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20 Gift Ideas for Employee Leaving

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We’ve all hit the point when it’s time to leave a job to expand our horizons. Or, you’re offered an amazing opportunity to grow and have to leave a beloved job. And, there’s the person who has been watching Office Space on repeat. Whatever reason an employee has for leaving their job-it’s almost always the best thing for the employee and the organization.

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Gift Ideas for Employee Leaving

Red Swingline Stapler

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This is a great gift for the employee who just might be losing their minds slowly.

This Meeting is Bullsh$t Men’s Socks

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Everyone has thought it at least once during a meeting. These socks let you own it.

F#ck This Sh$t Men’s Socks

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When an employee is fed up and ticked off, these socks can express their deepest thoughts without getting them fired.

I Love My Job Socks

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Sometimes an employee loves a job but they have to leave due to changes in their personal situation. These socks will remind a departing employee about how much they love their old job.

Quitting-Why We Fear It, And Why We Shouldn’t, In Life Love, and Work

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This book is a for the future entrepreneur who is freaking out about embracing entrepreneurial life.

Leap-Tess Vigeland

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Former NPR reporter Tess Vigeland talks about her leap into self-employment after a long career at NPR. Departing employees can learn from her mistakes and wins in this entertaining and thoughtful book.

Focus on LinkedIn

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The traditional job search is no longer. Learn the secret sauce of leveraging LinkedIn and begin finding off job offers using your new skills.

Amazon eGift Card

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Not sure what your favorite ex-employee wants or needs as they a gift card will do the trick.

Rocky Mountain Zipline Adventure in Colorado

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Has life become too dull and now you’ve decided to quit your 9-5 and take some risks? Take some time to zip through the Rocky Mountains before traveling to your next adventure.

Virtual Reality Headset

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You’ve put in your notice and have several weeks to go before you can leave. Thankfully, your thoughtful colleagues have given you the gift of escape via a virtual reality headset.

Juniper Bonsai

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Your old co-workers thought that a bonsai tree would help you mellow out. They might be wrong.

Love What You Do Pouch

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Did you hate your old job? Carry this to remind yourself to never settle again.

Vacation Duffle Bag

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First stop-the airport! This duffle bag will fit perfectly in the overhead compartment of the cheapest airline that seems to charge for breathing air.


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Create your new personal theme song while playing the ukulele that your friends gave you as your relax on the beach in Hawaii.

Keyboard Waffle Iron

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Hate working with computers and plan on going into art? This will be the closest you get to a keyboard after leaving your job.

After This, We’re Getting Pizza Water Bottle

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Sometimes you just have to embrace the humor in a bad situation.

When Pigs Fly Knee High Socks

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Your boss thinks you might change your mind and stay. Not likely.

Compass Linen Pillow Cover

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This pillow cover is great for the future world traveler.

Thug Life Welcome Mat

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Don’t plan on going back to work anytime soon? Embrace thug life with this welcome mat.

Complaint Sticky Notes

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These sticky notes will be the last time you deal with people’s complaints.

Leaving a job is almost like getting a divorce. But, when it’s time to go-it’s time to go.

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