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20 Gift Ideas for Emu Lovers

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When I think of emus, I think of big goofy birds. They are super interesting, but a bit goofy looking. However, if you know someone who loves them, they most assuredly deserve a gift that they will love for years on end. Try one of these below…

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Gift Ideas for Emu Lovers

“You Emuse Me” Print

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Your emu loving friend is easily “emused,” which means they will absolutely love this print to hang up on their wall.

“Emus are my spirit animal” Shirt

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If emus are their spirit animal, then this shirt will be the perfect addition to their shirt wardrobe.

Wooden Emu Coasters

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These wooden emu coasters will look nicely on their tables, and to keep the tables themselves clean and dry.

Silver Emu Necklace

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Silver emu necklace will go with anything they choose to wear!

National Geographic Emu Plush

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Big or small, they will love their new National Geographic emu plush.

Emu Slim Minimalist Wooden Wallet

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For the minimalist inside them, who also enjoys having something unique, they will love having this new wooden wallet for their cherished belongings.

“I’m feeling emutional” Shirt

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Does your favorite emu lover “emutional,” and proud of it? Then they will love wearing this shirt to show that off.

Emu Crossing Sticker Sign

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This emu crossing sticker sign will look great on their window to warn passersby that there are emus that cross there.

Retro Style Emu iPhone X Case

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Combine their love of emus with keeping their precious iPhone safe from drops, with a retro style emu case.

Emu Eyeglasses Print

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Goofy, just like the image emus bring to my mind, this emu wearing eyeglasses print will add humor and giggles to their life.

Emu Herb and Spice Grinder

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If they enjoy herbs and spices on their food, they will truly love the emu herb and spice grinder.

Emu Badge Holder with Retractable Reel Holder

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For the nurse, doctor, or other professional who needs an ID tag, this emu badge holder will make it easier and more fun to display their ID.

Emu Magnet

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Magnets are handy for hanging things up on the fridge, and this emu magnet will make your emu lover happy!

“I do not find you emusing” Shirt

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Your emu loving friend does not find much “emusing,” or do they? Find out by giving them this shirt!

Emu Bottle Opener

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The best way to open beer bottles is with an emu bottle opener, when your loved one has a passion for this bird!

Wooden Emu Stud Earrings

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Rustic and fun, give the lady in your life unique earrings to wear!

“Crazy emu lady” Ceramic Mug

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That special lady who loves emus, is the definition of “Crazy emu lady” and she will love drinking her coffee from it each morning.

Emu Pillow Cover

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Give their bed or couch that extra emu flair with a emu throw pillow cover.

Emu Playing Saxophone Garden Flag

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Their garden will never look better than with their new emu playing a saxophone garden flag, especially if they spend a lot of time cultivating that garden!

Emu Money Clip

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If they hate wallets, an emu money clip could solve all their problems!

When you go to pick out a gift for the emu lover in your life, make sure you give it some thought and pick the one they will enjoy the most!

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