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20 Gift Ideas for a Banker

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If you know a banker who has a birthday or other special occasion coming up, getting them a gift might be a bit hard, especially if you don’t know them super well. Guess what, this list will make the gift buying experience so much easier for you! Check out these ideas for the banker in your life:

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Gift Ideas for a Banker

“Success” Pen with LED Light and Stylus Tip

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They are highly successful, and they certainly need a pen that says as much, that also includes a light and stylus tip.

“Banker by day, world’s best mom by night” Coffee Mug

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If she is a banker by day, and then comes home and works hard for her kids, she is the best mom!

Feng Shui Bronze Money Prosperity Tree

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This Feng Shui bronze money prosperity tree will help bring prosperity to their life, or at least give them the sense that it will.

“A penny for your thoughts” Print

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“A penny for your thoughts” is a pretty famous saying, we’ve all heard it. For someone who works with money every day, this is a hilarious gift. Frame it up for them so they can hang it on the wall of their choice.

Monopoly Bow Tie

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Monopoly is all about the money, investing, selling, and more. Every banker needs a Monopoly bow tie for that reason!

Personalized Money Bag Necklace with Initial and Birthstone

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This beautiful money bag necklace will be the highlight of their wardrobe, and catch so many people’s attention as your favorite banker goes about their day. Plus, it is special too since you can personalize it with their initial and birthstone.

“I turn coffee into money” Coffee Mug

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The banker in your life drinks coffee in the morning and turns it into money at work.

Personalized Business Card Holder for Bankers with Clock and Pen Holder

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A classy and beautiful personalized business card holder for bankers that has a clock and pen holder on it will make a nice addition to their desk at work.

“Banker in the making” Baby Bodysuit

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If your favorite banker has a little baby, or you have one together, they will love that you got their little one a “banker in the making” bodysuit.

“Sometimes, all you need is a billion dollars” Coffee Mug

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Some people have the mindset that money will solve all of their problems, which makes this flippant statement a funny joke.

“Buy low/sell high” Stock Market Cufflinks

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As a banker, he knows that buying low and selling high is the way to dominate the stock market.

Pastabilities “Thanks a million” Dollar Sign Pasta

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Dollar sign pasta? Who makes these things? However, they will have fun making these and eating them.

Why Wall Street Matters by William D. Cohan

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Bankers know why Wall Street matters, so this book will be a good read for them.

Money Bag Tie Clip

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Every banker needs a money bag tie clip for their tie!

Penny Earrings

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Adorable penny earrings for a stylish banker will be a great way to top off her work outfit.

“Stack money” Coffee Mug

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Simple, but interesting coffee mug for your favorite banker’s morning coffee.

Business Portfolio Binder

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A business portfolio binder will help them keep track of their important paperwork. As a banker, they know how important those things are for tax and legal purposes, and don’t want to lose any of it.

Angel in Aisle 3 by Kevin West and Frederick Edwards

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This story about a relationship between convicted bank executive and an elderly stranger. Your favorite banker will find it intriguing and won’t be able to put it down.

“Trust me, I’m a banker” Inspirational Journal

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Everyone, banker or not, needs an inspiring journal to keep them going on days when it is tough.

“Show me the money” Tumbler

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They need to stay hydrated at work, and also need people to “show them the money!”

There you go, so many gifts to choose from and something for everyone. Most of them are quite the hoot as well!

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