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Gift Ideas for Bat Lovers

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Bats may not be everyone’s favorite, but you have to admit that they sure are interesting! The way they use echolocation to locate what they need to get to and their interesting habits. So, if you have a friend or loved one who is a bat fanatic, you will find any one of these gifts to be a nice gesture to them.


There’s many more winged creatures of the air, and fish in the sea. We’ve got animal lover gift guides for all of them, for you to check out.

Bat Beer Mug

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Drinking their beer from a bat beer mug will give them the thrill and smile they need after a hard day’s work.

Bat Necklace

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Spooky, yet cool to look at, your bat loving friend will love wearing this necklace anytime of year.

Dark Moon and Bats Glow-in-the-Dark Wall Stickers

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How fun would these glow-in-the-dark moon and bat stickers look on the wall of their bedroom or living room, whether they are young, or simply young at heart.

“Crazy Bat Lady” Coffee Mug

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Instead of being a crazy cat lady, your friend is a crazy bat lady! She will get a chuckle out of this coffee mug and cherish it with each sip she takes of her coffee.

Box of Bats Book Series Giftset

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For the young bat and book lover, this Box of Bats book series giftset will be an amazing present and give them many hours of entertainment.

Bat Cufflinks

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Your man will be incredibly dashing with these bat cufflinks on his suit!

Bat iPhone X Case

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This awesome bat iPhone case is stylish all year long and makes protecting their phone that much more fun.

Gothic Bat Coaster

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Help them keep their wooden furniture safe from water rings and the like with this gothic bat coaster!

Batman Welcome to the Bat Cave Welcome Mat

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Does your bat loving friend also love Batman? This Batman, “Welcome to the Bat Cave” welcome mat will make a nice addition to their doorstep.

TY Beanie Boos Scarem Bat

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An adorable bat named “Scarem,” for any age, will make the perfect gift for that special bat lover in your life.

Bat Hanging Upside Down Shirt

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Help them look stylish and get others’ attention with a cool shirt with a bat hanging upside down on it.

Battery Operated Flying Black Bat

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Who could possibly resist a battery operated flying black bat? How cool would that be to control it as it flew around, above people and around things?

Batman Universal Rotation Cellphone Metal Stand and Finger Grip

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Again with the Batman, but chances are your bat loving friend loves Batman as well. This metal stand is super handy, either helping the phone stand or being a finger grip to keep the phone from slipping. Either way, it is multifaceted and exceedingly useful.

Bat Hand Rolling Tobacco Tin

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If your bat loving friend rolls tobacco, they will find plenty of use with this bat hand-rolling tobacco tin.

Bat Charm Clip

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They can place this nice bat charm clip on their charm bracelet or a necklace.

Fancy Bat Necklace

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A fancy bat necklace for your fancy bat loving friend will make a beautiful addition to their jewelry collection.

“Resting Witch Face” Wine Glass with Bats

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For that woman in your life who loves witches and bats, and has a resting “witch” face they are famous for, they will love drinking wine from this wine glass, especially during the Halloween season.

Halloween Bats Nail Art Decals

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Give them the gift of doing a home manicure with these Halloween bats nail art decals. Being able to do them from the comfort of their own home will be a blessing.

Bat Lover Bumper Sticker

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Make their car look even more awesome with a “Bat lover” bumper sticker, simple yet accurate!

Bat Print

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They will love to frame this bat print and hang it up on their wall to showcase how much they love bats to whoever decides to visit.

Bats are cool and interesting, so chances are you know someone who is passionate about loving bats and would enjoy a heartfelt gift such as those listed above.

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