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20 Gift Ideas for the Year of the Horse

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The Horse is the seventh animal in the Chinese zodiac’s 12 year cycle. Those born in the year of the horse are said to have unerring instincts and keen powers of observation. They are often described as enthusiastic and gregarious. Horses symbolize freedom, speed, loyalty, and boldness. Does this sound like the people born in the year of the horse that you know? If you are thinking of getting them a special gift to symbolize the year they were born we’ve gathered the perfect list of gift ideas for the year of the horse for you to check out below! 

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Amazing Gift ideas for year of the Horse

Celebrate those born in the year of the horse with this amazing list of gift ideas! Traditional golden horse statues, lucky bracelets, and even some downright cute gift ideas for Kids! We put a little something for everyone! Check it out.

BRASSTAR Golden Resin Feng Shui Statue Chinese Zodiac Animal Horse Home Office Table Top Decor Figurine Gift Collection PTZY118

Golden Horse

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Gold in Chinese culture means wealth, good fortune, and luck! Making it the perfect gift to bring in the New year to anyone.

Kocreat Constellation Star Sign Chinese Zodiac Sign Lucky Coin Morgan Coin Freedom Hobo Coin Souvenir Coin Challenge Coin Antique Coins Replica Collection Horse

Souvenir Coin

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This is a cool one for those born in the year of the horse. It’s a perfect keepsake! It even comes with a little paper to explain all about the horse.

PinMart Chinese Zodiac Year of The Horse New Year Enamel Lapel Pin

Enamel Lapel Pin

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These pins are a great little gift, you can even toss them in a red envelope! Pin them to bags, clothing, binders, and more.

The Year of the Horse: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac (Tales from the Chinese Zodiac, 8)

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If you are buying for a younger person this one’s perfect! It’s a book all about Chinese new year and the horse.

Gift Ideas for the Year of the Horse - horse print

Horse Canvas

This horse print would look amazing in anyone’s home, office, or even a classroom. It features a powerful horse, Chinese symbols for horses, and cherry blossoms.

Gift Ideas for the Year of the Horse - jade necklace

Jade Necklace

Jade is a very lucky stone in Chinese culture and just in general looks amazing on anyone! This one has been carved into a horse and is sure to bring luck to whomever you give it to.

Brass keychain

Brass Keychain

Lucky coins are always a traditional gift to give. This one comes in brass and is attached to a keychain and a little horse charm.

Candle in a jar


Candles are such a nice gift idea, especially ones like this one that come in over 30 different scents and colors!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse Kawaii Full Character Art 11oz Ceramic Coffee Mug Horse


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Who doesn’t love a good coffee mug? This one has a super cute Horse celebrating Chinese New year on it!

Year of the Horse: 140 pages - Graph Paper - Horse Themed / 馬年 / Lunar New Year / Chinese Zodiac Notebook / Journal / Notepad


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Journals are a nice gift for any age. Use it to keep track of to do lists, journaling, or even drawing.

Chinese New Year Party Favor Year of the Horse Kawaii Full Character Art 2-Pairs Novelty Crew Socks


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Is it really a gift list if you don’t include some snazzy socks?! This one comes with two sets of zodiac horse socks in lucky red, of course.

Year of The Horse - Chinese Zodiacs Lunar New Year Snapback Hat Black


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Hats are a great gift idea, everyone can use one to keep the sun off their head! This one comes in a couple different colors.

Miracle Magic Lucky Horse Charm Mini Brass Figurine Thai Amulet & Yant Kroa Petch Sheet Gold Talisman Wealth Strength Prosperity Miniature Feng Shui Figure Protection Power Blessing Lp Dam

Lucky Horse Charm

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This miniature statue shows a mighty horse with lucky coins below it to help bring luck to the person you give it to.

Rastaclat Braided Bracelet for Men and Women of All Ages - Lunar New Year (Horse) Red/Gold Bracelet | Adjustable Stackable Bracelet Braided by Hand (Medium/Large)

Braided Bracelet

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Give them the gift of luck they can wear daily on their wrist! This bracelet is hand braided and sports a golden horse bead.

Boom Trendz Year Of The Horse Chinese Zodiac Ceramic Dinnerware Set | Includes 16-Ounce Ramen Noodle Bowl and Wooden Chopsticks Asian Food Dish For Home & Kitchen Kawaii Lunar New Gifts red One Size

Ramen Noodle Bowl

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Noodle bowls are a great gift option! They can be used for anything you eat as well. This one comes in lucky red with a beautiful horse picture on it.

The Best Card Company 20 Assorted Lunar New Year Notes Box Set 4 x 5.12 Inch with Envelopes (10 Designs, 2 Each) Year Of The Horse AM10001LNG-B2x10


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Cards are always a great gift option! To go with a gift, on it’s own, or to toss in some money or a gift card.


How beautiful is this ornament? It would look beautiful hanging pretty much anywhere! Gold and red color mean lucky and good fortune so give them the gift of new year luck!

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Statue and Bracelet Set

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We added a golden horse earlier but this one is too nice to not share! It’s stunning looking and includes a lucky red bracelet with a horse bead as well.

PARTYCART Sheep Fat Jade Ceramic Tea Cups, White Porcelain Teacup of Chinese Zodiac, Large 150ML Tea Cup for Household Use,Horse

White Porcelain Teacup

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Are they a tea fan? If yes, this gorgeous White Porcelain Teacup with a beautifully printed horse would make the perfect gift!

Chinese Zodiac Patch Horse Embroidered Iron On

Embroidered Iron On

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This easy to iron on embroidered zodiac horse would make a perfect gift! Add it to bags, clothing, or even stuffed animals.

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