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20 Gift Ideas for a Naturopath

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A naturopath is someone who treats ailments and diseases without the traditional drugs or treatments that doctors use. They use certain diets, herbs, oils, vitamins and supplements, massage, acupuncture, and other more natural methods to treat ailments. This could be someone who takes a more natural approach with themselves, as well as someone who helps others find the right treatment options as well. It might be harder to choose a gift for someone like this, so check out this handy list of things that the naturopath in your life will truly enjoy.

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Gift Ideas for a Naturopath

Organic Tea Gift Pack

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This organic tea gift pack will fulfill their tea needs for a while and they will love the different kinds you get them!

“Keep calm, I have an oil for that” Shirt

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Chances are, the naturopath in your life has an essential oil that will help whatever ailment is causing you or themselves issue!

Apothecary Wall Decal

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An apothecary wall decal will help them proudly display who they are and what they believe in on their wall at home or in their office.

Personalized Natural Organic Lip Balm

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Natural organic lip balm with their name on the container will be their favorite gift ever, and it comes in many different flavors too.

Natural Crystal Semi Precious Stones

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These natural crystal semi precious stones will come in handy for them for health and healing.

Yoga Artwork Set of 4

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As a naturopath, they are a big fan of yoga, and they need these beautiful pieces of yoga artwork to put up on their wall.

Oil Diffuser Necklace or Choker

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Since they use essential oils so often, they definitely need an oil diffuser necklace or choker, even if they already have one. They can never have too many.

“Wellness junkie” Shirt

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They are all about wellness and being their healthiest selves, and they need a shirt that says as much.

Herbal Sleep Pillow

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This herbal sleep pillow will help them sleep more peacefully and in a natural way.

Uplifting Bath Melts

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Uplifting bath melts will make their bath taking abilities improve immensely.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – Hippocrates” Wall Art

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Seeing that one of the ways to treat most ailments is through a specific diet, they are a big fan of letting food be medicine and medicine being food. They need this for their wall!

Custom Holistic Health Wall Clock

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A good reminder to even the best naturopath, is a clock that has a time for all of the things that improve their health and keep them healthy all at the same time.

Stone and Wood Massage Stick

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This stone and wood massage stick will help them massage themselves and reach even more areas of concern. It’s also made of natural materials, which only adds to its awesomeness.

All Natural Hand/Body Lotions

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Help your favorite naturopath keep their skin hydrated and moisturized with all natural hand and body lotions!

Two Detox Bath Bombs

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Help them detox their skin and body with this pair of detox bath bombs, all ready to just pop into the water.

AAA Grade Natural Red Agate Chinese Dragon Necklace Pendant

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Get a chain or rope to hang this natural red agate Chinese dragon from as a necklace. They will love it!

Heating Pad and Wrap

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Help them treat their own and their family’s aches and pains in style with this heating pad and wrap.

Moon Ritual Self-Care Box

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When the moon appears, one must take the time to take care of themselves. This self-care box has teas, tonic oil, facial toner, and more to help them spend some time on themselves each evening.

Aromatic Greek Organic Mastic Gum Medium Resins

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These aromatic Greek organic mastic gum resins are great for treating stomach issues!

“Running on coffee & essential oils” Coffee Mug

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Your favorite naturopath runs on lots of coffee and plenty of essential oils to keep them going!

The naturopath in your life will appreciate you thinking of them no matter what you get them, but this list will get you started in the right way. Watch their eyes light up when they open their new gift!

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