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20 Easter Gift Ideas for Baby Boy

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Do you have a little boy who is going to be celebrating his first Easter? I have 20 awesome Easter gift ideas for any baby boy. Give him gifts that will help him learn and grow, that is useful and practical for your life, and just fun gifts. I have a variety of gifts below I think you will truly enjoy. Nothing is more special than celebrating holidays with little ones, they make everything so much more magical.

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Memorable Easter Gift Ideas for Baby Boy

Bunny Pull Toy

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A fun and classic toy that your little guy can pull on the rope and watch the bunny follow behind him. A cute Easter gift idea.

Easter Outfit

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Dress your little man up in a fun Easter outfit, nothing is more fun than an outfit that fits with the holiday.

Musical Duck

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This duck lights up and plays music and is perfect to keep and grab your baby’s attention. Plus you can’t go wrong with an adorable duck.

My First Easter Bib

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This bib will be perfect to wrap around to keep the Easter outfit nice and clean when it comes time to eat, plus it makes for a cute photo opp.

Easter Bunny Hat

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I love fun hats, and this bunny ear hat is so cute. Can you imagine how cute your baby will look wearing this hat?!

Farm Set

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Here is a fun set for your little boy to play with, it has fun farm animals and more. As he grows he can play with it more and more.


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Teething chew toys are something that is great for fillers in an Easter basket! They will come in handy when he starts teething.


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He might be a little young now but before you know it this would be a great gift for going to outdoor events, walking around the zoo, and more.

Clutching Toy

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This easter toy is so fun, perfect for little hands to grasp on and play away! I love classic toys like this.

Easter Book

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Easter books are wonderful fillers for Easter baskets for little ones. They will enjoy being read to and seeing all the fun pictures inside.

Wooden Bunny Toy

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Love this wooden toy, made well and has no chemicals, so your child can enjoy the texture and nibbling on it.

Wooden Blocks

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This classic toy never goes out of style, and as your little boy grows he will play more and more with these blocks.

Tag Toy

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Tag blankets and toys are great because lots of tabs for baby to play with, this lamb was just too cute not to share.

Pacifier Clips

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Don’t let that precious paci hit the floor again, this clip secures the paci and then clips onto the child’s shirt.

Burp Cloth Set

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With babies you can never have too many burp cloths, these are really fun prints and perfect for cleaning up messes when on the run.


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These washcloths are so soft, they will be perfect for giving the baby a bath. A perfect filler for inside the basket, they won’t care they got washcloths or not.

Hooded Towel

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Bundle up your sweetie after a bath with this adorable hooded towel! Great for drying hair and perfect for photo opps.

Dream Soother

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These are great for your baby to enjoy watching and put in crib and secure it to help them drift off to sleep easily.

Activity Gym

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Your baby can play, tug, and pratice tummy time with ease with this activity gym. These are a great item to have to help entertain your little man.

Carseat Toy

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Wrap this around the handle of the car seat and it will be within reach for your child to tug and play with it when you take trips. Great way to keep him entertained.

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