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20 Gift Ideas for People that Like Omaha Steaks

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Omaha Steaks are shipped to your door! You could purchase their food items at a retail store, but their bread & butter is shipping their high-quality food gifts (steaks, seafood, other meats, and more) right to your doorstep. If you’ve got someone who enjoys Omaha steaks or their related products, here are some suggestions!

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Steak Mojo Seasoning

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If you’ve got steaks for the grill, you’d probably need a seasoning!

Kansas City Steaks

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You can find steaks from other places besides Omaha, so try some from Kansas City

Surf & Turf – Filet Mignons and Cold Water Lobster Tails

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The Chicago Steak Company sells their meat products through Amazon.

Jumbo Redwood Handle Steak Knives

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A set of good steak knives is definitely helpful!


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These solar grills would be a perfect way to cook a steak…wherever it’s from! Use code AMBAC99 to Save $25 off at checkout.

Custom 6 Letter Branding Iron For Steaks

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You can’t get more personal than your own branded steak!

Aluminum Steak & Potato Platter

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As the steak and potatoes are prepared, put them on one of these vintage platters.

Nebraska Star Beef Sampler

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If you’re unsure about what types of meat the recipient likes, a sample pack could be the way to go!

Superior Angus USDA Choice Whole Boneless Brisket Roast

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Maybe steak isn’t someone’s first choice, so try a quality brisket roast.

New York Prime Beef – Filet Mignon

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With packages called “Park Avenue,” “Hamptons,” and “Wall Street,” you can rest assured that these cuts of meat are worth their 5-star Amazon ratings.

A Red Wine


Red wines usually pair best with steak, so gift them an appropriate bottle of red wine.

H.F.’s Outstanding All Natural Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast

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Omaha Steaks sells more than just steak, they also have poultry & seafood. Try this offering from H&F (via Amazon) as an alternative.

Feed the Party’s Party Starter + Lane’s BBQ Rub

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Steaks, pork chops, and seasoning – a great combination!

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company’s Maine Shore Dinner

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The easiest seafood delivery you can get – a complete Maine lobster bake in a bag.

Burgers’ Smokehouse’s Wild Game Sampler

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A sampling of smoked wild game birds delivered to their doorstep!

Burgers’ Smokehouse’s Bacon Steak Sampler

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This is a custom creation from Burgers’ Smokehouse. Great for bacon enthusiasts!

Big Herm’s BBQ Sampler Pack

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A seasoning set for fish, pork, ribs, chicken – you name it!

A White Wine

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White wines usually work best with white meats and fish, so if you’ve gifted them poultry or seafood, this might be an excellent add-on.

Meat Tenderizer

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If someone is cooking a lot of steaks, this tool is key! The tenderizer can cut cooking time by 40% and help the meat marinate faster.

Lava Rock Cooking Stone Set

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Made from 100% authentic volcanic lava rock from Italy, these stones cook meats and vegetables right at your table!

If your friend or loved one likes Omaha Steaks, consider one of these options to add a little variety to their cooking rotation. Whether it’s a seasoning, plate, or tool, these are all useful additions!


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