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20 Baby Yoda gifts for fans of the Mandalorian - Unique Gifter

20 Baby Yoda gifts for fans of the Mandalorian

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Isn’t it amazing how quickly something can take the world by storm? Well, Baby Yoda, who was introduced in the Disney+ show “The Mandalorian,” has done just that. So, naturally, we put together the best Baby Yoda gifts for fans of the Mandalorian to make your gift-giving easier.

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20 Baby Yoda gifts for fans of the Mandalorian

Now, this is the part where we have to break it to you that it’s not Yoda when he was a baby. We’re not going to spoil any more than that, though! Either way, here are some adorable Baby Yoda gifts that you didn’t know you needed until now:

Baby Yoda Digital Download

This is a great last-minute gift idea because you just download the file and print it yourself. Give it away like that or add a frame for a great Star Wars gift idea.

Baby Yoda For President

This can be ordered either as an ornament or magnet, whichever you’d prefer. It would be a great stocking stuffer idea for the holidays or just a way to show everyone your plans for the 2020 election.

Baby Yoda Plush

Baby Yoda is super cute; plush toys are super cute; the combination of the two is even cuter. This custom made toy is perfect for Mandalorian or Baby Yoda fans.

In Your Pocket T-Shirt


Is that a Baby Yoda in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Baby Yoda At Disneyland Mug

Well, as you know, Star Wars is a Disney owned franchise now, and the Mandalorian is produced for Disney+, so naturally, Baby Yoda and Disneyland are the perfect combinations.

Christmas Tree Ornament

Make the holidays more merry with Baby Yoda hovering in the branches of your Christmas tree with this “the Mandalorian” inspired tree ornament.

The Mandalorian Plushies

Someone’s hand-crocheted these adorable plushies of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. There’s even FLUFFY version!

Boss Baby Shirt

I’m sorry for putting this on here, really I am. But it’s so funny. So, so funny. Wear it for real, wear it ironically, just get this shirt in your life.

Boomer, Ok Magnet

Ugh, boomers, am I right? Baby Yoda knows what’s up when it comes to mocking your elders.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Are you going to an ugly Christmas sweater party this holiday season? Or maybe you just want to get yourself (or someone else) into the Christmas spirit? This is definitely the right choice for either of those things.

Baby Yoda T-Shirt

This shirt is actually a pretty cool design. The colors are pretty fitting for the serious, and Baby Yoda is looking awesome in the background.

Baby Yoda Bag

Save the environment and show off your Star Wars: The Mandalorian fan love at the same time. This tote says, “Baby Yoda is my spirit animal,” which, to be honest, is totally relatable.

Baby on Board Decal

Aw, congratulations! Wait, that’s not a human baby in that picture… Well, you can still use this Baby Yoda decal for your human baby if you want.

Baby Yoda Art Sweatshirt

It’s amazing the designs people come out with so quickly! This sweatshirt looks amazing and would be a perfect gift idea for fans of The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.

Watercolor Sticker

You can order this cute watercolor sticker with or without the flower crown, but you probably should just get both. That way, you can stick Baby Yoda to your devices or in your favorite notebook.

Baby Yoda Art Print

This art print is inspired by Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian but has him playing with the classic Star Wars characters in a Chewbacca costume. How cute!

Baby Yoda Baby Spoon

For the babies in your life! They may not get the reference, but their Star Wars loving parents will.

Enamel Pin

Pins are a great stocking stuffer gift ideas. You can attach them to your bag, a lanyard, jacket, or just display it at home.

Baby Yoda Embroidered Hat

You won’t have to cut open a Tauntaun to stay warm with this cozy Baby Yoda hat. Perfect for winter or your next trip to Hoth.

All I want for Christmas hoodie

Well, it definitely will drop some unsubtle hints, that’s for sure! Perfect Christmas hoodie for someone who’s loving this whole Baby Yoda craze.

Baby Yoda Doll


This is kind of the be all end all of Baby Yoda gifts for fans of the Mandalorian: A custom, handmade Baby Yoda doll! Seriously, this will make you a gift-giving legend for Star Wars fans!

Hopefully, you love these ”The Child” AKA Baby Yoda gifts for fans of the Mandalorian as much as we do. The Star Wars universe is definitely never going to be the same.

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