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20 Easter Gift Ideas For Daycare /Childcare Workers

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If you have a child that is in daycare or childcare, you might be considering getting their teacher/worker a gift for Easter. I thought it would be fun to create a list of 20 gift ideas that you might consider. They take care of your child each and every day, why not say thank you and let them know how much you appreciate their time and love they give to your child.

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Fun Easter Gift Ideas For Daycare /Childcare Workers

Nail Polish Set

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Give a gift of a little pampering with this nail polish kit. These are fun spring colors that would be really fun to paint their nails with.

Coffee Mug

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This is one fun and creative mug perfect for the person who tends to your little ones each and every day.

Tea Drops

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Sip and relax after those long hard days with these tea drops. These are a perfect gift for tea drinkers, and they are fun and different.

Mason Jar

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This is a fun Easter themed gift that you can give alone, stuff candy inside, or even some fresh cut flowers. A really cute jar that can be reused each season.

Egg Carousel

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This is a really fun gift, you can display fake or real decorated eggs on this carousel Place on a table for a pretty display piece.

Bunny Sign

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Another cute idea is this little bunny tail sign, I love it, the fun colors and the bunny tails make it extra fun.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

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Give the gift of relaxation with these bath bombs. Working with kids all day is absolutely rewarding but can also be pretty exhausting. Let them kick back and relax after a long hard day.

Candle Set

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I love candles, and this gift set is really nice. Let them have to fun new scents to fill their home with this 6 candle set.

Personalized Shirt

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If you know their shirt size, get them a personalized Easter shirt. This is very cute and is simple but perfect. Great for wearing everyday when watching the kiddos.

Wine Label

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If you know your teacher or worker loves wine, here is a fun printable to put on their favorite bottle of wine! I love the idea of personalizing it for the holidays, and they will enjoy sipping it once the kids are gone for the day.

Chalkboard Mason Jars

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These jars are absolutely adorable. Gift them just as or stuff with jelly beans or other candies, or toss some fresh flowers into each jar. I love decorating with mason jars for the holidays.

Rose Wreath

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This wreath is not only a great gift for Easter but if they love it they can display it on a door or even on a wall in the house all through the spring. I love the pretty colors of pinks and deep reds.

Hand Cream Set

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Being around kids all day, good chance is there is a lot of hand washing going on. This hand cream set is great for locking in moisture in the hands and they smell heavenly!

Covered Oreos

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I can’t have a list of gifts without throwing in a little chocolate, because who doesn’t love chocolate. These dipped Oreos are mighty tasty but pretty cute for the Easter season.

Educator Necklace

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This is a really thoughtful gift, to thank them for all the love and care for your child, and also helping to teach them each day. I love this necklace, it is really pretty.

Nut Set

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If you are unsure what to get, a nice nut gift set is always good. It allows them to have a variety of nuts they can munch on and give them a little energy boost to keep up with the kiddos each day.

Bunny Mug

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This is a very simple but classy mug that is really nice. Stuff in a gift card or some hot cocoa packets and you have a fun little Easter gift.


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This poem is really special as it is for those who work with children each day. Put it in a nice frame and you have a very thoughtful and sweet gift to give.

Chaos Organizer Shirt

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This one gave me a laugh because it is so true! They organize kid chaos all day every day! Let them represent with a fun shirt!

Vase of Flowers

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Here is a very pretty clear vase with pretty white tulips inside. Great for sitting on a table to display in their home, work office, perfect for spring.

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