint green, and repeat around. with gold balls smaller between each bead, with beaded letters that spell JULIE on one side and a white bunny charm hanging from it.

Stretchy Bunny Bracelet

Easter bunny charms on fun colored bracelets? Perfect! Now your students will be all ready for any Easter parties they’re invited to.

Treat bags: two treat bags one with mint colored label top with carrots all over it and mini egg candy in the bag, and the other with a white bunny driving a carrot car that says an Easter treat for some bunny special and bunny crackers in the clear bag.

Treat Bag

Treats are always going to go over well with a 5th grade class. Package them up all cute by picking up these cute bunny treat bags to give out.

Various glass gems, all with different Easter photos inside, some Easter baskets, different colored bunny heads, and Easter eggs.

Glass Gems

These would be a great thing to turn into a DIY project. Maybe add magnets to the back or turn them into pins?

Three bunny snack cups all with bunny prints on them, carrots inside all of them.

Bunny Snack Cups

Use these to give out a healthy snack for your classroom Easter party. Maybe popcorn?

24 Pack Easter Bunny Shaped Sticky Notepad Set with Pen Easter Bright Colors Sticky Note for Kids Rabbit Mini Notepad Cute Memo for Easter Basket Stuffer Goodie Bag Fillers Classroom Prizes

Notepad and Pencil

It’s nice when things come all ready to give out. Save yourself time and pick up these cute notepad and pencil combos.

Easter Craft Kits | Hatching Chick Magnet Egg, Easter Basket Craft Stick Sign, Easter Bunny Wreath & Easter Bunny Picture Frame | For Kids DIY Classroom Daycare Homeschool Art Decor Gift Summer Toys

Craft Kits

Turn gift giving into craft time in your classroom by picking up some craft kits. The nice thing is your 5th graders will have something to take home to their family for Easter.

12 Joke Filled Easter Eggs - Pre Filled for Egg Hunt - Party Favors - Easter Gift - Bulk 1 Dozen

Joke Filled Easter Eggs

These are absolutely perfect if you want an alternative to junk food or cheap plastic toys. Each egg opens to reveal a funny Easter themed joke.

Peep bath bombs, blue, orange, green, pink, yellow, and purple peep shaped bath bombs shown in photo.

Peep Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are all the rage right now amongst kids so why not jump on the bandwagon and pick up these cute Peep bath bombs. What’s nice is you can order them in bulk.

M&M'S Easter Milk Chocolate Candy in Bunny Canes 3-Ounce Cane 24-Count Box


Be an Easter hero and get those 5th grade students a big tube of chocolate for Easter. These ones are cute because they’re in pastels and have bunny ears on top.

Printable Easter bunny made of paper, one light pink and one yellow.

Printable Bunny

Instead of giving a gift, why not print of these bunnies. They’re digital files and can be printed then cut and assembled for a unique 3D figure.

SHDZKJ Cute Bag of Cherry Blossom Bunnies Plush Toy Soft Throw Pillow Stuffed Animal Toys Creative Gifts Room Decor…

Kawaii Bunnies

Kawaii is Japanese for cute and that perfectly describes this bunny set. They even hatch from Easter eggs!

Now that you have some fun ideas for Easter classroom gifts your 5th grade students will love, I also have a great joke to share with them: What do you call an egg from outer space? An “Egg-stra terrestial”.

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