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Easter Classroom Gifts for 6th Grade Students

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These aren’t little kids you’re shopping for so don’t buy them childish Easter gifts. Try thinking outside the box and breaking tradition with Easter classroom favors, or at least keep in mind that 6th graders are basically teenagers. Here’s some gifts they won’t roll their eyes at.

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Festive Easter Classroom Gifts for 6th Grade Students

Easter Chocolate Lip Balm

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A twist on an Easter staple. They’re going to get enough chocolate for Easter but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them chocolate flavoured things!

Easter Slime

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Whether you like it or not kids love slime. Instead of fighting the craze get them some slime in Easter colours or splurge for it to be inside a fun Easter themed holder.

Donut Bunny Stickers

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Instead of a chocolate bunny make it a donut bunny instead! These stickers are too cute not to give out to a 6th grade classroom.

LED Gloves

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It’s still a bit chilly outside around Easter time but 6th graders are always reluctant to wear their gloves outside. That will never be an issue with these light up gloves.

Carrot Pens

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What do Easter bunnies like to eat? Carrots of course! These “kawaii” pens are oh so adorable and will definitely appeal to 6th graders.

Sidewalk Chalk

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A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that tweens aren’t interested in playing anymore. That couldn’t be more wrong, and this cute Easter shaped sidewalk chalk will prove just that.


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Hours and hours of obnoxious fun.

Egg Cups

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Instead of just giving the 6th grade class a gift, make a craft together! Pick up these wooden, undecorated egg cups and let them get creative.

Bunny Erasers

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Giving these adorable bunny erasers will be smooth sailing but they might just be too cute to use to erase anything.

Parachute Guys

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These parachute toys are so much fun for kids. They’ll be experimenting how they can throw them which, when you think about it, is good for their science skills. Perfect classroom gift!

Egg Molds

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These egg molds shape hard boiled eggs into fun, kid-friendly shapes. What’s nice about this gift is it’s something they can use all year.

Crocheted Egg Holder

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If you’re going to give a chocolate egg better gift it in the cutest way possible. These crocheted egg holders will keep the chocolate egg nice and safe.

Bunny Yo-Yo

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Kids these days with their smartphones and computers. Back when we were kids we had to make fun bouncing a disc up and down on a string. Kick it old school with these Easter themed yo-yos.

Personalized Cup

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As an Easter gift get the class their own personalized cups, like these ones. It’s something they can keep in the classroom too.

Felt Bunnies

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Aww, these felt bunnies are absolutely adorable! You can also get other felted critters like chicks if the bunnies aren’t your style.


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These sets are sort of like Lego but have tiny blocks. You can get all kinds of cool things to build and 6th graders will like that it’s a more mature toy.

Freezie Holder

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The kids will enjoy not having to make their hands cold while holding these frozen treats during the summer. Plus everyone likes to have things with their name on it!

Wind Up Toys

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For some reason these simple, classic toys still seem to delight kids of all ages. They all do different things too, so it will be fun to figure out how each one works.

Easter Bubbles

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Even if you’re in 6th grade you’re never too old for bubbles.

Personalized Easter Mug

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I will keep saying it – kids love seeing their name on things. For Easter get your classroom students their own special mugs. You just apply the decals yourself so it’s not a very expensive gift.

Wishing your class a lot of Easter fun! Just because these kids probably don’t believe in the Easter bunny doesn’t mean they can still have a bit of Easter magic.

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