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20 Gift Ideas for a Jogger

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Joggers are always out and about.  From things they can use while out jogging, to things that will help their muscles recover after a hard workout, they will love anything they can use to help them become the best jogger they can be.

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Gift Ideas for a Jogger

LED Glowing Armband

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Safety is key at anytime, but especially for nighttime jogging.  Help them stay visible and safe with this funky glowing armband.

Inspirational Running Socks

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These specially designed running socks are moisture wicking and ventilated for air circulation.  They also feature motivating messages!

Fit Bit

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Fit Bit activity trackers are quickly becoming the go-to fitness accessory for tracking workouts.  A sleek and comfortable design makes them light enough to wear while jogging.

Hydration Vest

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Designed for the distance jogger, a hydration vest carries necessary fuel and water to keep them going strong for longer.

Lock Laces

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Laces become undone during a run are a pet peeve of joggers.  That won’t ever happen again with these handy lock laces!

Muscle Roller Stick

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Joggers need to take care of themselves after a jog and this muscle roller stick provides quick relief for sore calves, quads, and hamstrings.

Organic Soap for Athletes

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Soap is a joggers best friend post-workout.  This refreshing organic soap works with antibacterial and anti fungal action to get rid of that stinky post-jog smell.

Hands Free Dog Leash

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A hands-free dog leash is ideal for bringing a favourite running buddy along for a jog.

Bluetooth Headphones

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There is nothing more annoying than getting tangled in headphone cords while jogging.  That problem can be fixed with wireless bluetooth headphones.

Running Belt

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This cool looking running belt features a reflective panel for visibility at night, as well as a roomy pocket big enough for keys, money, and even a phone.

Head Lamp

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Joggers at night need to see where they are going.  Even under streetlights head lamps make night time visibility that much brighter.

Calf Compression Sleeve

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Joggers are prone to injuries such as shin splints.  Gift them something that will help them prevent and recover quickly from such misfortunes.

Traction Cleats

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Winter is a time for ice and one wrong step can lead to a spiral of bad times.  Traction cleats are great for extra grip while jogging in snow or ice.

Running Ponytail Hat

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For the females with long hair – help them keep it out of their way while they jog.

Reusable Gel Pack

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Gel packs can be used hot or cold for quick and lasting relief from joint or muscle pain caused by jogging injuries.

Running Tights

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Comfort is the key while jogging – jogging tights should be supportive but comfortable.

Jogging Armband

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Great for phones or iPods to listen to music while jogging, this armband is also useful for keys or cards.

Polarised Sports Sunglasses

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When jogging in the bright sun, eye protection is a must.  These polarised lenses are made from unbreakable material and built to last.

Epsom Salt Soak

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For the end of the day – epsom salts are known for their great therapeutic qualities and ability to relax muscles as well as cleanse pores.

Foot Spa

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Also for the end of the day – every jogger needs to take care of their most important asset.  A foot spa is perfect for comforting achy heels, toes, and ankles.  Great for relaxation in general too!

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