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Easter Gifts for Toddlers

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Toddlers are usually pretty easy to shop for but these uniquely Easter themed gifts will have them hopping with excitement. Each one of these toddler friendly gift ideas was chosen specifically with young kids in mind.

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Skip the chocolate and sugary treats and give your toddler (or the toddlers in your life) something unique for Easter this year.

Easter Gifts for Toddlers

Keep little ones happy with these toddler friendly gift ideas for Easter. They’re chosen to hit that specific developmental stage known as toddlerhood; a bit older than baby, but not quite big enough to get preschool or kid Easter gifts.

Easter Gifts for Toddlers: Plastic yellow egg carton that holds six white eggs all with various faces that open up to reveal colored chick.

Hide and Squeak Eggs

This adorable egg themed shape sorter is a perfect first game for toddlers.

Two pairs of bunny slippers, one white with a pink bow by ears and one all pink with a pink bow.

Bunny Slippers

There probably isn’t anything cuter than a toddler wearing bunny slippers, so get them a pair for Easter.

Handmade Bunny Lovey

Adorable, handmade fleece bunnies that are perfectly toddler sized.

Bunny Shirt

This cute toddler shirt will make them looking stylish on Easter morning. Love the retro style!

Name Puzzle

Teaching toddlers to spell their name is even easier with this wooden name puzzle. Plus they can practice their puzzling skills at the same time.

Crocheted Garden Food

It may be too early to play in the garden but little ones will love these soft veggies. You can even mix and match to create your own custom set.

Unicorn themed gardening set; purple tool bag with three garden tools in it, purple gloves, unicorn crafting supplies, and a unicorn watering can.

Gardening Set

Easter means spring and spring means planting. Toddlers love to help in the garden so get them their very own gear sized just for them.

Bunny Hat

Little bunnies need little bunny hats and these are the cutest little bunny hats around.

White bunny with pink ears wind up toy and a yellow chick with orange beak and feet wind up toy.

Wind Up Toys

These little toys are like toddler crack but be warned, you may find yourself winding them up over and over and over again. A perfect gift for your friend’s toddler.

seven various colored egg shaped maracas.

Egg Shaped Maracas

Turns out Easter eggs can double as coloring maracas for your toddler.

colorful egg crayons for toddlers

Egg Crayons

Chunky crayons are great for little hands. These ones are egg shaped for Easter perfection.

Book: purple background with cartoon mouse with various colored easter eggs all around the cover. With red font that reads: Happy Easter, Mouse!

Easter Book

For younger toddlers you can choose an Easter themed board book, like this one with a popular character.

Coloring book: blue sky and garden cartoon scene with peter rabbit eating carrots next to a shovel that is half buried in the ground.

Peter Rabbit Coloring Book

The classic Easter book Peter Rabbit is here for your toddler to color in its entirety. Pretty cool!

Rainbow Hand Satin

These open-ended toys are a perfect addition to a toddler’s toy box. They’ll be delighted watching the colorful silks flow behind them.

Easter outfit: blue girls top with a white bunny that has a flower crown on it and lighter blue pants with pink roses all over them.

Easter Outfit

Toddlers will be delighted seeing bunnies on their clothes when you give them a cute Easter outfit to wear.

Bunny Ear Headband

Hop to it and get this bunny ear headband for your little bunny. Perfect for parties or special Easter gatherings!

Easter Snack Bags

Toddlers need a million snacks and what better way to keep them than in reusable snack bags? These ones are covered in cute Easter prints, ready for you to fill with treats.

Light pink bunny wearing a cream colored dress with roses as buttons on it.

Stuffed Rabbit

Toddlers are the perfect age for stuffed bunnies, but don’t get them just any bunny. This one is cute and well made.

Easter Busy Bag

Having busy bags on hand for toddlers is a lifesaver. Get them this spring themed one to keep them busy while you cook Easter dinner.

Premade Easter Basket

Take the stress out of Easter shopping by getting a pre-filled Easter basket with goodies your toddler will love.

These Easter gifts for are perfect for toddlers, but if you still didn’t find the perfect Easter present try these Easter Gift Ideas for Preschoolers or 20+ Non-toy Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers too! Hope everyone in your family has a hoppy Easter!

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