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20 Gift Ideas for Pre-K Students

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Are you a teacher looking for something to get your pre-k class? Or maybe you just have a preschooler on your gift list. Either way, these gifts are sure to be a hit with the 3-5 year old crowd. The best part? They’re all budget friendly.

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Gift Ideas for Pre-K Students

I-Spy Animals Book

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Non story books are great for pre-reading skills and to encourage kids to enjoy reading no matter the form. The I-Spy line is both book and activity rolled into one.

Pull Back Cars

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Small toy cars are always a hit at this age. These ones pull back for added fun. A great gift if you have to buy for a large group!

Magnetic Drawing Board

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Pre-k kids love to draw. Save them going through endless paper (and lost crayons) with a reusable drawing board. Perfect for travel too!

Apple Holder

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This cute apple holder keeps the fruit from bruising in their lunch kit or bag. We all know that with preschoolers bruised fruit = inedible.

Scissor Skills Book

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This is an age where hand-eye coordination is developing and it’s time to learn to cut with scissors. This book, which also comes with safety scissors, gives guidance to master cutting paper. Just make sure they don’t use this new skill to cut anything else out.

Kid’s Water Bottle

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Reusable water bottles are a must nowadays. These ones are kid sized and come in a bunch of a fun designs so they’ll want to use it.

Lego Juniors

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Lego Juniors is a special line of Lego building sets that are designed to hit that 4-7 year old crowd. They’re a great starting place for the pre-k kid who wants to get into big kid Lego but can’t handle the harder sets yet.

Sticky Notes

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All their little drawings and notes can be proudly displayed anywhere (everywhere) they want with these cute little sticky notes.

BIC Kids Pen

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This ballpoint pen is specially designed with kids in mind. It has an ergonomic grip and stickers for decorating.

Tooth Fairy Pouch

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It won’t be long before those baby teeth start falling out. Kids will love having their own personalized tooth fairy bottle or bag.

Play Doh

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Play Doh is one of those magic gifts. All kids love it. You can never have too much. And it’s relatively inexpensive.

Roll Up Crayon Holder

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This nifty little case holds 11 crayons. When they’re done colouring it rolls up securely. Perfect for on the go.

Tracing Workbook

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Rather than a one and done write in workbook a reusable option is a lot more practical. That way they can practice again and again.

Wooden Memory Game

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This adorable set of wooden discs has pairs of animals on the front to play a memory matching game with.

Coloring Book

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What kid doesn’t love to colour? At this age they still like the pictures to be a bit on the simpler side so something like this a good option.

The Night Before Preschool Book

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For those pre-k kids that are heading off to preschool. The boy in the book is so nervous he can’t sleep before school. Then the next night he can’t sleep again because he’s too excited to go back!

Smarty Pants Cards

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120 brain building trivia questions for preschool aged kids. There’s all kinds of different activities to get them thinking and keep them busy.

Knock Knock Joke Book

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What is it about pre-k aged kids and knock knock jokes? Get the giggles going with knock knock jokes that actually make sense (unlike the ones your kid makes up).

Wind Up Toys

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Small wind up toys bring a shocking amount of joy to young children. These will keep the busy for hours.


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Kids love candy always. Sometimes it’s ok to get them a special treat. These lollipops happen to light up too.

Preschool aged kids are exploding with knowledge (and questions) each day. Just remember that no matter what you select play is the best way for pre-k children to learn.

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