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20 Thank You Gift Ideas for Nurses

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Whenever we’re in the hospital or visiting the doctor, the nurses provide much needed care and compassion. They also take care of our loved ones when they need it. Here are some gift ideas to show them how thankful you are for the hard work they put in each day:

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Thank You Gift Ideas for Nurses To Show Your Appreciation

Coconut & Papaya Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs are a good idea for relaxing after a tough day. The coconut and papaya scent will be pleasing and relaxing.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Hope & Miracles Book

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To remind your favorite nurse that there is hope and miracles on some of her hardest days, get her this book to read.

God Grant Me the Serenity Prayer

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Sometimes work is tough, and even more so when someone works in the medical field. Get this God grant me the serenity prayer wall art for your nurse to say before she goes off to work or when she comes home.

Coffee IV Mug

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Many nurses live on caffeine and they deal with IVs in their line of work. This coffee mug is an adorable way to combine both for your favorite nurse!

Stethoscope Pin

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Your favorite nurse can wear this stethoscope pin on their scrubs or their everyday clothes when they want to show off that they are nurses.

Chill Pills Jelly Beans Jar

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The chill pills jelly beans jar is a funny gift idea. Instead of getting upset, they can pop a few “chill pill” jelly beans as a tasty alternative!

“Please do not disturb” Rustic Wood Sign

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When your favorite nurse needs to rest, they can hang this sign up on their door to remind their family and friends to leave them alone so they can catch up on their sleep. Whether they are a night nurse or a day nurse, they need their sleep!

Coffee Mug “Caffeine, PO, C4H, PRN”

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“Caffeine, PO, C4H, PRN” on this mug is a medical code for drinking caffeine every four hours as needed. Another adorable idea for that nurse that has helped you and likes drinking coffee, or tea!

Stethoscope Pullover Hoodie

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This adorable stethoscope pullover hoodie shows your favorite nurse how much you appreciate them and also keeps them warm when it’s cold!

Hand-Lettering for Relaxation, an Inspirational Workbook

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Writing and drawing are relaxing, and this workbook puts both of them together with hand-lettering art. It will help your favorite nurse to relax on their time off.

“She believed she could so she did” RN Keychain

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The keychain has a nice quote, “She believed she could, so she did” as well as a tiny RN charm with the wing and snake medical cross. It carries a lot of meaning in such a small little package!

Syringe Pens

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Everyone needs pens, especially nurses who write on charts every day. These syringe pens might just be for fun, but they are adorable and symbolic of the work the nurses do, day in and day out!

“Good Day- Bad Day- Don’t Ask” Wine Glass

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For the end of a hard day, after dealing with difficult people, your favorite nurse might desire nothing but a glass of wine! The lines and words on the wine glass show how each amount of wine reflects on how their day at work went.

Nurse Minnie Mouse Ears

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Do you know a nurse who loves Disney? Get them these adorable nurse Minnie Mouse ears wearing a nurse’s hat!

Bracelet with Hand-Stamped Customizable Caption

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This is a bracelet that you can put a short quote on or your nurse’s name, whatever you think they would enjoy!

Monogrammed Clipboard with Colorful Circles

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For someone who needs to take notes pretty often in their line of work, a clipboard can come in extra handy. This one can be monogrammed with their name or initials, and they will appreciate it so much more to know that it is theirs and theirs alone!

Dionis Vanilla Bean Hand Cream

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Nurses, or anyone in the medical field, wash their hands very often. They have to maintain a clean environment as well as protect themselves from germs. All that washing can result in very dry hands, therefore they need some moisturizing hand cream to put on throughout the day or at the end of their shift!

EKG Heartbeat Retractable ID Badge

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ID badges are necessary for every nurse to display their ID where it can be seen and read by those they are helping. This one with the EKG heartbeat on it is especially fitting for them!

Personalized Tumbler

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It’s important for your favorite nurse to stay hydrated, so get them this one with their name on it to continuously refill throughout the day. You even get to pick out a specific color!

Peppermint Foot Scrub

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Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet, and they need to take care of them so they can be at their best. Peppermint is refreshing and smells good, and will help them feel revitalized!

Nurses deserve our utmost respect and our appreciation. A nice little gift allows us to show that appreciation in a unique way, rather than a simple thank you, they get a gift to go along with it!

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